• Verdensteatret (map)
  • 93B Storgata
  • Tromsø, Troms, 9008
  • Norway


(NORDIC 22-26)

Music Video/2017/Norway/8:02
P: Andrea Conradsen            
D: Andrea Conradsen (22)     
DoP: Andrea Conradsen        
M: Skitzosatan   
Cast: Petter Stordalen           


This is a music video for the punk band Skitzosatan. Asking "hvem er du nå?" ("Who are you now") while watching the elite of Tromsø mingling through an event organized by Norwegian hotel-king Petter Stordalen. The event was held in Tromsø as they were to build a brand new - FANTASTIC and AMAZING hotel. Through this ceremony, we follow the people at the event while drinking champagne, eating finger food, small-talking and in the end - Petter Stordalen himself, digging a time-capsule into the ground.                   

Contact: andreaconradsen@gmail.com

Directors filmography:         
Hjem - 2010
Travellers - 2012
Bortebane - 2012
Lillebror - 2013
Girl From The Future - 2016  

Directors background:
Andrea Conradsen comes from northern-norway, and has been working with video for six years. The past two years she has attended Kunstskolen i Rogaland and has through that started experimenting more and more around the media of video.