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Art film / 2016 / Israel/Palestine / 1:59  

P: Shukri Lawrence
D: Shukri Lawrence (18)       
DoP: Shukri Lawrence          
Script: Shukri Lawrence        
M: Phillipe Dabdoub, Shukri Lawrence, Carina Lawrence.   
Cast: Candy Ken, Teale Coco, Reem Kawasmi.                  

Living in East Jerusalem, Gender plays a big role in society. Shukri wanted to create a planet that knows no gender and call it Venus. The video starts with the goddess Venus evolving into a planet that, just like earth, started with Adam & Eve. This time when Adam and Eve sinned, the future wasn't the same and didn't know gender.                  
The venus video includes the most important figures in gender; Adam & Eve. The concept of gender wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for them. In the video the goddess Venus makes an appearance with Adam. The video includes the three main concepts of the goddess; Love, Lust, Femininity.

Contact: shukri.lawrence(@)yahoo.com

(NORDIC <18)


Comedy / 2016 / Norway / 7:21  

P: Laura Zayan and Pernille Bodin          
D: Laura Zayan and Pernille Bodin (17)   
DoP: Laura Zayan and Pernille Bodin      
Script: Laura Zayan and Pernille Bodin    
M: The Classic Brothers and August Kløvstad Gudbrandsen               
Cast: Laura Zayan and Pernille Bodin

It is "bring your own toy day" in the kindergarten today, but 5 years old Mina has something else on her mind.

Contact: laurajaa99(@)gmail.com        

(NORDIC 19-20)


Drama / 2016 / Denmark / 17:45

P: Magnus R. Poulsen, Nikolaj Frømsdorf Bache Schou      
D: Thomas Elley (20)
DoP: Morten Jensen            
Script: Thomas Elley             
M: Peter Nørgaard                
Cast: Thomas Magnussen, Claus Flygare, Henrik Ipsen, Yvonne Andersen, Christina Johannsen            

A struggling actor cannot satisfy his authoritative director. A retired teacher is starting to question his marriage. Both seek out into the forest.                 

Contact: thomas.elley@live.dk

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2016 / Norway / 5:00     


P: Kristine Rande
D: Kristine Rande (26)
DoP: Bjarte Haugen
Script: Kristine Rande
M: Morten Rognskog
Cast: Ane Wiik Melve, Eilif Borg Nergaard

At her first school prom in eight grade Kristin shows up in a funny costume believing it is a costume ball. Her friends can't stand the embarrassment and decide to leave Kristin alone at the parking space. When Kristin decides to walk all the way back home alone, her trip turns out to be very interesting. For ones she can be childish and fun - at least for a couple of hours.

Contact: krande@hotmail.com



Animation / 2016 / Spain / 1:43  

P: Carlos Valle
D: Roberto Valle (22)
DoP: Roberto Valle
Script: Roberto Valle
M: Óscar López
Cast: Alicia Laorden (Madre / Mother), Lluis Grau (Padre / Father), Marc González (Hijo / Son)

It’s ten o’clock. A family sit down at the table. It’s dinner time               

Contact: robertovalle@auntie.es

(NORDIC 22-26)


Comedy / 2017 / Sweden / 20:00                  

P: Mija Sölving
D: Hugo Anderson (26)
DoP: Marcus Svensson & Douglas Olin
Script: Hugo Anderson
M: Jack Grewe
Cast: Johannes Brost, Anna Ladegaard, Simon Olsson, Ida Karolin Johansson      

A week before the wedding the grooms father suddenly dies. The family can't afford booth a funeral and a wedding so they decide to mix the two ceremonies.      

Contact: kontakt@hugoproduktion.se