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NUFF 2007

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Pontus Hummelmann
From Copenhagen/Denmark

Pontus Hummelman (SE) is the leader of  dvoted  - the new website for young Nordic filmmakers. In that position this rather young Swede serves on behalf of all five Nordic film institutes, as well as he is in a close relation to many of the leading film festivals for young filmmakers. Pontus has a background as a project manager for a wide range of organizations including the Popcorn Film Festival, online entertainment distributor DX3 and the world's leading digital film festival onedotzero.







Maria Ekerhovd

FMaria Ekerhovdrom Bergen/Norway

Maria Ekerhovd is film producer and works for the film company Alligator in Bergen, Norway. Among others she produced the short-film “Sniffer” which won the Golden Palm in Cannes 2006.





Daniel Alegi

FDaniel Alegirom Karlstad/Sweden

Daniel Alegi is a local-global filmmaker. He was raised in Italy, and recently moved to Sweden after 9 years in the USA. He is fluent in the language of cinema. Daniel makes mostly short films, but has collaborated on a number of different types of larger scale projects, including features, documentaries, TV, theater, internet media. He has
also written scripts and a film book on “Ejecting from Hollywood”.

read more





NUFF Global jury


Henning RoselundHenning Rosenlund

From Bergen/Norway

Henning Roselund studies Media production at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. He works also as program director for Tromsø International Film Festival - TIFF where he is responsible for the short-film and documentary programme “Films from the North”.









Nina Denney NessNina Denney Ness

From Oslo/Norway

Nina Denney Ness er magister i kunsthistorie og jobber som kurator formidling på Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, design og arkitektur.






Nina DessauNina Dessau

From Oslo/Norway

Nina Dessau is economist and political sience. She works with environmental questions since her studies in France. She had worked with official information at the department of state in may years.
In 2006 She wrote the book “The Global Warming”. She is specially active at the debate about immigration and climate change.
She one of the initiative takers for NUFF Global and bord member of MInor Foundation for Major Challenges.





The festival jury has on behalf of NUFF select the best films in the competition program. One winner is selected in each age category: 15 to 17 years, 18 to 20 and 21 to 25 years and the award for the best Nordic Youth Film given by Foreningen Norden.
The online jury of young people from youth clubs in the region of Troms gave the NUFF-online prize.
In addition to honour and glory, all the prize winners received 2.500,- NOK, (8.000,- for the best Nordic Film) a statuette made by Blåst Glasshytta, and a partout-card for Tromsø International Film Festival. All winners were screened at Tromsø International Film Festival 2008.

Best film age group 15 -17:
The Blue Bird by Erik Ek, Sweden

Best film age group 18 - 20:
Guldfisken - The Goldfish by Jon Ones & Fredrik Persson, Sweden

Best film age group 21 - 25:
Thomas Larsson - den store färgsättaren - Thomas Larsson - A Life in Colours by Robin Woo Söderberg, Sweden

The best Nordic youth film:
Vi ses! - See You! by Asger Lindgård, Denmark

Special Prize of the Jury:
Awaiting Death by Andreas Öhman, Sweden

NUFF Online Prize:
Adrian - Civilian Contractor by Niklas Nannebro, Sweden


Klaunovsko Umijece
The art of clowning

Drama, Sverige 2007, 6'25
producer: Molkoms Folkhögskola (Robert Ek)
director: Robert Ek (20)
script: Robert Ek
music: Johan Ekland
cast: Hans Nordström & John Ström Båtelson
Contact: Robert Ek

The famous clown Jacek is about to do his most important performance ever. But just before it´s his time to shine he gets a terrible message...The love of his life is gone forever. Despite this he is forced to do his performance, and has to satisfy the enormous crowd and the hysteric circusdirector...

Klaunovsko Umijece 2007
Sträva 2006
The Bananimals 2006
Jacob George 2005
Mechanical Thing 2005



Psyco thriller, Norway 2007, 2'27
producer: Jostein Mikkelsen
director: Kent-Einar Myreng (18)
cast: Anders Berg Haugan
script: Glenn Pettersen
music: Anders Berg Haugan
Contact: Kent-Einar Myreng

This movie draws parallels between the fantasy and the reality of an ordinary youth. The problem is that he is not sure what is reality and what is fantasy.


Iskaldt - bakomfilmen
Icecold - behind the scenes

documentary, Norway 2007, 10’30
directors: Christian Klevstad Caspersen og Eilif Bremer Landsend
photographers: Eilif Bremer Landsend og Christan Klevstad Caspersen
edit: Eilif Bremer Landsend og Christian Klevstad Caspersen
Contact: Christan Klevstad Caspersen

The professional making of the film”Iskaldt” tries to be as environmental protective as possible.
Is it possible to have an environmental film production in 2007?


En hverdag i en rullestol NUFF 2007En hverdag i en rullestol
Life in a wheelchair

documentary, Norway 2007, 10'32
producert: André Heggelund, Tord Nyland Karlsen
director: André Heggelund (16), Tord Nyland Karlsen
cast: Frode Heggelund, Estor Jensen
script: André Heggelund og Tord Nyland Karlsen
music: Estor Jensen
Contact: André Heggelund

This movie is about what it is like to be young and have a handicap called cerebral palsy. It is about how the day is for someone in a wheelchair and shows something other than a happy person behind the handicap.

Porten-stop motion;
En hverdag i en rullestol


Greger NUFF 2007Greger

animation, Norway 2006, 3'30
director: Tord Olsen (18)
script: Tord Olsen
music: Justin R. Durban
Contact: Tord Olsen

Greger misses his big love. He doesn’t know
where she is, but maybe she is closer than he

- Skitne Fingre
- The Bus Stop
- Greger
- Dagene Derpå


Kär NUFF 2007Kär
In Love

Animation, Sweden 2006, 2'30
producer: Emil Maselli (16)
director: Emil Maselli
script: Emil Maselli
music: Emil Maselli
Contact: Emil Maselli

A little boy turns into an unhappy man.

Gubben i Lådan - 200
Stulna ägg - 2006
Kär - 2006

I'm a 16 years old boy, living in Sweden and have just started making films.


The Blue BirdThe Blue Bird

animation, Sweden 2006, 0'31
producer : Filmpool Jämtland Erik Ek (16)
director: Erik Ek
script: Erik Ek
Contact: stefan ek

A blue bird is blinded by love.



Long JohnLong John

Comedy, Sweden/UK 2006, 8'30
director: Hasse Billing (20)
script: Joseph Li
producer: Darren Gordon, Andy Hui, Hasse Billing
photographer: Yong Pagit
edit: Hasse Billing & Steve Butler
music: Varun Atrey & Sam Doha
Sound Design: Michael Pacheco
Make-up & Hair/Costumes: Jennifer M. Kelly  
cast: James Hyland, Yvonne Riley
Contact: Hasse Billing

Long John is alone in the world. When his grandmother dies and nobody notices her death for a while afterwards, he starts to think about how the world will look upon his own death. He will do anything to avoid his pre-determined destiny.


Adrian - Civilian Contractor nuff 2007Adrian - Civilian Contractor

documentary, Sweden 2006, 20'00
producer: Niklas Nannebro (20)
director: Niklas Nannebro
script: Niklas Nannebro
music: freeplaymusic.com
Contact: Niklas Nannebro

Adrian worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq for less than a year. His task was to transport and protect important people. This film shows us the challenges he faced and how he managed to solve them.

A several amount of short films and TV - programme during his time in school.

Niklas was in born in Gavle, Sweden 1987 and have been making short movies since he was 13 year old. He recently graduatet from a 3 year old film education. Where he have tried on many differnet genres and production positions. He has goten his films shown at several film festivals in Sweden.


The Goldfish

Comedy, Sweden 2006, 03:50
dir,prod, script: Jon Ones & Fredrik Persson 
music: Covox   
cast: Jon Ones
Contact: Jon Ones

Hans spends his days in front of his computer
and TV, with only a goldfish to keep him company.

Jacob & Cecila - 2006, Guldfisken - 2006, Ping Pong Pojken - 2005, Balkongen - 2005, Katten lever - 2004

Jon Ones was born in Sweden in 1985. He has studied film at Stockholm University and at Kalix Folkhögskola. Jon tries to create visually exciting films with many dimensions for those who care enough to truly see. He would like to think of himself as a perfectionist, but feels he often lacks the cash and time to do it exactly the way he wants. And at the end of the day he thinks film making becomes a lot about compromising and getting the film done no matter what.

Fredrik Persson was born in 1985 in Sweden. He has studied film and editing at Jämshög Folkhögskola and at Kalix Folkhögskola. Fredrik is specialized in special effects and editing. He also has a great interest in photography and how to use a metaphorical language to tell a story in an artistic way.


Grumle and Mossmurkel NUFF 2007Grumle and Mossmurkel
Grumle och Mossmurkel

Animation, Sverige 2006, 11:38
producer: Diagonalakademin
director: Jonas Jakobsson (24)
script: Jonas Jakobsson
music: Alexander Reumers
Contact: Jonas Jakobsson

All his life Grumle has lived under an old tree in the magical forest. Strange events occur and an adventure begins.

Gaol 2005 - student short

Born in Stockholm, studied media and animation. Worked with various animation and illustration projects.


TTwo She In Meo She In Me

UK/Sweden 2005, 6:15
Directed, written, filmed, edited and sound design: Maja Borg
Actor: Elin Magnusson
Music: Neuro Seas, Dave Millan
voice recording: Marcelo de Oliveira
English Voice; Maryam Hamidi
an Edinburgh College of Art production 2005
supported by Fil I Ost Sweden
Contact:Maja Borg

A fragmented story about the hopes and ambitions of youth for the future.


I Feel Im Carring On Something Big NUFF 2007I Feel Im Carring On Something Big

experimental, Norway 2007, 2'00
producer: Nordland kunst- og filmskole
director: Midskills (20)
cast: Marie Askeland
Contact: Midskills

Don`t do what your daddy tells you!

Bæ bæ lille lam (2005)
Haikings through Lofoten (2006)
Core Pulse (2006)
GET OUT (2007)

Marie Askeland
Støvsuging og livsfilosofi (2006)
Dratt på gresset (2006)
Den gule bilen (2006)
Hurtigruta (2006)
Camilla Fagerli
Fistful of love (2006)
I mangel på en vårforelskelse: Mannen i mitt liv (2006)
Du vet ikke hva du liker (2006)
Iscenesettelse og tid og sånn (2006)

Tegning, form og farge vgs
2 år kunst ved NKFS
Drama vgs
2 år film ved NKFS


Drømmen Om Å Dø  NUFF 2007Drømmen Om Å Dø
Death dream

Drama, Norway 2006, 5'00
producer: Nordland Kunst- Og Filmskole
director: André F. Chocron (22)
cast: Eivind Pleym Pedersen, Ole Jørgen Farstad, Aage Langhelle
script: André F. Chocron
music: White Birch
Contact: André F. Chocron

Fifteen year old Eirik keeps daydreaming about his own death in order to escape from a boring life. Through his fantasies we get to know him as a heroic boy, sacrificing his own life in order to save others.


En effektiv verdenEn effektiv verden
An Efficient World

Drama, Norway 2007, 5'00
producer: Torfinn Rønning Sanderud (17)
director: Torfinn Rønning Sanderud
cast: Skuespillere
script: Torfinn Rønning Sanderud, Ola Nielsen, Mathias Rudsengen, Sondre Nordseth
music: Mathias Rudsengen
Contact: Torfinn Rønning Sanderud

Jonas gets promoted at work. His new task demands more from him than he is able to


Samvittighetens Røst NUFF 2007Samvittighetens Røst
The Voice of Once Conscience

Drama, Norway 2007, 8'00
producer: Reinert Kiil (25)
director: Reinert Kiil
cast: Morten Rudå, Geir Morstad
script: Reinert Kiil
Contact: Reinert Kiil

A tragic story about a serial killer’s scream for help.

Fuck Norge (fiction)
Boom Boom in Paradise City (short)
Inside the mind of a splatter director (documentary)
Coffee Stewart and the heartstones - Suicide (music video)


Et bilde i ventetidenEt bilde i ventetiden
A Snapshot In Time

Drama, Norway 2007, 13'00
producer: Turid Marthinsen, Mediefabrikken i Akershus
director: Halkawt A. Mustafa (22)
cast: Hazir A. Mustafa, Ahmed Rogazi, Darya Kader Mulla
script: Halkawt A. Mustafa
Contact: Halkawt A. Mustafa

The film is about an immigrant family of three. One day the father does not return home and the son cannot understand why they do not report him missing. The mother is evasive, so the son tries to sort it out himself.

Halawt Mustafa worked as assistent director on an iraquian fiction film and made the film "Et skrik i fremmed land" (2005) in co-operation with Kurdish TV-channel in Belgique.


Holið NUFF 2007Holið
The Hole

Drama, Faroe Islands 2006, 5'00
producer: Andrias Høgenni
director: Jóannes Lamhauge (23)
cast: Hans Tórgarð, Leo Poulsen
script: Jóannes Lamhauge
music: Kjartan Nolsøe Jespersen
Contact: Jóannes Lamhauge

An old man is digging a hole in the ground in
the middle of nowhere. A younger man pproaches him and tries to apologize for something unknown. The old man doesn’t answer him throughout the film, agitating the young man a great deal. Eventually the young man leaves without any response.

The Reporter - documentary (1999)
Superstition - documentary (2003)
The Waitingroom - short film (2003)
The Coworker - short film (2006)
The Chase - short film (2006)
Birthday-ritual - short film (2006)
The sad man - short film (2006)
The Hole - short film (2006)
In my Mind 1,2,3 - short TV series (2006)
Blackout - short film (2007)
Mondays - Music Video (2007)

Jóannes Lamhauge is primarily known for his acting in numerous theatrical plays, musicals and short films.
The experience gained in theater acting has inspired him to advance into filmmaking and scriptwriting.
This film was made during "Fisk2006", a summer course in filmmaking which was held on the Faroe Islands in 2006.


Eero NUFF 2007Eero

Drama, Finland 2006, 9'00
producer: Mikko M. Koskinen, Teemu Åkelund, Mikko Kallio
director: Mikko M. Koskinen (22)
cast: Santeri Lehtonen, Miina Ruokonen
script: Mikko M. Koskinen, Teemu Åkerlund
music: Mikko M. Koskinen/Dino Mansik
Contact: Mikko M. Koskinen

When Eero comes home, there’s a strange girl in his apartment.

Nameless (2003)
Happy Birthday to me (2004)
The Place (2005)
Rosmo (2005)
Eero (2006)

Mikko M. Koskinen was born in Finland 1985. He got his first videocamera when he was ten years old. Camera didn't had a batterypack so he couldn't shoot outside. With his second videocamera he could get to outside. Then he did a film called 'Doctor Boldhead's glorious adventure'. When he was 17 years old he went to study Information and Communications to Forssa Vocational Institute. During his time there he did many shortfilms. He is now 21 years old and currently he's planning his next film.


Thomas Larsson - den store färgsättaren
Thomas Larsson - A Life in Colours

documentary, Sweden 2007, 15'00
producer: Robin Woo Söderberg (22)
director: Robin Woo Söderberg
music: Robin Woo Söderberg
Contact: Robin Woo Söderberg

In the middle of beautiful, peaceful Österlen in the Southeast of Sweden lives an artist named Thomas Larsson. He has chosen a life outside the mechanical and industrial society in order to devote himself to his great passion, painting.

Slutna ögon - 2007 - thriller - HDcam - 15 min
Thomas Larsson, den store färgsättaren - 2007 - dokumentär - DVcam/16 mm - 15 min
A Calm Meeting - 2006 - Musikvideo - HDcam/S-vhs - 4 min
Lev för fan - 2006 - drama - Dvcam - 13 min

I was born in 1985 in Skåne, Sweden. My passion for film developed in my early teens and later became a major interest.
I have made a number of music videos and short films. Presently I am studying film at Molkoms Folkhögskola in Värmland, Sweden. I am aiming towards a career as a director/cinematographer.

The Media Programme, Malmö 2001-2004
The Film Programme, Molkoms Folkhögskola 2005-2007
Steadicam Course, Fall 2006


Kebab Street NUFF 2007Kebab Street

Drama, Sweden 2006, 24'00
producer: Adi & Mak Omanovic (22)
director: Adi & Mak Omanovic
cast: Emil Mkrttchian, Gabriel Mkrttchian, Karin Bertling, Jenny Meyer, Christian Thornell, Teresia Pettersson, Harry Achilles, Pale Olofsson, Henrik Zachrisson
script: Adi & Mak Omanovic
music: Alexander Darland, Kalle Primc
Contact: Adi Omanovic

Erkan and Serkan are two brothers who desperately want to be good at something. Unfortunately, the only thing they are good at is fighting.

Antagningsbrevet (2004) short fiction,
à la manda (2005) short fiction,
Admir (2005) short fiction,
En Mästare (2005) short fiction,
Kebab Street (2006) short fiction

Twin brothers from Sarajevo in Bosnia, living in Sweden since 1991. Studying engineering in Media technology at the Royal School of technology in Stockholm.


Mr Swedish Man NUFF 207Mr Swedish Man

Drama, Sweden 2006, 10'00
producer: Karin Mannbrink
director: Anton Skott (23)
cast: Sven Lundblad, Caroline Ilea, and more.
script: Anton Skott
music: Olle Markensten
Contact: Anton Skott

A criminal finds his conscience tested when he can either save himself and his girlfriend, or his illegal immigrant neighbors.

A few school films.

Mainly technical work; editing, sound, grip, camera assistant.


Vi ses! NUFF 2007Vi ses!
See You!

Drama, Denmark 2006, 10'00
producer: Louisa Raith Sørensen
director: Asger Lindgård (23)
cast: Christina Breuning, Thomas Raft, Pia Trøst Nissen
script: Jesper Fink & Asger Lindgård
music: Jesper Mechlenburg
Contact: Asger Lindgård

Sofie arrives at the airport with her oyfriend,
on the surface a happy couple. But the nice image shatters in front of our eyes while the rest of the world keeps moving at its own pace in this intense drama.

2004 Dyreforsøg
2006 Forbrug dig selv

Filmlinjen på Aved¢re Gymnasium
PCFE Film School (Prag, Tjekkiet)


Kulan NUFf 2007Kúlan
The Sphere

Animation, Iceland 2006, 3'00
producer: Sveinbjorn J. Tryggvason (23)
director: Sveinbjorn J. Tryggvason
script: Sveinbjorn J. Tryggvason
music: Einar Sverrir Trygggvasonn
Contact: Sveinbjorn J. Tryggvason

Box har en helt vanlig dag helt til noe faller ned fra himmelen.

Rip/Off (Special-effects, actor) - 1999
Mín hefur augu og mitt hefur nef (Director, actor) - 2006

Sveinbjorn J. Tryggvason was born in 1984 in Reykjavik, Iceland. He graduated from The Multimedia school of Iceland spring 2006 where Kúlan was his final project. He will begin at Vancouver Film School in August 2007.



Drama, Sweden 2005, 1'00
script, director , photo & editing: Adi & Mak Omanovic
Contact: www.omanovic.se

Admir’s new life is almost perfect, but something is still missing




Drama, Sweden 2007, 13'00
produser: Christian Waller & Cleas Helander
director: Emil Mkrttchian (22)
cat: Gabriel Mkrttchian, Cathrine Kolping, Stig Osian Ericson
script: Emil Mkrttchian
music: Djivan Gasparyan
Contact: Emil Mkrttchian

To be sure that their love will be forever, the young, in love, couple Adagio and Sibone travel to the future. There they see a part of life to come and a dilemma they did not expect.

Hello Torsten

Was in competition last year with the film "Hello Torsten".


AAwaiting Death NUFF 2007waiting Death

animation, Sverige 2005, 3'00
producer: Andreas Öhman (22)
director: Andreas Öhman
script: Andreas Öhman
music: Jonathan Fjellström & Joakim Svarling
Contact: Andreas Öhman

Here i am, wrinkled and bald. Waiting for death, to be pallid and cold.

Blandband #307 30 min fiction/drama shor 2006 (NUFF 2006)
Blomkål & morötter 7 min animation/fiction 2006
Hilbert – sju bokstäver 15 min komedi short 2006
Awaiting death 3 min animation/narrativ short 2005 (NUFF 2007)
Hard Joe 15 min comedy short 2005 (NUFF 2006)
Trningsspelaren 12 min tragedi kortfilm 2005
Bamse & Ben 18 min Fantasy kortfilm 2005
Kammarkörens första leende 10 min Mokumentär 2004
One minute 1 min narrativ kortfilm 2004 (NUFF 2005)
The best time of the year 3 min Musikvideo 2004
Positive about negatives 5 min narrativ kortfilm 2004
Cap love 15 min drama kortfilm 2004
Sole 7 min animation kortfilm 2003

background :
2005-2006: Filmscience at Stockholm University
2003-2005: Film-gymnasium in Uppsala. 2nd and 3rd year.
2002-2003: IT-gymnasium, Uppsala. 1st year (again).
2001-2002: Media in Kramfors. 1st year, (then went to Uppsala and change my education 2 times before i understood that film was my subject.)
1998-2001: Junior High in Kramfors.



Fiction, Denmark 2007, 5'00
producer: Station Next
director: Sebastian Cordes
cast: Cihan Coban
script: Sebastian Cordes
music: Magnus Skovrind
Contact: mette jensen

The film is about a boy who has to find out where he belongs – is it in the country he lives in or the country he came from?



Drama, Denmark 2006, 7'00
producer: Station Next
director: Magnus Skovrind Pedersen
cast: Jan Tjerrild
script: Christine Auchenberg
contact: mette jensen

This movie is about how people react to other people in their busy everyday lives...or actually, how they don’t react. Preben is kidnapped at his office by a terrorist with a bomb and his colleagues watch it all unfold without putting down their coffee.


Sirkus 3/4Sirkus ¾
Cirkus ¾

documentary, Norway 2007, 8'00
producer: Martine Årnes Sørensen (16)
director: Martine Årnes Sørensen
cast: Martine Årnes Sørensen, Johannes Parkinson Eilertsen, Marie Victoria Fløttkjær, Karlotte Sørheim
script: Martine Årnes Sørensen
music: Children of the revolution, Johnossi - Man must dance
Contact: Martine Årnes Sørensen

Martine Å. Sørensen is a member of a circus group at Kulta - a theater and circus venue for young people in Tromsø. The group has been invited to a circus festival in rkhangelsk, Russia where they will perform a show. We follow the circus group as they practice.

Sirkus 3/4 - 2007

Martine Å. Sørensen Media og kommunikasjon - grunnkurs. Interesserer meg i film, sirkus, teater, musikk og scenekamp.



Shootback NUFF 2007Shootback

doc, Kenya 2006, 12'06
dir: julius mwelu and peter ndolo
photographer: julius mwelu and peter ndolo
editor: peter ndolo
director of photography: james njuguna
music: habanahaba kenya
Contact: james njuguna

The story talks about the slums, showing how
pollution has affected the living condition of the slum dwellers; bad drainage, which brings diseases; poor houses, which is unsafe when it rains because they are swept away; the air people inhale is not safe because it is filled with dust.
Co-operation project with FN-sambandet


Break It Down NUFF 2007Break It Down

Canada 2007, 5'00
Director: Daniel Boos
Producer: Daniel Boos
Script: Daniel Boos
Camera: Daniel Boos
Cast: Meagan Hancock, Tristan Cleveland-Thompson

A comic look at individual responsibility for keeping your community clean.
In co-operation with View Finders Youth Film Festival i Halifax, Canada


It’s not easy being Green: Or Is It? NUFF 2007It’s not easy being Green: Or Is It?

Canada 2007, 5'00
Director: Madelyn Belliveau, Kailey Wilock,
Producer: Andrew Stickings
Script: Tyler Lockhart, Josh Bower, Courney Emeneau, Rachel Henry, Yanis Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Jooeun Kim, Sahil Khanna, Andrew McCulley, Telly Kelly, Rachel Wentzell, Mikayla Hubley, Kailey Wilock, Jenny Zhang, Jacob Barrett, Leslie Basden, Madelyn Belliveau, Lindsay Burns, Bailey DeVries, Christian Ghosn, Cailey Graham, Daniel MacDonald
Camera: Tyler Lockhart, Josh Bower, Courney Emeneau, Yanis Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Sahil Khanna, Andrew McCulley
Cast: Ryan Swinamer, Yanis Smith, Rachel Wentzell, Mikayla Hubley, Kailey Wilock, Leslie Basden, Christian Ghosn

Two students are caught littering on school grounds. Their punishment is a visit with the school custodian. He then takes them on a tour of the school pointing out all the good things that schools are doing to save energy and the environment.
In co-operation with View Finders Youth Film Festival i Halifax, Canada


- Echo Park Film Center Youth Films (2002 – 2007)

Since 2002 we have provided free film and video making classes for Los Angeles youth between the ages of 13 – 19 years of age. Our kids have written, shot and edited over 300 films dealing with all facets of life. For NUFF 2007, we comprised a program that reflects the sense of activism, activity and commitment to change that resonates within our community of Los Angeles.
contact: Echo Park Film Center

Dodger Blues 5:00
Gabriel Perez

Iris: Los Angeles
Mia Valentina Martin

Not in the War 7:00
Ava Hess

LA and My Struggle With Transportation 3:00
Martine Syms

I thought I was Still in Mexico 7:00
Louie Rodriguez

L’Artiste est Morte
Jessie Calderon

Ricardo 6:00
Daniel Aguirre

Boy Run 6:00
Matthew Weathers

Bateau d’Amor 2:00
Anabel Curry

Photobooth of Change 3:38
EPFC Class Film



Experimental Short Films from Around the World

Polyester Prince NUFF 2007Using small format film as our guiding force the “Polyester Prince Road Show” celebrates contemporary experimental cinema in all its glory. The screening is approximately 90 minutes long (60 minutes of films then 30 minutes of live music/films by the HERE & NOW).

50’ That Shook The World – John Cannizzarro (USA; 2:50)
Le Parapluie Chinois – Gregory Shaefer (USA; 3:15)
Smoking Yoga - Billy Childish (England; 2:30)
Split - Pierre de Gaillande (France; 6:00)
Dance Me Dead – Jessie Clavin (USA; 3:00)
Mjamjam – David Pfluger (Switzerland; 3:00)
Tiny Planet – Joe Hilsenrad (USA; 5:00)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Lisa Marr (Canada; 2:00)
Rock/Hard Place – Roger Beebe (USA; 6:10)
6 Astronauts – Dagie Brundert (Germany; 6:00)
Flower Valley – Joel Fox (USA; 3:20)
Zsa Zsa – Heather Harkins (Canada; 1:00)
401K Endgame – Vic Olam (USA; 2:00)
The Distant – Jason Harris (USA; 4:00)
Kathy – Nancy Jean Tucker (USA; 3:30)
The Garden – Randall Rickert (USA; 1:00)
Picinin – Paolo Davanzo (Italy; 6:00)


NUFF c/o TVIBIT - Fredrik Langesgt. 29 - 9008 Tromsø - Norway