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(NORDIC <18)


Comedy / 2016 / Norway / 5:15  

P: Sørnorsk Filmcamp
D: Johannes Schrader Kvanvig (17)
DoP: Andreas Schellhorn     
Script: Group effort
Cast: Sol Leikanger Damli & Andrè Popdimchev                 

The aftermath of a crime of passion.        

Contact: ola(@)samsen.com

(NORDIC 19-21)


Historical Drama / 2016 / Norway / 7:52         

P: Michael Mark Lanham
D: Michael Mark Lanham (20)
DoP: Michael Mark Lanham
Script: Michael Mark Lanham & Jonas Ingebretsen
M: Knut Halmrast
Cast: Carl August Eriksen, Daniel Haugen, Carl August Schmidt and Leif Nygård     

A short film about three boys who just want to enjoy summer and skateboard in Norway in 1984. Sadly, skateboarding is forbidden, but that’s not going to stop them.

Contact: michaeltichael(@)hotmail.co.uk          

(NORDIC 22-26)


Denmark / Drama / 2016 / 9:20  

P: Jens Christian Kruse, Simon Valentin
D: Simon Valentin (23)
DoP: Hannibal Struckmann
Script: Simon Valentin
M: Tobias Dahl Nielsen
Cast: Nina Rask, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Osacar Giese, Søren Vejby

During a swim test for the Danish elite team, 15 year old Sara realizes that she is about to loose everything she has fought for since early childhood. Her future depends on her immediate action. But can she make up for her failure in one last important act?  

Contact: simonvalentin5(@)gmail.com

(NORDIC 22-26)


Fiction / 2016 / Sweden / 7:25   

P: Olivia Rodriguez Tejle
D: Olivia Rodriguez Tejle (22)
DoP: Olivia Rodriguez Tejle, Isabella Karlström
Script: Olivia Rodriguez Tejle
M: Jacqueline Andrén
Cast: Olivia Rodriguez Tejle  

A vlogger gets a free trip to Greece in exchange of her filming a wedding. The night before departure she regrets that she accepted the offer, what does she really want to aim her film camera at?

Contact: oliviatejle(@)hotmail.com

(NORDIC 22-26)


Drama / 2015 / Denmark / 10:14


P: Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup
D: Deniz Gül (22)
DoP: Tobias Rud
Script: Deniz Gül
Cast: Nicolai Jandorf Amy Horn, Torben Zeller, Ernst Boye  

Abruptly, a man awakes from a dream. The atmosphere surrounding him and his partner seems strained, and as the day goes by, his breach with the dream becomes blurry. While he keeps on fighting for the existence of their relationship, the mysterious circumstances intensify and he is finally led to realisation. He lives within a dying relationship.                   

Contact: ida(@)station-next.dk

(NORDIC 19-21)


Drama / 2016 / Sweden / 7:13

P: Gustav and David Bengtsson
D: Gustav and David Bengtsson (21)
DoP: Albin Glasell
Script: Gustav and David Bengtsson
Cast: Mikael Riesebeck, Lo Kauppi and Ingvar Örner 

Mats have a disability and cannot communicate with the surroundings. His personal assistant, Gertrude takes him to the swimming pool several times a week. Only in the water, he can feel free and have an outlet for his amazing ability. Mats struggle daily against social prejudices. His refuge is in the water in the swimming pool.           

Contact: gustav1(@)live.se



Thriller / 2016 / UK / 15:26

P: Jos Grootjans,
Katherine Pearl
D: Jack Ethan Perry (24)
DoP: Mads Junker
Script: Jack Ethan Perry
M: Will Rayson, Tom Waits
Cast: Marama Corlett, Adrian Schiller

A young woman travels to the home of an older man for her evening meal. As the two sit down to eat, conversation flows and the darker motives behind this unusual meeting begin to reveal themselves.

Contact: jackeperry92(@)gmail.com

(NORDIC <18)


Denmark / psychological drama / 2016 / 4:59

P: Bruno Edelman (17)          
D: Bruno Edelman                 
DoP: Bruno Edelman / Elias Danielsen      
Script: Bruno Edelman          
M: Apollo   
Cast: Ellen Skjølstrup, Mads Gregersen & Rikke Jensen     

Mind is a nerve-racking drama that put mankind’s psychological battle into perspective in an attempt to expose it’s true nature

Contact: brunokl1012(@)gmail.com

Directors filmography
Sidste skoledag - 2015            

Directors background
Born and raised in Esbjerg, Denmark. Started at the film school "Station next" as a 13 year old, now studying at high-school.