• TVIBIT (map)
  • 27 Parkgata
  • Tromsø, Troms, 9008
  • Norway

The seminars (Saturday 17th 10 – 12 am at TVIBIT 3rd floor)

Seminar 1 -  Lessons from Year Zero

2016 was touted as the start of VR´s ascent – when the much-anticipated medium finally hit consumer shelves. In that span of time – a whole new industry sprung up to support the medium – from an astounding variety of new technology, platforms, processes and productions. Lessons from Year Zero is a retrospective on this revolutionary jump into VR, its successes and failures.   


Lecturer: Ismet Bachtiar (Norway)

Ismet Bachtiar started off his career as a filmmaker first, then in a variety of media and communication work before pursuing his true passion for interactive entertainment. Ismet has worked as an Editor for videogame and pop-culture magazine GameAxis, designed mind-bending puzzles and viral marketing campaigns for Funcom in Norway and worked as an Online Content Manager for EA/Playfish. In 2013, he co-founded Plus Point, a pioneering interactive studio based in Tromsø and divides his time by working as a new media consultant at Filmvekshuset Tvibit, nurturing young creative talents. 

Seminar 2 – The All-Seeing Lens

With VR camera rigs capturing the entirety of any given scene – a new way of thinking around the directing each scene, generating the best image quality and working out a clever process to work with the footage must be in mind before setting off on a VR production. This lecture will focus on the best practices gained from working on commercial VR productions. 

workshopleder cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring.jpg

Lecturer: Cristian Dominguez (Spain)

Cristian Dominguez is the Director of Photography at New Horizons VR, a leading virtual reality production company specialising in cinematic VR. As a photographer and director of virtual reality, Cristian is focused on creating immersive experiences that delight and amaze his client’s customers. As a visionary in virtual reality, Cristian hopes to work with others to expand and shape VR’s capacity as a tool for social communication, and as a medium for binging entirely new worlds to life.

Supported by Nordic Culture Fund & Napa