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Caste Is Not A Rumour 

360 Documentary / 2016 / India / 05:41             

P: Khushboo Ranka
D: Naomi Shah & Pourush Turel
DoP: Pourush Turel   (25)
Script: Naomi Shah & Pourush Turel              

In India, the cow has gained prominence as a sacred animal after a Hindutva party came into power. Violence against Dalits and Muslims—traditional consumers of beef—has also increased proportionally. In July 2016, four Dalit men were attacked for doing their caste-based job—skinning a dead cow. The episode was recorded by the perpetrators and went viral on WhatsApp. The incident shocked civil society into action, prompting them to undertake a protest march across 400 kilometres to the original site of violence, demanding freedom from their caste-based oppression.The film enters the journey of the protestors and gives an immersive account of the felt injustice and visceral energy of a protest march.     

Contact: naomishah.ns(@)gmail.com              

Director’s filmography
Naomi Shah-
Director- VR short 'Caste is Not A Rumour'; 2016
Editor- VR short, Right to Pray; 2016
Director- Short 'Short-lived'; 2015
Director- Short 'Making Room'; 2015
Cinematographer- Short 'Shifting Tides'; 2014
Pourush Turel-
Director- 'Caste is Not A Rumour'; 2016
Cinematographer & Editor- VR short, 'Right to Pray'; 2016
Assistant Director- 'Path of Zarathustra'; 2014
Assistant Director- 'Sooper Se Ooper'; 2012

Director’s background:
Director-Short 'In Time' Naomi Shah is a filmmaker and designer, and has worked at the intersection of social issues, journalism and most recently, virtual reality. Her first documentary short 'Alpajeevi' (2015) toured extensively at international film festivals and also won the Best International Film award at NUFF (Norway). She has worked on environmental films with a sharp focus on community upliftment and policy making. She is the associate producer on the political documentary feature 'An Insignificant Man'(2016).

Pourush is a filmmaker, with extensive experience on various short, feature and advertising films. More recently, he has worked at the intersection of virtual reality, social issues and journalism, as a cinematographer and director.

Memesys Culture Lab is a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture.The studio will actively participate in cinema, literature, pedagogy, technology, art, scientific and philosophical research, and actions of significant social impact.

ElseVR, a Mixed Reality channel, is a disruptive idea in narrative nonfiction and journalism. It brings extraordinary and urgent stories to Virtual Reality (VR), granting the audience an entry “into” the story. By shattering the barrier between the viewer and the subject, VR has the power to elicit enquiry and empathy. Published online as a quarterly, each story facilitates collaborations between formidable filmmakers, writers and designers to amplify the power of narrative.
The magazine is the non-fiction VR platform from Memesys Culture Lab.

Internet Surfer 

VR Fiction / 2017 / USA / 04:00        


P: Brandon Padveen
D: Sam Wickert
DoP: Sam Wickert
Script: Eric Leigh & Sam Wickert
Music: Catherine Graelish
Cast: Eric Leigh, Joan Matis, Zach King, Corridor Digital, Jamie Costa, Lindsey Rem           

From the visual effects magicians at SoKrispyMedia, Internet Surfer warps you into the online worlds of Zach King, Corridor Digital, Jamie Costa, Cyanide & Happiness and LindseyRem. Eric wields The Mouse Cursor, but will it help him escape from Granny’s computer before he becomes a virus?!

Contact: bpadveen(@)madisonwellsmedia.com

Director’s background:

Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh met when they were very young, and as SoKrispyMedia they have been pushing the limits of visual effects ever since.  

Haunted House

VR Game / Norway / 2016

Producers: Thorstein Løkensgard, Soma Karim Larsen, Herman Jensen, Tony Ha, Thomas Blomseth
Production: Westerdals Oslo ACT

The concept of our VR game is that you are a person staying in an old antique house/mansion, the game will be played in just one room. As this person you will be able to move inside the room and you can interact with certain objects. Where you walk and what you do with some objects can lead to consequences.

With a mysterious and dark room combined with scary music we will try to create a concept which will live up to the horror genre.