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Experimental / 2017 / Iraq / 3:23

P: Hussein Abbode
D: Hussein Abbode (24)
Music: Rand Slah
Cast: Fatma Hamd


Contact: hessnaboode@gmail.com

(NORDIC 19-21)


Drama / 2016 / Norway / 13:09  


P: Agnete Gradek                 
D: Sigrid Kolbjørnsen (21)     
DoP: Ingrid Holm Andersen   
Script: Sigrid Kolbjørnsen      
Music: Nabil Hilaneh & Maria Magdalena Wiesmaier             
Cast: Khaled Zaher Taha & Obaida Zaher Taha                    

The Conversation is a short movie about Amir, a underage refugee who have fled to Norway with his older brother Nadim. Amir has problems with accepting his new situation, and also to forgive his mother for sending him to a country he doesn’t know. The movie is a realistic contemporary drama and is representing the much publicized social group, underage asylum seekers, in a new and different way.          

Contact: agnetegradek@gmail.com

Directors background
Kolbjørnsen is studying her last semester at film and TV-production at the University of Bergen with a specialization in directing.

(NORDIC <18)


Fiction / 2017 / Denmark / 4:29


P: Marie-Louise Devantier Mandrup           
D: Lasse Hvidtfeldt Freiesleben Laursen     (16)
DoP: Sveinur Andreasen       
Script: Lasse Hvidtfeldt Freiesleben Laursen                        
M: Jonas Balsby
Cast: Chris Olesen, Andreas Sindal Wehlast Borgaard, Benjamin Jæger, Michael Wolff, Jytte Meilandt Holm Knudsen, Lauge Holm Knudsen                     

The grumpy teenager, Chris, refuses to play with his annoying little brother, however as he walks through the house, he starts finding his inner child.

Contact: lasse@serveit.dk   

Directors background:
Born in Vejle, Denmark, currently studying on Lunderskov Efterskole, where he is attending film production class.

(NORDIC 19-21)


Animation / 2016 / Norway / 4:20


D: Matias Seip, Balder Blinkenberg, Rasmus Aarskog Sætersdal (19)   
Script: Matias Seip                
M: Balder Blinkenberg           

A strider tells a tale about a sosciety inhabitet by "Blobs".     

Contact: sneip.studios@gmail.com

Directors background:
We have previous made short movies as "Fjellflrykt" and "Den Vidde Vesten" which can be found on our Youtube channel "Sneip Studios". All three of us are school students from different schools in Bergen (Amalie Skram, Langhaugen and Bergen Katedralskole). The past two years we have been making movies and other content for fun.

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2016 / Sweden / 17:14      


P: Niklas Andersson, Helene Granqvist     
D: Alve Lindenbaum (26)       
DoP: Jo Widerberg               
Script: Alve Lindenbaum        
Music: Siri Veileborg, Frans Karlsson, Caroline Kabat
Cast: Isak Nordström, Lena Nylén, Caroline Joó, Carolin Oredsson, Alexander Abdallah, Filippa Neves     

Mie is in a gray area between love that’s died and a new one that hasn’t begun. Goes out for parties, picks up clothes at the ex, flees off to the countryside. A film about those small situations after a painful break-up.             

Contact: alve.lindenbaum@gmail.com

Directors filmography          
’Min franska revolution’ (Hanna Högstedt), TBA - casting assistant
’Modellen’, ’Taxin’, ’Fuckboys’, 2016 - dramaturgical consultant
'Jag får väl försöka igen' (Jo Widerberg), 2016 - dramaturgical consultant & production manager
'Mie', 2016 - director & screenwriter
’Step’, 2015 - director & screenwriter
'Basta' (Stina Rolf), 2014 - dramaturgical consultant
'Mormor' (Jo Widerberg), 2012 - dramaturgical consultant, 1st AD, assistant editor
'Sista dagen', 2012 - director, screenwriter, editor                 

Directors background
Graduated from Fridhems Folk high school in 2014. Their stories are often centered around contemplating, thoughtful people and lgbtqi identity.





P: Julia Polkowska                
D: Julia Polkowska (16)        
DoP: Julia Polkowska           
Script: Julia Polkowska         
M: the public domain             

The same pictures bring different emotions...                        

Contact: rpolkowski@poczta.fm

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2017 / Norway / 8:52   

P: Jørgen Egner Granerud    
D: Jørgen Egner Granerud (23)
DoP: Truls Aagedal               
Script: Jørgen Egner Granerud                 
M: Audun Gundersen Vassdal
Cast: Andreas De Brito Jonassen, Jørgen Egner Granerud   

Inspired by true events, "The Lifesavers" tells the story of two bathers who come across signs that suggest someone has drowned, and wonder what the correct course of action is.

Contact: jorgen_eg@hotmail.com

Directors filmography:         
Jupiters bane (2013)
AFOL: Adult Fan of LEGO (2015)
Arming Norway (2016)          

Directors background:
Jørgen Egner Granerud is a young director from Asker, Norway. He graduated Lillehammer University College, where he studied documentary direction in the summer of 2016. Prior to this he spent one year at NISS in Oslo. He likes working with both documentary and fiction.