Tromsø, June 21st - 30th 2019

The workshops were amazing, from the leaders to the participants, the cooperation between the participants and the whole spirit was so good from everybody, the leaders, the stakeholders (TVIBIT-family, NUFF-family ...), everything was so smooth and simplified. (Christine Rinawi, 2011)

The Film Workshops

  • 5 Films + film music

  • Five film workshop groups guided by professional filmmakers + one film music workshop-group

  • Making of five short films in six days.

  • The results will be shown at the cinema Verdensteatret Kino during the opening of the festival.

  • Profiled international film-professionals as workshop leaders.

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32 young filmmakers from all over the world will be divided in 4 groups. Each group will have a room, camera equipment, an editing station (Mac with Premiere Pro), sound equipment, a "very" little budget to work with and a professional filmmaker as workshop leader. The workshop language is English. The task is to make a short film from the idea to the finish film in six days. Each group works independently. They are free to choose genre, theme, topic etc. 

Barents Sound Design 

Simultaneously with the Film Workshop, 8 young musicians from Arkhangelsk and Tromsø will work together for 10 days to create and produce film music for the film workshop groups. Working together in Kysten Studio, a high-end production studio at TVIBIT, they get to experience the everyday life in a music production studio. 

The workshop starts Friday the 21st of June at 17.00 PM and ends with the Opening Ceremony at Friday the 28th with the preview of the finished films. Also, the musicians will present parts of their music live at the closing ceremony on Sunday the 30th of June. 

The mentors and participants will take part in the entire process of making a film from idea to finished results while learning about the process of making a film and how to create the right score for the film. The project is supported by the Barentssekretariatet


SEEK@NUFF 2019 is a special workshop group during NUFF that presents young filmmakers with the challenge of innovating media formats – from elaborate 360 short film productions to multi-tiered interactive films. This year, the recent mainstream success of the interactive film format in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix, is the focal point for SEEK.

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The workshops take place at the Youth Film Centre Tvibit. The centre is located at the middle of downtown Tromsø, and provides camera-, audio-, light equipment and five film editing places during the festival. Tvibit will be the festival centre during NUFF with a café and a meeting point for all workshop- and festival participants, for the audience and film experts.


The workshop participants will share rooms at Xpress Hotel & Smart Hotel close to the festival venue.


The workshop fee will be 1000,- NOK. The fee includes workshop, accommodation and three meals each day.

Age limit

The participation at the NUFF workshops is limited for participants between 15 - 26 years old.

The Mentors

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The Films

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