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Drama / 2016 / Kosovo / 14:59  


P: Sunaj Raca
D: More Raca (24)
DoP: Latif Hasolli
Script: More Raca
M: Florent Boshnjaku
Cast: Xhejlane Tërbunja, Sunaj Raça, Kumrije Hoxha, Bekim Mulaj, Florentina Ademi, Veton Osmani, Albulena Bardhi, Mirsad Ferati, Don Raça, Gani Morina.     

Hava’s brothers decide to divide their paternal property. According to traditional customs, the right to inheritance belongs to male descendants only whereas Hava has no right to inherit. The eldest brother is obligated to find a husband for his sister. Hava must be married and live at her husband’s house.

Contact: moreraca.director(@)gmail.com

(NORDIC <18)


Nordic noir / 2017 / Denmark / 3:19                

P: Fabian Johansen
D: Anton Kaasgaard Toft (15)
DoP: Nicklas Gregers Knudsen
Script: Anton Kaasgaard Toft, August Hønholt Jørgensen  
M: Mads Just
Cast: August Hønholt Jørgensen, Johanna Nystrøm, Sol Schwartz Hansen, Sofie Krarup Larsen, Amy van Schaik    

A guy tries to free his sister from a cult, but is caught by the aggressive cultists. Will he and his sister get out?

Contact: anton2001(@)live.dk  

(NORDIC 19-21)


Animation /2016 / Sweden / 7:18 

P: Henrik Dahlbring (21)
D: Henrik Dahlbring
DoP: Pontus Norberg
Script: Henrik Dahlbring
Music: Robin Dahlgren
Cast: Robin Lundberg          

 An old man searching for the last puzzle piece gets in to an argument with two skating youngsters, which changes his perspective.            

Contact: dahlbring.henrik(@)gmail.com



Fiction / 2016 / Iraq / 9:18    

P: Hassanein Khazaal
D: Hassanein Khazaal (24)
DoP: Walla Modied
Script: Hassanein Khazaal
M: Bashar Al-Azawi
Cast: Ahmed Saddon           

A short-film about psychological conflicts of every Iraqi young man in recent time, representing one's homeland, friends, and love… It shows how an Iraqi young man thinks, and what he could possibly do in these inconvenient circumstances, as there is a noticeable lack of services in the country …… what would he decides to do? Heads to demonstrations or goes the other way?

Contact: hassanein.khazaal(@)gmail.com       

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2016 / Sweden / 9:02   

P: Samori Tovatt, Kim Silfving
D: Samori Tovatt (25)
DoP: Kim Silfving
Script: Samori Tovatt
M: Max Juras
Cast: Fabian Sparr, Jonas Malmsjö, Annika Gardeskog      

A son and his father travels to a forest which they spent much time together in. Once in the forest it seems that they both have something to tell the other one. 

Contact: samori.tovatt(@)gmail.com

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2016 / Norway / 18:00 

P: Frederick P. Gomez
D: Håvard Fandrem (24)
DoP: Ole Henrik Bach
Script: Håvard Fandrem
M: Chris Zabriskie
Cast: Arthur Hakalahti, Kjersti Posti Høgli, Cathrine Hovland, Josefine Rudshaug

Markus is a 15 year old boy who feels something no one should have to feel. Feelings he knows are wrong, and which can make him a monster if he looses control.

Contact: havard.fandrem(@)gmail.com