Music in Film Seminar

Rune Simonsen.jpg

with Rune Simonsen

Rune Simonsen is a Tromsø based musician who has been working in Tromsø, Berlin and Europe for the past 15 years. Along the way, Rune recorded 8 albums in collaboration with producers such as Lars Lien and Guy Sternberg. Currently he’s active under the artist name Port Almond.

In collaboration with the Barents Sound Design workshop where Rune is a mentor this year, this seminar will focus on the importance of music in film and how to communicate and collaborate on film music. Since the dawn of film, music has been one of the most important key elements in storytelling techniques in film and this seminar will focus on how to use and direct an audience through music. How do you create tension, emotion, memories, suspense and lead an audience member into believing certain things?

The seminar will take place at TVIBIT-sal on Saturday 22nd at 13:30h and will last about an hour and a half.