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  • 27/29 Parkgata
  • Tromsø, Troms, 9008
  • Norway

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / Sweden/Norway / 2017 / 14:45

P: Lia Hietala, Stefan Henriksson, Karin Stenwall & Håkon B. Toft      
D: Lia Hietala (23)                
DoP: Karin Stenwall             
Script: Lia Hietala                 
Music: Katharina Nuttall
Cast: Juliette Safavi, Tina Pourdavoy & Erika A. Coleman   

Majken has known that she is a lesbian since she was 7 years old and Gabbi just recently found out that she’s also into girls. But how about Gabbi’s 10-year old sister Cleo, who is she in love with? Is it a girl or is it a boy? Cleo joins Gabbi to her girlfriend Majken’s summerhouse. On a roadtrip up north a silent struggle begins between the older role models, who will gain Cleo’s trust?
My Gay Sister is a story about a young girls first meeting with the expectations to define her sexuality and about the ability to create, gain and lose trust for one another.

Contact: lia.hietala(@)gmail.com

Directors filmography          
"My Gay Sister" Produced by: New Stories AB / Toft Film (2017) - Teddy for beste kort film Berlinale 2017
"If I say No" Produced by: Toft Film (2016)