Former mentors 2016

See which film professionals have been working as workshop leader in the past years at NUFF.


Former mentors 2016

See which film professionals have been working as workshop leader in the past years at NUFF.

NUFF 2016 Kristian.jpg

Kristian Mosvold
Film-producer, Norway

Kristian is educated cand.theol and is partner and producer in Øya Film and owner of Øya Interaktiv. Currently he is producing Christine Cynn´s documentary Shooting Ourselves and the interactive component We are the Gun.  Also:  «Punkt - the art of live remix» dir. Adrien le Gall - featuring ao Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno (in post production).  Previous films: MixedFeelings (by Guy Davidi - premiere March 2016 - co-production). A Dream at Sea directed by the Norwegian artists Pirolt/Perry (premiere Cph:Dox 2014).  Mosvold also co-produced Anders Østergaard´s film 1989 (opening film Cph:Dox 2014, with Magic Hour Films, Denmark) 

NUFF 2016 Nanna.jpg

Nanna Frank Møller
Director and editor, Denmark 

Nanna Frank Møller has edited over 40 films including creative documentaries, feature films and short fiction. She graduated as an editor from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999 and made her debut as a director in 2007 with ”Someone Like You” which won the Talent Dove at The International Leipzig Film Festival and the Grand Prix at Odense International Short and Documentary Film Festival same year. 
She directed four documentaries all of which were sold to international broadcasters and toured international festivals. As an editor she has a long term collaboration with danish director Max Kestner and worked with Anne Regitze Wivel, Kaspar Munk, Kathrine Ravn Kruse and Ulrik Wivel among others. In 2001 she co-founded the Society of Danish film Editors and was a member of the board from 2001-2005. 
She guest teaches at The National film School of Denmark and has mentored several workshops.

NUFF 2016 Mervete.jpg

Mervete Bobaj
Media teacher, Germany

born 1971 in Berlin, studied intercultural communication. Since 1999 she is a project developer and a project manager working for NGO´s in migration and refugee area. She leads cultural film projects with young refugees and founded a girl film workshop for young refugee girls working with well-known and professional woman filmmakers."

NUFF 2016 Juha.jpg

Juha Kiviharju
Filmmaker, Finland

I started my career by making home videos with friends when I was just a teenager. For over 20 years I've been working with different media-, film- and video-productions, including i.e. music videos, newsclips, documentaries and short fiction films. Last six years my main task has been working as media inspector in The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia. I´m very keen to work with one-shot technique. I´m using this method also in documentary film that was recently published.

NUFF 2016 Oleg.jpg

Oleg Kojevin
Musician, Arkhangelsk

Oleg was born in Naryan-Mar, in 1976. Oleg has graduated music school as a pianist, but instead of continuing his profession as a musician he decided to enter university. While being at school he played many ethnic Russian instruments and performed as a back-vocalist. Oleg was member of several bands: “Flight 519”, “Vetrolet”, etc. and was singing bard songs. 

NUFF 2016 Jardar.jpg

Jardar Westvik
Musician, Tromsø

Jardar is a guitarist from Tromsø with a background in jazz and improvised music. His creative practices ranging from various roles as guitarist and laptop musician for studio production and composing. Jardar has been composing for film and won the Waterloo Film Score Competition 2013 in London. he works also with installation based & expression based on SoundArt. Jardar is associated with the London-based composer collective BreadKnives Productions working on television and the film industry of Britain and is co-founder and co-owner of the Tromsø-based label Finito Bacalao Records, publishes eclectic music from pop to free jazz.

NUFF 2016 Patty.jpg

Patty Toledo
Game developer / workshop leader WEAVE

Patty Toledo has worked for over 23 years in Media and Music Business, with the privilege of working with artists like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Bon Jovi. As a researcher and master in Game / Media production, development and business, she focused her experience and contacts to improve the education in game business and media production.

As Project Manager and Lab Master of Oulu Game Lab and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu (OAMK), she is responsible for nurturing and building the base and core of future game developers and media producers.

With the unique and improved studio model created by Oulu Game Lab and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, she intends to not only the enrichment of the European game and media market, but also the export of knowledge, which already started in Japan and it is under negotiation for UK, Netherlands, China, and USA, just to name a few.

As CEO of FanART Games, her goal is to create new opportunities for game developers, as well as innovate in game production and marketing, basing campaigns and development in fandom and positive psychology concepts.

Patricia also continues her path in performance arts and events production, which she has started in 1997 and has never really seized. She is the main producer of OAMK's Game Spring Oulu as well as several other local events, as service provider for OAMK.





Debra Granik
Director and writer, USA

Debra Granik (b. 1963) grew up in Washington D.C. After graduating from Brandeis University, she started making educational films for trade unions. She later studied film at New York University. Her break-through film WINTER’S BONE earned her several awards at Sundance and was nominated in several catagories at the Academy of Awards. Her last film STRAY DOG has been screened at TIFF 2015.


Aka Hansen
Film-Producer, Denmark

Aka was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1987 and has a Greenlandic mother and a Danish father.
She studied drama and music in Roskilde in ’02-’03 and after finishing high school in ’06 she went to the European Film College in Ebeltoft.
In ’07 Aka moved back home to Greenland to work in the film and tv business. She gained recognition in Greenland with the youth programme ”Inuusuttut Silarsuaat” (”Youngsters Universe”) and in ´09 she started the film company Tumit Production.
Soon the comedy film ”Hinnarik Sinnattunilu” (’09) and thriller ”Qaqqat Alanngui” (’11) became great successes with the Greenlandic audiences.
In ’11 Aka’s pitch for a Christmas tv-show was selected for financing and was shown at KNR, Greenlandic National broadcasting tv-station, in December ’12.
In ’13 Aka started her own film production company Uilu with the goal to produce more indigenous stories about Greenland and its people.


TIMI – Aka Hansen (on going project)
Small Time Giants (working title) – Aka Hansen (on going project)
Gemmeleg - Aka Hansen (2013)
Parti Nordlys (12 episodes) – Aka Hansen (2013)
Nissit Angakkuaatillu (24 episodes) – Aka Hansen (2012)
Qaqqat Alanngui – Malik Kleist (2011)
Hinnarik Sinnatunilu – Angajo Lennert-Sandgreen (2009)
Marloqiusamik Sunniutilik – Aka Hansen (2009)
Arctic Spirits – Aka Hansen (2008)
Nunarsuup Tusaavaasi – Aka Hansen (2008)
Sisimiut – Aka Hansen (2007)
Haven – Thomas Toft (2007)
Nuna Qorsooqqittoq – Aka Hansen (2009)


Ayse Polat
Director, script-writer & producer

Ayse Polat is a German-Kurdish director, script-writer and producer. She was born in Malatya (Turkey), 1978 she immigrated with her family to Hamburg, Germany. 1990- 1995 she studied philosophy and German literature. After making numerous award-winning short films, she shot her first feature film in 1999 „Auslandstournee“ 2004 her second feature film „En Garde“ won several awards e.g. Silver Leopard for Best film and Best actress at the Int. Film Festival in Locarno, Switzerland . 2010 she shot the third movie „Luk's Luck“ and in 2013 „The Heiress“ which was premiered at the Rotterdam Filmfestival. She is preparing her next movie called „We“. She lives and works in Berlin.


Espen Nomedal
First Assistant Director and film-instructor, Norway

Espen (f.1988) is from Grimstad, Southern-Norway. He studied filmmaking at Nordland College of Art and Film in Lofoten, plus Drama at the University of Stavanger before freelancing on professional short-film productions in different roles for a string of years. He has worked as a producer, scriptwriter, set-runner, script supervisor and assistant editor on documentary films, but most frequently as a first assistant director.

His latest First A.D gigs are the feature film Stup (2015, dir.: Eilif Bremer Landsend) and Vi som ser i Mørket (2014, dir.: Aurora Gossé) for The Norwegian Film school (NFS). Today he lives in Tromsø, and works for Filmveksthuset Tvibit as a film-consultant; developing and instructing film-workshops/projects for schools.




NUFF 2014 Christine.jpg

Christine Cynn
Director & producer, Norway/USA

For the past 14 years, film director and producer Christine Cynn has been exploring new ways to catalyse and document the human imagination. She is the co-director and co-producer of the Oscar-nominated film The Act of Killing.

Her goal is to illuminate the hidden (and often surreal) conflicts of desire, fear, and hope that shape

our lives and our world. Christine’s experimental methodology symbiotically fuses observational documentary with memory, fantasy and nightmare to produce visually and viscerally moving new cinematic experiences.


Sahim Omar Kalifa
Film director, Belgium

Sahim was born in 1980 in Kurdistan - Iraq. He came to Belgium in 2001, where he worked as an interpreter and whilst studying Audiovisual Arts at the University of Art and Design Sint-Lukas Brussels.

In 2008 he got Master degree as film director. With his successful graduation short film Nan he won a wildcard (60.000 euro - Best Student Film) from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and could make his first professional short film Land of the Heroes. With his last 2 short movies‘Land of the Heroes’ and ‘Baghdad Messi’ he got a huge success, till now received 54 international Awards and selected for more then 200 festivals. The most prestige Award was at 61st BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL as Jury Award - Best Short Film ‘Generation’.
It was the first time that a Kurdish short film got such Award at Berlin Film Festival. 

NUFF 2014 Rebecca.jpg

Rebecca Figenschau
Writer/director, Oslo

Rebecca studied directing at NISS (Nordic Institute for Scene and Studio). She has written and directed several short films that have been screened at national and international film festivals, and is currently in the production of a new short film. She is also developing the script for her first feature film, as well as working as a project developer for the film company Vinland.


Henner Winckler
Director, Germany (Berlin)

Henner Winckler was born in Hünfeld in 1969. He studied visual communication and film at the University of Art and Design Offenbach and the University of Fine Arts Hamburg and completed his studies in 1998. Since then he works as a writer and director in Berlin. From 2004 to 2010 he taught filmmaking at the Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg. His feature films: „Klassenfahrt“ (2001), and „Lucy“ (2006) were shown at numerous festivals (Berlinale, London Film Festival, Karlovy Vary...) and won international awards and critical acclaim.

NUFF 2014 Martin.jpg

Martin J. Edelsteen
Photographer, Norway (Tromsø/Oslo)

Martin is born and bred in Tromsø. He works as an cinematographer and a producer. Educated from The Norwegian Film School and The Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts.





NUFF 2013 Maria.jpg

Maria Bock
Film director & actor, Norway

"Maria graduated from the Norwegian State Theater School in 2004 and has since worked as a freelance actor in both theater and film. She is last seen in the German/Norwegian film Gnade (Mercy) directed by the German film director Matthias Glassner.  The film was screened at Tromsø International Film Festival 2013.

She has worked at Hålogaland theater in the period 2005-2007. Since 2007 she is also working as a screenwriter and director for stage, film and radio. She has directed three short films, Nina (2008), Fest (2010) and Skallamann (2011). At Fest and Skallamann she also wrote the screenplay and in Fest she played the lead role. The three films have been screened at TIFF and Skallamann has won fourteen international film awards with BAFTA as the finest. "

NUFF 2013 Per.jpg

Per Daumiller
Script-writer, Copenhagen, Denmark

I began writing scripts in the late eighties. Together with my good friend, director Niels Gråbøl, we wrote ”The Hideaway”. A movie about a young boy and a criminal, that’s on the run. Our inspiration was Italian neorealism. Specially Federico Fellini.
I’m educated at The Danish Film school in 1993. After the school I was writing with my friend again. We grown up in different collective in the seventies, and had al lot of stories from those wild years. It all came together in the movie: ”Det Store Flip”
I always thought that I would only write for movies. But in the late nineties TV-series began to fill a lot. Especially Twin Peaks convinced me, that it was the way I wanted to go. 
In the following years I have been developing and writing on the following TV-series: ”Hotellet”, ”Nikolaj og Julie”, ”The Killing”, ”Sommer”, ”Those Who Kill” and ”Arvingerne”, that will be broadcasted this fall. Right now I’m writing a movie about the rescue of the Danish Jews during the Second World War. I’m also involved in the developing of tree new TV-series. 
I have spent many years in a storyline room in front of a whiteboard. I love the process of making a small idea into at full story that can move people. Make them forget themselves and make them laugh and cry. How you get there, is most of the time a very complicated process. But it starts with a head character who have a strong will. 

NUFF 2013 Silvia.jpg

Silvia Ingermarsdotter
Film editor and professor, Sweden

Sylvia started early, at age 18 as assistant editor on Europe Film AB in Stockholm. After that, she was employed at the Swedish Radio & Television, as editor for five years. 1976, she was on leave and cut the film Man On The Roof, directed by Bo Widerberg. She resigned her position at the SR and worked until 2000 as a freelance film-editor with a number of different directors and movies. Above all, there was a close collaboration with Ingmar Bergman. She worked on films like Autumn Sonata 1977, Fanny and Alexander in 1982 and his last film, Saraband 2002. Now she works as an art professor for Picture Production at Dalarna University in Falun, Sweden.

NUFF 2013 Hisham.jpg

Hisham Zaman
Film director, Norway

Hisham is graduated from The Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer in 2004. His short film The Bridge (2003), made in collaboration with fellow students and financed privately, won The Norwegian Playwright's Association's Award for Best Screenplay at the Norwegian Short Film Festival 2003, and his diploma film The Roof (2004) was invited to, and screened at, several international film festivals.

Arguably his breakthrough film, Bawke (2005) became a hit on the international festival circuit, and has received more than 40 national and international awards. In 2007 he directed another noteworthy short film; the comedic drama Winterland (2007) opened the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2007. A warm and humorous diaspora-story about a Kurdish refugee settled in godforsaken spot in Northern Norway, and his new wife recently arrived from their home country.

In 2013 Hisham Zaman released his debut feature film "Before Snowfall" also at TIFF and won the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film at Sweden's Göteborg International Film Festival and received award for best cinematography at Tribeca filmfestival - A road movie that becomes an odyssey from East to West for young Siyar, a village-boy from Iraqi-Kurdistan.

NUFF 2013 Stein.jpg

Stein Bjørn
Actor, director and film teacher, Norway

After being starred in his first film at the age of sixteen, he has participated as an actor in 11 feature and short films. For seventeen years he was a part of the acknowledged theatre group Totalteatret in Tromsø.

In 2012 Stein Bjørn's documentary "Biekka Fábmu – Wind Power" premiered at the Riddu Riddu Festival, an indigenous culture festival that also is the subject of the film. It has since been screened at film festivals in Norway and Russia.

Stein Bjørn has taught film in Sweden and Norway. Often in cooperation with schools, he has guided aspiring filmmakers to make their first film.

NUFF 2013 Gabe.jpg

Gabrial McNair
Musician, Tromsø/Los Angeles

As in previous years, there will be a separate Sound design workshop at this year's NUFF.

This year's workshop leader is Gabrial McNair, and he will lead local, aspiring film composers through the fun and creative process of scoring this year's NUFF movies. Mc Nair is a graduate of the prestigious California Institute of the Arts, in jazz and music composition.

He has been a regular member of No Doubt, and has collaborated with, among others, Gwen Stefani and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. He has also composed music for several films, documentaries, commercials and TV shows.





NUFF 2012 Maria.jpg

Maria Ekerhovd
Film producer, Tromsø/Bergen, Norway

Norwegian producer Maria Ekerhovd, who scooped Norway’s so far only Golden Palm for Bobbie Peers’ short Sniffer (2006), has recently opened her own production outfit, Mer Film, with offices in regional Bergen and Tromsø.

Maria has a media production major from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Ekerhovd’s feature credits include Pål Jackmann’s The Storm in My Heart (2009) and Gunnar Vikenes’ Vegas (2010).

NUFF 2012 Emma.jpg

Emmanuelle Baude
Film-editor, Paris, France

I was born in 1965 and have Franco-American nationality. I studied Art history at the Sorbonne in Paris while taking acting classes in different workshops, in Paris and in NYC at the NYU university. With a super 8 camera I began making shorts films with my friends from the theater schools where I was training.
I quickly became aware that the film editing part was fundamental in filmmaking and I started working as an apprentice on feature films. After a couple years, in 1995, I started editing feature and documentary films.
I don’t believe these two ways of filmmaking are any different. What matters is the filmmaker’s point of view and the style in which he or she choses to express it.
Since 2000, I have also been teaching editing at the Ateliers Varan, a documentary film school, based on Jean Rouch’s conception, the "cinéma direct".
With this background of experience, In 2004, in Vietnam when this country was slowly opening-up to the world, it lead me to set up an Atelier Varan workshop first in Hanoi then in Ho Chi minh City.

NUFF 2012 Prudence.jpg

Prudence F. Uriri
Filmmaker, Zimbabwe/Norway

Francisca Prudence Uriri is an award-winning Zimbabwean director and producer with numerous productions to her name, including Fatima, Soul In Torment, The Whisper, Recollecting the African Identity a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (co-produced with SPOR Media Denmark) and Madizela and Samora commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia. Before then, she worked for the Zimbabwe television as an editor and later joined Capricorn Video Unit an independent film/video company as a working board member.

In 2004 she established her own production company in Zimbabwe - Eye for Africa. Prudence now lives in Tromsø, Norway. She is a lecturer in the visual anthropology department at the University of Tromsø.

NUFF 2012 Gunnar.jpg

Gunnar Vikene
Director, Bergen, Norway

Director Gunnar Vikene, born in 1966, studied Communications ,Film and Video Production. Since 1994, he has been a director with Alligator Film. He has made documentaries and short films as well as more than 100 advertising films, for which he has received many awards. His documentary “Boomerang“, which he directed, scripted and co-produced, was nominated for the Norwegian SKUP Prize. He co-wrote the script to his feature film debut “Falling Sky“ (NFL 2003) with author and director Torun Lian. As director and writer he is known international with his films “Trigger“ (2006) and "Vegas" (2009).

NUFF 2012 Daniel.jpg

Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden/Italy

I am a film-maker, educator and cultural entrepreneur. I started, a platform to develop and support youth cinema projects.

I have been a part of the NUFF and NUFFGlobal family since I moved to Sweden from Los Angeles in 2004.

NUFF 2012 Bojan.jpg

Bojan Vuletic
Musician & producer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Trainer at Sound-Design film music workshop at NUFF 2012

Bojan Vuletic is a composer, musical director, producer, writer of lyrics and performing guitarist playing concerts in and/or collaborating with artists from Europe, Serbia, USA, South America, Korea, Egypt, Russia and Australia.

His interest in superseding frontiers may be recognized in his biography. After a short hitchhike through the galaxy (his diploma in astro-physics and a thesis dealing with galaxy evolution), he finished jazz-guitar at the conservatory in Arnhem and composition at the Messiaen-Akademie.
His compository works reach from chamber, orchestra and contemporary to world and pop music for a larger variety of groups and projects, theatre productions, contemporary dance, short movies, documentaries and commercials. 
As a guitarist he happily ignores the boundaries between different genres and free improvisation.




NUFF 2011 Valerie.jpg

Valerié Gaudissart
film director - France 

Valerie learned to make films by making them, documentary films, fiction films, and films which mix up the two genres. Nearly twenty years have raced by since she began and she has many projects in progress, projects which are cosmopolitan, where people of diverse backgrounds and origins meet up, where long roads are traveled down, the whims of women given free rein, love stories unfolded. She explores the intimate, inner worlds of her characters, their utopias, their humor as well as the gravity of their situations.

Making films does not change the world, she says. If it did, given the hundreds of beautiful films which have been made, wouldn't the world be a better place? But it can help us to stay watchful. "Ich bin eine Terroristin", ("I am terrorist") which is her first feature length film, tells the story of a young girl who leaves home to follow in the footsteps of an assassinated German revolutionary in an attempt to change the world. The film was presented at TIFF in Tromsø this year.

Before that, she made three fictional shorts: "Apesanteurs" ("Weightless"), 2000, 20', is the story of an imprisoned woman who gets permission to leave the prison for two days to take care of family issues. "Mes Insomnies" (Insomnia), 2002, 35' tells of a woman going on a reverse honeymoon because of a disappointment in love. "Celeste", 2005, 45' is about a woman who hides her pregnancy. These films have been shown in many festivals and have even helped her earn her living. She also does cinematic workshops in prisons, in high schools, and is presently conducting one in a residence for abused women.

Her next fiction film is taking form. "You hid Saint Petersburg in your bag" will tell of an eccentric family who goes off to Eastern Europe in search of traces of their ancestors. She lives in France in the countryside, with two children, three donkeys, one mare, five cats, two ducks, two rabbits, seven chickens and one husband pianist.


Peter Rommel
Film producer - Germany

Born 1956 in Stuttgart. After serving an apprenticeship as bookseller, he worked for six years at the Berlin based world sales company and distributor Ex Picturis.

Subsequent to his collaboration with Icelandic director Fridrik Thór Fridriksson regarding the distribution and world sales of Fridriksson’s Oscar-nominated feature „Children of Nature“ Peter Rommel changed sides and became a producer: in 1993 he founded Peter Rommel Productions (now Rommel Film) in Berlin, initially to co-produce international cinema features, like „Movie Days“, „Sweety Barrett“ and „Devil’s Island.

The feature „Nachtgestalten“ by director Andreas Dresen constituted the first fully self-developed production. The generated reference grants were used to produce „Halbe Treppe“ in 2002. Both collaborations with Andreas Dresen were awarded a Silver Bear at the International Berlin Film Festival as well as the Deutscher Filmpreis in Silber and several other international awards. Their third collaboration „Sommer vorm Balkon“ was a co-production with X-Filme in 2005 and was awarded the Prize of the Jury for ‚Best Screenplay’ at the San Sebastian Film Festival, won the Silver Hugo Award for ‚Best Leading Actresses’ at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2005 as well as the Bayrischer Filmpreis for ‚Best Director’ in 2006. In 2008 he produced Andreas Dresen’s „Wolke 9“ which won the „Prize Un Certain Regard / Coup de Coeur“ at the Festival de Cannes and was awarded for ‚Best Director’ at the Palic European Filmfestival, for ‚Best Female Performance’ at the Cinéma Tous Écrans Festival 2008 and won the Bayerischer Filmpreis 2009 for ‚Best Actress’ and ‚Best Director of Photography’. The film also was awarded the German Filmprize for Best Actress, Best Director and German Filmprize in bronze for Best Film.

In 1996 Peter Rommel founded the Stuttgart based film production company Home Run Pictures, realizing coproductions like „3 Herren“ (director: Nikolaus Leytner), „Henker („The Headsman“, director: Simon Aeby) and as executive producer „Lost Killers“ (director: DitoTsintsadze), as well as director Stefan Krohmers debut „Sie haben Knut“ („They’ve got Knut“) and „Sehnsucht“ („Longing“, director: Valeska Grisebach) which was in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2006.

In 2004 he founded along with international partners Shotgun Pictures, a company specialized on financing and coproducing international low-budget features like „Open Water 2“ (director: Hans Horn), „Princess“ (director: Anders Morgenthaler, opening film Director’s Fortnight, Cannes 2006, Silver Méliès best european Film, Sitges IFF 2006, Mine Xplore Award, Flanders FF 2006), and „Suely in the Sky“ (director: Karim Ainouz) which premiered at Venice 2007 and was awarded for ‚Best Film’, ‚Best Director’, and ‚Best Actress’ at Rio de Janeiro IFF 2006.
Furthermore, Peter Rommel was EAVE-graduate in 1994, by now working as Group Leader. He was „Producer on the Move“ at the Cannes Festival in 2002. Also in 2002 he was honoured with the Producer’s Award „Heimat in Europa“, Rheinland Pfalz for „Halbe Treppe“. 
Peter Rommel is a regular jury member at international film festivals (e.g. Max-Ophüls-Preis, Saarbrücken 1998; Berlin International Film Festival 2004, Locarno 2006).
He is a visiting lecturer at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, and the German-French Masterclass and member of the European Film Academy (EFA).


Pål Jackman
Film director, Norway

Pål debuted in 2000 with the feature film DETECTOR. In addition to the writer Erlend Loe, director Pål Jackman and producer Edward Dreyer, film debuted nearly 15 people in various professional functions and roles in this production. DETEKTOR in 2001 represented something entirely new in the Norwegian film and was a hit both with audiences and critics. Pål Jackman has also enjoyed success with his music through bands Jackman and Wunderkammer.

2009 opened his latest film IRON ANGER (Jernanger) starring Bjorn Sundquist Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF).

Paul has been a workshop leader at NUFF@TIFF workshop in January 2011.


Vera Schöpfer
Film director and editor, Germany

Vera is born 1979 in Cologne, Germany. She studied Film at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Diploma in 2006 with the shortfilm BLACK MARIA. Since then Vera Schöpfer is working as a director and editor.

Besides her own projects she started the creative network and runs various film workshops – mostly documentary projects – with students at the age of 13 to 20 years. Several of these films won important prizes for young filmmakers or have been shown on international film festivals.
Vera Schöpfer lives with her husband, daughter and son in Cologne.


Camilla Strøm Henriksen
Film director, Norway

Camilla is born and raised in Oslo. She was only 20 years old when she made her debut on the big screen, in the Norwegian feature “A Handful of Time” (1989), for which she was awarded the Amanda (Norwegian Oscar) for best female actor in a leading role. She has studied dramatics at the University of Oslo and directing at London Film School.

Since then she has worked in film, TV, theatre and radio, mainly directing. She has made a short film “Lace” (2004), directed several TV productions, and worked as script consultant. She is currently developing a feature film project.


NUFF workshop in Gaza

Mustafa Bakeer
Cameraman, director and film producer, Gaza

Mustafa was born and raised in Rafah, one of the Gaza Strip cities. There he lived a life of adventure and danger. 2010 he graduated from the college of information technology, but he used to work as a cameraman since 2007.

During his work he was injured seriously in his arm and shoulder, but that didn’t stop him from continue working in filmmaking, he started to join course about filming and script writing to develop his skills.

2011 his third visual work gained the second level at a film competition in Gaza. His short film MY DREAMS is nominated to international film competition at NUFF 2011.





Ole Giæver
Director & screenwriter, Tromsø, Norway

Ole is educated at Nordland Kunst- og Filmskole, Kabelvåg, Norway and Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. He made a long row of short films which were screened on national and international film festivals. At the national short film festival in Grimstad he participated with his films The Pledge (2003), Blokk B (2006) and for his short film Tommy (2007) he was awarded with the Talent Prize and Prix UIP Grimstad, an award which gave him the nomination for the European Film Awards. Tommy was also awarded the Tromsøpalme at Tromsø International Film Festival in 2007.

Ole Giævers last film Sommerhuset had cinema premier February 22nd 2008. Currently he is working on the script for his first long fiction film.

NUFF 2010 PerIvar.jpg

Per-Ivar Jensen
Filmmaker & musician, Norway

Per-Ivar Jensen, born in Nordreisa in Troms in 1968, is a musician, an actor and a short film director. He is the former leader of legendary rock band “Per Ivars Orkester”. As a short film director he was the first ever recipient of the Tromsø Palm Award with his film SKÅRUNGEN back in 2002, and he has presented all his later films in the FFN program. For this year we present a retrospective of his short films.

NUFF 2010 Marianne.jpg

Marianne O Ulrichsen
Actor and director, Oslo, Norway

Born in Lofoten and educated at Nordland Videoverksted and The National Film And Television School in England. She has been actress in films like INSOMNIA (by Erik Skjoldbjærg) and FOLK FLEST BOR I KINA (by Thomas Robsam). Marianne directed a series of short and middle-length films, among those the award winning KOM and SOM MIN SØSTER. Currently she is developing her first feature film.


Magne Pettersen
Director & screenwriter, Sandnessjøen, Norway

Magne is a director who often explores the comical elements of deep tragedy and the sad and melancholic sides of comedy. He has directed ten short films, some of which have been selected for numerous film festivals across the globe and screened at national and international TV channels. His short “Hopp” (2005) won a jury award at Regensburg 2005 and the CANAL+ International Award at Cinema Jove in Valencia 2006, and “Parat” won the award for Best Short Film at Stavanger 2009. This year “SØPLA” (“The Garbage”) will be screened at French CANAL+ as well as being represented at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2010 by international sales agent Premium Films, Paris.

In 2009, Magne joined Zentropa International Norway as feature film director. He is currently writing the script for his feature film debut, “I Could Have Walked Home Blindfolded”, based on the novel by Joachim Førsund, as well as developing other feature projects at Zentropa. Magne is also a commercial film director at Dallas Film in Oslo and runs independent film production company Retriever Film.

Magne graduated from the University of Trondheim NTNU in 2001 with a Cand.mag. (4-year degree) in Film & Media Production.

NUFF 2010 Tom.jpg

Tom Schreiber
Director and producer, Köln, Germany

Born in 1969 in Bavaria. He worked as a camera assistant in still photography and documentary film before studying Film at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne. After a year at the Escuela de Cine y Televisión in Cuba he finished his studies with the short film Vita Reducta.

He than worked as an assistant director for various feature films in Spain and Germany.

In 2001 he shot his first feature film Fools (Narren), which had its premiere at the Berlinale 2002. His award winning second feature “Dr Alemán” which was shot entirely in Coloumbia, was successfully screened on more than 30 festivals.

After Co-founding the Web TV “datenstrudel” he founded the production company “58FILME” in 2007 which since than has produced several feature and documentary films. Tom Schreiber lives and works in Cologne.


Workshop leader Gaza-workshop

NUFF 2010 Ezzaldeen.jpg

Ezzaldeen Shalah
Director, Gaza, Palestine

Palestinian director, criticizer and Academic teacher at Palestine University. He has a Master degree in (Treatment of Documentary and fiction films which focus on Al Aqsa Intefada). He is preparing now his Doctoral dissertation in the Palestinian Cinema.

He is working in Media since 15 years. During these years he wrote many scripts and directed film. He made TV reportages and participated in many festivals. He was a jury member in different Arabic Film festivals (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt).


Documentary workshop

NUFF 2010 Anniken.jpg

Anniken Hoel
Filmmaker, Tromsø/Berlin

Anniken Hoel is a Norwegian filmmaker living in Berlin. She has special interest in political filmmaking mixed with formalistic approaches that does not fit into a pre-formatted box.




NUFF 2009 Prudence.jpg

Prudence F. Uriri,
Filmmaker, Zimbabwe

Francisca Prudence Uriri is an award-winning Zimbabwean director and producer with numerous productions to her name, including Fatima, Soul In Torment, The Whisper, Recollecting the African Identity a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (co-produced with SPOR Media Denmark) and Madizela and Samora commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia. Before then, she worked for the Zimbabwe television as an editor and later joined Capricorn Video Unit an independent film/video company as a working board member.

In 2004 she established her own production company in Zimbabwe - Eye for Africa. Prudence now lives in Lillehammer, Norway. She is also a lecturer in the visual anthropology department at the University of Tromsø.

2005 Ida and Ike – fiction, Script writer / Executive Producer
2004: Written 3 x 30 minute fiction scripts, 14 x 3 to 6 minutes scripts
Director Steps for the Future language versioning of 4 Films, each into Nyanja, Chewa, Bemba
2003: Producer/Director “Madizela and Samora” Aids film Commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia
2002: Director “Life” AIDS film produced by Rooftop Promotions
2001: Day Zero- South Africa: Coordinator of a series on Aids “Steps For the Future” 
(36 programs produced in 7 countries)
1999: Co- Producer/Director "Recollecting the African Identity” a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (Co-Produced with SPOR Media Denmark)
1995: Producer/Director: "The Whisper”. A Gender and Development documentary.
1993: Co-Producer/Director /Editor "Fatima" a documentary on Gender and Development. 
1. 1991: Best Editor "Portrait Of A Soldier” Zimbabwe National Journalistic Awards 2. 1993: Best Documentary "Fatima" British Council Award, Gender Category. 

NUFF 2009 Paul.jpg

Paul Savage
Film director, South Africa

Paul completed an Arts Council of England directing bursary attached to the Midlands Arts Centre (mac) in Birmingham and the New Vic Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent in October 2000. The bursary was extended to include the production The Ramayana at Birmingham Rep and the National Theatre ending in April 2001. In 2003 he was one of two directors representing England at the European Cultural conference held in Russia. After 18 years in England he is now based in South Africa but is still invited back to England to direct. He is co-owner and director of the independent film company Jokes-On-Video.

NUFF 2009 PerIvar.jpg

Per-Ivar Jensen
Filmmaker & musician, Norway

Per-Ivar Jensen, born in Nordreisa in Troms in 1968, is a musician, an actor and a short film director. He is the former leader of legendary rock band “Per Ivars Orkester”. As a short film director he was the first ever recipient of the Tromsø Palm Award with his film SKÅRUNGEN back in 2002, and he has presented all his later films in the FFN program. For this year we present a retrospective of his short films.

NUFF 2009 Fanta.jpg

Fanta Régina Nacro
Film director, Burkina Faso

One of only a handful of female African filmmakers, Nacro studied at the INAFEC film school in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougo, and earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne in Paris. In a career spanning more than 20 years, she’s depicted Africa’s traditions and harsh realities, but she often turns her lens with comic joy on issues of sexuality, gender relations, and modernity. In 1993 she founded her own production company, Les Films du Défi, whose mission is to create, produce, and distribute films, support new filmmakers, and raise awareness of African films. She has won two dozen awards for her work in festivals around the world, from Cannes to San Francisco.


1991 Un Certain Matin (15 minutes)
1993 L'Ecole au coeur de la vie (13 minutes)
1995 Puk Nini (32 minutes)
1997 Femmes capables (23 minutes)
1997 La Tortue du Monde (23 minutes)
1998 Le Truc de Konaté (33 minutes)
1999 Florence Barrigha (26 minutes)
2000 Relou (5 minutes)
2000 Laafi Bala (26 minutes)
2001 La bague aux doigt (5 minutes)
2001 Une volonté de fer (5 minutes)
2001 La voix de la raison (5 minutes)
2001 Bintou (31 minutes)
2002 En parler ça aide (17 minutes)
2003 Vivre positivement (42 minutes)
2004 La Nuit de la Verité (Night of Truth, 100 minutes)

NUFF 2009 Teemour.jpg

Teemour D. Mambety
Filmmaker, Senegal

Primarily a musician, author of several album recordings and movie soundtracks since 1996, Teemour D. Mambety co-founded with Djibril D. Mambety a film production and distribution company named Maag Daan. Ever since, driven by a strong belief in the use of digital technology to reach professional autonomy, he has developed activities in all fields of film making, multimedia production and consulting.




NUFF 2008 Asif.jpg

Asif Kapadia
Writer / Director, London, UK

Writer / Director Asif Kapadia was born in Hackney, London. He originally studied graphic design before his interest in filmmaking led to him to filmschool. He has directed short films, commercials and television.
Kapadia’s graduate short film THE SHEEP THIEF made at the Royal College of Art won the 2nd Prize in the Cinefoundation Section at the Cannes Film Festival 1998 & the Grand Prix at the European Short Film Festival amongst many other awards.
Kapadia’s first feature THE WARRIOR was shot in Rajasthan, India and won the Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film & the Award for the Most Promising Newcomer at the 2002 BAFTAs. He also won the London Film Festival’s Sutherland Trophy for the Most Original & Imaginative First Feature, the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Newcomer & was Nominated for the European Discovery Fassbinder Award at the 2002 European Film Awards. 
His new film FAR NORTH premiered at the Venice Film Festival, stars Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and Michelle Krusiec and was shot on the archipelago of Svalbard and in the High Arctic in Norway.
Kapadia is presently writing and developing his fourth feature film, he lives in North London with his wife and son.


Angeliki Antoniou
Director, Athens/Berlin, Greece/Germany

Born in Athens. She studied Architecture, in which she holds a degree in Greece and film direction at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy in Berlin). She works as scriptwriter and director in Greece and in Germany. In 2006 she taught film direction at the Film School of University in Thessaloniki. She lives in Athens and in Berlin. She has directed feature films, short films and documentaries. Her films have been awarded in national and international festivals.
* 1987 PERSEPHONE, short, 20' - Award in Greek Short Film Festival in Drama, 1987
* 1990 DAS GLÜCK SEI UNBEWEGLICHKEIT, screenplay, feature film, 60', directed by Kirsten Johannsen
* 1992 DONUSA, feature film, 87' (Germany-Switzerland-Greece) - Festival Locarno 1992 (Official Competition): A' Prix de la Jeunesse - Thessaloniki International Film Festival 1992 (Official Competition): Best Supporting Actor
* 1996 TÄNZE DER NACHT (DANCES OF THE NIGHT), documentary, 60'
* 1997 VERSPIELTE NÄCHTE (NIGHTS GAMBLED AWAY), feature film, 87' (Germany-Greece) - Rated by the German Movie Association as "specially valuable" - Festival Hof 1997: Award for Best Set Design - 38th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 1997, 4 Awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Actress Award (for Jasmin Tabatabai)
* 2006 EDUART, feature film, 105' (Greece-Germany) - 47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2006, 9 State Awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Set Design, Best Music, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Costumes, Best Make-up - 47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2006: FIPRESCI Award for Best Greek Film and ETEKT Award (The Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians) - 29th Montpellier International Mediterranean Film Festival, 2007: Golden Antigone (Antigone d'or de la Ville et de l'Agglomération de Montpellier), Special mention by the Young People's Award (CMCAS)


Tanja Meding
Producer, New York, USA

In 1996, Tanja started working in the film industry in her native Germany with the Munich-Berlin based media company TiMe. From 1998 until 2003 she was the associate producer for a world-traveled short feature collection at Ziegler Film, Berlin, where she worked with well known filmmakers from around the world. Her move into the documentary world started when she worked as the production manager on a 2-part TV documentary about the German politician Willy Brandt, directed by Peter Merseburger and aired on ARTE and ARD in Germany. Since moving to New York in 2003, Tanja Meding has worked as a producer for Maysles Films as well as an independent producer and consultant.

Selected filmography
SALLY GROSS - THE PLEASURE OF STILLNESS (producer) © 2007, a film by Albert Maysles and Kristen Nutile, DV, color, 56 mins
ALBERT MAYSLES TALKS ABOUT MARLON BRANDO (producer) © 2007, a film by Kristen Nutile, DV, color and b&w, 15 mins
LL (associate producer) © 2007, a film by Amos Kollek, HD, color, 90 mins
THE GATES (associate prodcuer) © 2007, a film by Albert and David Maysles and Antonio
Ferrera, HD, color, 95 mins
SEEING SALLY - A PSYCHIC'S TALE (associate producer) © 2007, a film by Peter Goodman, DV, color, 86 mins
THE BEALES OF GREY GARDENS (producer) © 2006, a film by David and Albert Maysles, 16mm, color, 90 mins
MAYSLES FILMS CHRISTO AND JEANNE-CLAUDE (producer) © 2005, a film by Maysles Films, color, 30 mins
HAND-HELD AND FROM THE HEART (producer) © 2004, a film trailer by Albert Maysles and Nell Cox, DV, color, 10 mins
WILLY BRANDT - EINE JAHRUNDERTGESTALT (production manager) © 2003, a film by Peter Merseburger, DigiBeta, color, 90 mins
THE GALLERY (associate producer) © 2003, a film by Jos Stelling, 16mm, color, 30mins
AN EROTIC TALE (associate producer) © 2003, a film by Dito Tsintsadze, 16 mm, color, 30 mins
PORN.COM (associate producer) © 2002, a film by Bob Rafelson, DV, color, 30 mins
ANGELA (associate producer) © 2000, a film by Amos Kollek, 35mm, color, 30 mins
KIMONO (associate producer) © 2000, a film by Hal Hartley, 35mm, color, 30 mins
ON TOP DOWN UNDER (associate producer) © 2000, a film by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, 35mm, color, 30 mins
POWERS (associate producer) © 2000, a film by Petr Zelenka, 35mm, color, 30 mins
CAN I BE YOUR BRATWURST, PLEASE (associate producer) © 1999, a film by Rosa von
Praunheim, 35mm, color, 30 mins


Christer Engberg
Film & theatre director and musician, Luleå, Sweden

Born 1957, started as musican i early 70s to play in several rockbands, ended up in a music -colektive in 1973 ” Anton Swedbergs Swängjäng ”where he started to get interested in acting and directing. Worked from 1978 as a teatcher in music and drama. Started a project for young people who cold not cope with thier school situation and instead become a part of his theatre ensemble. ” Rosteriet” . Later on the diarys from that period become the film ”wild angel” He’s still active as a musican playing Irish folkmusic.

Wild angel 1996 Director, script, music
(Vildängel) featurefilm
Yearning for a life 1999 Director, script, music
(Lusten till ett liv) featurefilm
Poor Floyd 2000 Director, Producer
(Stackars Floyd) shortfilm
Round trip 2003 Director
(Tur och retur) shortfilm

Young people award for best film , Frankfurt 1997
Best Film, Nordische filmtage, Lübeck 1997
Best Film, Castello d’oro, Bellinzona, Switzerland 1998
Best directing Anapa filmfestival Russia 2002

Lusten till ett liv
Göteborgspostens Nordiska filmpris, Göteborgs Filmfestival 1999
Acting , Music-composing in films and tv
Knock out by Agneta Fagerström Olsson, Music
Möbelhandlarens dotter Tv-series by John O Olsson , Acting
Järnets Änglar by Agneta Fagerström Olsson , Acting and Music

Theatre plays
(small selection of the last teen years)
Silverfisken Norrbottensteatern 1995 - Director, lyrics and music
( played in England and Dramaten Stockholm)
Overhead Västerbottensteatern 1997 - Director
Nattropare Wasamuseet Stockholm 1998 - Director
Fyllhunden Norrbottensteatern 1999 - Director
Ondskan Norrbottensteatern 2000 - Director
Först föds man ju Västerbottensteatern 2001 - Director
Jizzlan Norrbottensmusiken 2002 - Director, script
Möss och människor Västerbottensteatern 2005 - Director
Sitta kvar Teater Västernorrland 2006 - Director
Maratondansen Teater Västernorrland 2006 - Director
Tokfursten Teater I Jönköping 2007 - Director
Djävla karl Västerbottensteatern 2008 - Director


Ole Giæver
Director & screenwriter, Tromsø, Norway

Ole is educated at Nordland Kunst- og Filmskole, Kabelvåg, Norway and Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. He made a long row of short films which were screened on national and international film festivals. At the national short film festival in Grimstad he participated with his films The Pledge (2003), Blokk B (2006) and for his short film Tommy (2007) he was awarded with the Talent Prize and Prix UIP Grimstad, an award which gave him the nomination for the European Film Awards. Tommy was also awarded the Tromsøpalme at Tromsø International Film Festival in 2007.

Ole Giævers last film Sommerhuset had cinema premier February 22nd 2008. Currently he is working on the script for his first long fiction film.


Alexander Sunyaev
Leader documentary workshop

Sanya (Alexander) Sunyaev. Born in Murmansk. Education – lawyer in criminal sphere. Credo - free-thinker. In February 2007 he joined Murmansk regional TV company “TV-21”. Two years in a row (2007 and 2008) he was a host for a beauty contest “Beauty of Polar North” – regional stage of a Russian contest «Miss Russia». Sanya is author of the TV-news series «Cities of Murmansk region». Constant TV host of everyday news about film, book and music releases.


Bojan Vuletic
Leader Sound-design film music workshop

Bojan Vuletic is not only a performing musician and composer but also a player in the music industry. His passion for music provides him with endless energy resources.

Inspired by a long hitch-hike through the galaxy (fueled by a diploma in astrophysics) the name of the company ignoring gravity music perfectly describes the essence of the music.

During his studies in Jazzguitar and Composition (in Arnhem, Netherlands) he met and played with a lot of musicians in several countries.

Continuous performance led to the idea of building up a platform for outstanding music, ignoring gravity music, connecting great artists with new music. It is the place where he wants musical dreams to come true.




NUFF 2007 Linda.jpg

Linda Hattendorff
Director/editor, New York, USA

Linda Hattendorf's documentary, "The Cats of Mirikitani" won the Audience Award at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, as well as the Norwegian Peace Film Award at Tromsø International Film Festival 2007 and many other prizes in festivals worldwide. Her editing work has aired on PBS, A&E, and The Sundance Channel as well as in theatrical venues and many festivals. She edited the award-winning documentary 7th Street, Christina Lundberg's On the Road Home: A Spiritual Journey Guided by Remarkable Women, Nancy Recant's Jin Shin Jyutu, and Danny Schechter’s In Debt We Trust. She was Associate Editor on Frontline's Emmy-winning season premiere The Choice '96 and Barbara Kopple's Bearing Witness, Contributing Editor on POV’s American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawaii, a cameraperson on William Greaves' Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take 2 1/2, and a researcher for the Ken Burns series The West. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and holds degrees in Literature, Art History, and Media Studies.

NUFF 2007 Paolo&Lisa.jpg

Paolo Davanzo & Lisa Marr
Filmmakers, Los Angeles, USA

Paolo Davanzo is an Associate Professor in the Film & Video Department of College of the Canyons with extensive experience in facilitating youth and community filmmaking programs, Paolo holds a BA Degree in Visual Arts & Political Science from UC San Diego and a Masters Degree in Film from Humboldt State University. He is the founder of the Human Rights Film Festival, the EPFC Youth Film Festival and the Polyester Prince Road Show. In June 2005, Paolo was Artist In Residence at the Triskell Art Center in Cork, Ireland, where he developed short film projects with local at-risk youth and adult African asylum-seekers.

Lisa is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and musician. In 2005, she developed and coordinated the City of Angels Youth Documentary Project and Look + Listen Youth Film Project for EPFC. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

NUFF 2007 Svein.jpg

Svein Andersen
Producer, Målselv, Norway

Svein Andersen is the director of FilmCamp and has over 30 years of experience in professional film production on regional, national, and international levels. Since 1975 he has developed himself as a filmmaker and has explored directing, producing, cinematography, and screenplay. His experience in working with approximately 100 film productions in numerous genres – including short film, documentary, commercial, experimental film, music video, TV drama, and feature film – gives him a comprehensive and well-rounded background.

Well-practiced in the field of film, Svein Andersen considers himself first and foremost a documentary film maker. He has both directed and done cinematography on a number of documentary films that have been shown at film festivals, in movie theaters, and on television – both at home and abroad. Among the themes of his documentaries are minorities and outsider-groups, democratic challenges, ethic dilemmas, and the relationship between people and nature. Svein has pedagogical experience in the field of film and has led many film courses and seminars. He has also been selected for various film panels, boards, committees, and juries. Additionally, Svein has been active for many years in film-politics on regional and national fronts. During his 30 years in the business he has fought for fair proportioning of the national film budget and has been very active in the struggle for support for North Norwegian short- and documentary films through the North Norwegian Film Forum and the North Norwegian Film Center. During the last few years he has spent much of his time establishing FilmCamp and in so doing has helped to secure a solid base for regional (and national) film production and TV drama production in North Norway. His goal is to create a sustainable, imaginative, vital, and dynamic film industry of international caliber in the Northern region.

NUFF 2007 Susanne.jpg

Susanne Stranddorf
Film producer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Susanne Stranddorf received her education in English and film and TV studies at Aarhus University in 2003. She has written and produced a number of short films in relation to her film education in Super8, and has been the administrator and production-leader on many theater productions.

Between 2004 and 2005 she was employed as the director of media and communication at an IT firm. After a short break from the film industry, Susanne returned to the world of cinema in 2005 and directed her first feature film. Since then, she has worked as production leader, production assistant, and statist-coordinator on different feature films in addition to being a producer at Station Next - a film school for young people - from 2005 to 2006. Susanne also completed her producer education from Filmproducer.DK in January, 2007.


Matthias Glasner
Film director, Berlin, Germany

Born in Hamburg, he worked at Hamburg Opera House and as a film projectionist. In 1993 Glasner, who was a musician in the band “homesweethome”, founded the Hamburg-based company Jack Film and Music Production. A year later, he made his feature film debut, “Die Mediocren”, which was shown in the Panorama section of the Berlinale in 1995. In 1996 he and Jørgen Vogel founded the production company Schwarzweiss Filmproduktion. Glasner lives in Berlin. In Norway he was currently in the cinemas his fiction film “Der freie Wille” (The Free Will).




NUFF 2006 Jan.jpg

Jan Cvitkovic
Director, Slovenia

Jan Cvitkovic , archaeologist, actor, writer and director -almost out of curiosity-, is one of the most promising filmmakers in Slovenia. His first feature film, Bread and Milk, presented at the Venice International Film Festival in 2001, received the Golden Lion of the Future. Now Cvitkovic is back with "Gravehopping" (o.t. Odgrobadogroba), a Slovenian-Croatian film. The film received the Altadis - New Directors Award in the 53rd San Sebastian International Film Festival.

NUFF 2006 Susanna.jpg

Susanna Helke
Documentary filmmaker, Finland

Born 1967 in Tampere
- Doctoral dissertation in the Film and TV Department of the University of Art and Design Helsinki will be published with the title “A Trace of Nanook: Cinematic Methods Intertwining Documentary and Fictional Styles” in March 2006
- San Francisco State University, Cinema Department, Fall Semester, 1999. 
- University of Art and Design Helsinki, Master of Arts in New Media 1997. 
- University of Art and Design Helsinki, Master of Arts in Photography 1996. 
- Tampere University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication 1992 - 1993. 
Working as filmmaker and film teacher in Helsinki

NUFF 2006 Daniel.jpg

Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden/USA/Italy

Daniel Alegi is a local-global filmmaker. He was raised in Italy, and recently moved to Sweden after 9 years in the USA. He is fluent in the language of cinema.
Daniel makes mostly short films, but has collaborated on a number of different types of larger scale projects, including features, documentaries, TV, theater, internet media. He has also written scripts and a film book on "ejecting from Hollywood".
In 2001 Daniel created CINEMAHEAD, to share his filmmaking know-how and to support the producing and completion of independent film work. To spread the knowhow Cinemahead began to offer intensive filmmaking workshops for young filmmakers, first in the USA, then in Scandinavia and Europe.

NUFF 2006 Aslaug.jpg

Aslaug Holm
Director and photographer, Oslo, Norway

Aslaug Holm is one of Norway's most frequented camera women and directors for documentaries. She directed more then 10 films and worked at the camera in about 40 productions since 1990, many of them were rewarded.
She worked as director of photography and editor at Norway's biggest documentary success of all time, "Cool & Crazy" (2001) and got the award of the Norwegian Film Association for this work.
Her newest work as a director is the film "The Rich Country" which is currently at the Norwegian cinemas. This film got the FIPRESCI-prize at the Tromsø International Film Festival 2006.
Aslaug is a popular lecturer on documentary filming.
Since 1992 she is a partner the production company Fenris Film.

NUFF 2006 Nisse.jpg

Nisse Koltze
Film producer, Denmark

Born 1970. Living in Copenhagen. MA in film from University of Copenhagen. Producer and coproducer of several Danish and international documentary film, among others the critic praised “Doctor Dance” and prizewinning “Hårde Drenge Danser Ikke”.
For many years a teacher of the craftsmanship of filmmaking on different levels, locations and occasions; University of Copenhagen – technical supervisor; Danmarks Radio – instructor of the teaching programme “Den billedskabte virkelighed”; Borups Højskole – teacher of journalism, film production and film analysis, theory and history.
Currently producer at Station Next, a unique film school for young people located in the middle of Filmbyen in Copenhagen. I am focusing on structure and story in my work and in my teaching.





Jörg Buttgereit
Filmmaker, Berlin, Germany 

Jørg Buttgereit was born in 1963 in Berlin. He works as a radio play director for WDR and DEUTSCHLANDRADIO ("Sexy Sushi", "Ed Gein Superstar", "Frankenstein in Hiroshima"). His independent produced Arthouse Horror Films ("Nekromantik", "Nekromantik 2", "Schramm", "Der Todesking") became cult films in America and Japan. His awarded Godzilla-documentary "Die Monsterinsel" was shown 2002 on TV. In addition Buttgereit made Music-videos for different bands. He writes film critics on regular basis for TIP-Magazin, epd-FILM, Splatting Image, and others. Once a month he DJs Retro-Elektro-Disco at Berlins club scène. As a guest lecturer he makes recitals at Art and Film schools.


Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden

Daniel Alegi is a local-global filmmaker. He was raised in Italy, and recently moved to Sweden after 9 years in the USA. He is fluent in the language of cinema. 
Daniel makes mostly short films, but has collaborated on a number of different types of larger scale projects, including features, documentaries, TV, theater, internet media. He has also written scripts and a film book on "ejecting from Hollywood". 
In 2001 Daniel created CINEMAHEAD, to share his filmmaking know-how and to support the producing and completion of independent film work. To spread the knowhow Cinemahead began to offer intensive filmmaking workshops for young filmmakers, first in the USA, then in Scandinavia and Europe. 
Who is the prototypical Cinemahead-NUFF workhsop participant? Someone who is passionate about images, or storytelling, or both. A filmmaker, imagemaker or writer who is facing the BIG dilemma: should I stop and get a day job like mommy says? Or should I go on, and pursue a vision yet unclear, but forceful within me? 
Yes, images and opportunities appear to be everywhere, and the choice is not easy. What is good, what is worth learning from, or even imitating? Is it what sells? Is that what is good? How can I find out what I am worth, as a growing digital artist? 
It is possible to engage in issues of identity, self-confidence, security, even politics, in one-week of intensive, individual and collective filmmaking? YES. 
Cinemahead workshops empower young voices to find their way, their voice, their vision. To make a workshop film is to learn to speak a new language: your own unique, unlimited powerful, revolutionary voice. And to link to others in that way. To find your way. Daniel’s full list of awards, accomplishments, bio-info etc can be found both in the bio below and on the website. 


Sara Broos
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden

She studied Literature, Film theory, Journalism and Script writing. 
She writes and works with short-film and video-art. Two years ago she moved to an old white house in Värmland, the Swedish countryside. 
She is teaching full-time at a script writing course and also works in her own studio on projects with film, sound, text and photography. 
Her small production company Alma Film produce short-film, experimental film, music videos, documentaries and sound art. She is working together with other artists and friends from all around the world. 
She regularly organizes workshops, culture festivals and exhibitions at Alma Löv Museum. The last 6 years she ´s been working at international art workshops for young people organised by Council of Europe and also filmworkshops in the Nordic countries. 
What is most important in a workshop like this ? To follow your intuition and forget about the rules, to trust yourself and dive into the unknown. To dare, to not be afraid to fail. To work intense in a creative process . To share a little piece of your soul with others and in your work. To create something personal that matters to you. To laugh and cry. To find your way, to get lost. To feel. To try to recognize even what you haven´t seen before. To look outside. To look inside. Trying to see. 
School where she works -
Museum where she works 
"Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspecive, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure od perception. How many colours are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of "Green"? How many rainbows can light create for the untutored eye? How aware of heat waves can that eye be? Imagine a world alive with incomprehensible objects and shimmering with an endless variety of movement and innumarable graduations of color. Imagine a world before the beginning was the word. " ( ur "Metaphors on Vision" av Stan Brakhage)


Ivar Køhn

Ivar Køhn (b.1965) has extensive experience in film and television production. He graduated in production at the Drama Institute in Stockholm and has worked in both Norway and Sweden. He has been production manager for several television shows, been project consultant in the Nordic Film & TV Fund, has been scripted boss in Drama Department at Sveriges Television, and was a partner and development producer for the film company Maipo Film and television production (Elling, Jonny Vang, Just Bea with more). He has been a screenwriter producer and Kreator for NRK series "Brigade" and screenwriter for the TV series "Robbery" in TV2 (this year's winner of Gullruten for best TV drama). Now he is a freelancer, and is currently working on a new television series for NRK and academic consultant at the Norwegian Film Development.


Lise Birk Pedersen
Documentary film director

Lise Birk Pedersen, born in 1974 in Copenhagen. Lise is trained as a documentary film director at the Danish Film School in 2003 and has worked in film and television since 1996. Lise makes mainly documentary films and TV productions in the genre of "human interest". Most recently completed the first season of a TV series about a typical Danish family "Jensen family" to TV2 Denmark. The series will follow the Jensen family the next 10 years. At the moment, Lise Birk Pedersen as a director on the film "Dear God" is produced by Nordisk Film Production A / S. "Dear God" is a documentary that takes place in Israel and about people who write letters to God. Lise Birk Pedersen works both as director and cinematographer on most of its productions.




NUFF 2004 Bitar.JPG

Jean Bitar
Filmmaker and produser, Helsinki, Finland

He is a naturalized Finn. He grew up and had his primary and secondary education in Lebanon.. He left Lebanon in 1970 in order to study Cinema in Moscow. In 1977 was graduate with Master of Arts degree from the All Union State Institute Of Cinematography in Moscow specializing in Feature and TV direction. In 1978 emigrated to Finland Where he established his base of operation. He has written and directed TV plays, documentaries, for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

NUFF 2004 Torleif.jpg

Torleif Hoppe
Script writer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thorleif is a graduated scriptwriter from The Danish Film School, and has co-written and instructed famous series like "The Hotel" and "Nikolaj and Julie". (Earlier he has also promoted and toured with the Danish band D-A-D). At the moment Hoppe is working on a feature film script for Nordic Film.

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Ingebjørg Torgersen
Filmmaker and artist, Oslo, Norway

Torgersen has worked with film and television since 1985 and graduated from The Danish Film School in 1991. Since then she has made several short films and radio plays for children. For three years she was short film advisor at the Norwegian Film Institute and she has later worked as artistic advisor for the national TV channel NRK in Norway.

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Gorki Glaser-Müller
Filmmaker, Göteborg, Sweden

Glaser-Müller lives in Göteborg and is originally from Chile. He is an actor and has studied film directing at the Göteborg University School of Photography and Film since 2001. As actor he has participated in a large number of films and theatre plays. His short film "The Egg" from 2003 won several awards at the student filmfest in Santiago, Chile.

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Börkur Gunnarsson
Filmmaker, Iceland

Gunnarsson comes from Iceland and has written theatre plays, poetry- and short story collections. He has studied philosophy in Iceland and Berlin. In 2002 he finished his education as film director at FAMU in Praha, where he also lives today. His last film "Bitter Coffee" got much attention at the cinemas in several European countries.





Jim Stark
Filmproducer, New York, USA 

Jim Stark - film producer and script writer is living in USA and Iceland. His known by his work with the early Jim Jarmush films and with Fredrik Thor Fredriksen i "Cold Fever". Accually he is promoting his new film "Faktotum" directed by Bent Hammer. Jim is still working with Film House Tvibit as a poduction consult at the project "Filmfangst".


Arto Koskinen
Filmmaker, Helsinki, Finland

Directed his først feature film in 1992. He made many short films. Since then he has made numerous short films focusing on social issues; he has also made one film for children, "AVARUU - DEN MUSTA KIVI", about a mysterious black stone from outer space.


Linda Sternö 
Filmmaker, Göteborg, Sweden

"In my films I want stories and actors that allow the characters to be humans, with as many sides and complexities that most of us have. People on film should be allowed to live, surprise their surroundings and have as much of an intellectual and emotional width as people in real life."


Benedicte Maria Orvung
Filmmaker, Oslo, Norway

She works mainly with documentaries. Benedicte has a strong presence in all her films and captures important expressions and details. She has made 8 films. Her most famous is her latest two ”Store Lille Trude Mette” and ”Disa flytter til Japan” which is now showing at cinemas across Norway. Her films have been awarded both in Norway and abroad.

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Mikkel Serup
Filmmaker, Copenhagen, Denmark

Graduated from the European Film College in Ebeltoft in 1994 and has since then made a handful no-budget short films in Århus. Hollywood productions in Danish and without the money, with titles like ”Terror at the Kung-Fu Disco” and ”Lord Evil vs. The Universe”. He has also made a portrait of the 85 year old danish director Ib Melchoir. Throughout his career he has worked as a multimedia designer, graphic artist and a rap artist and released the cd ”Testosteron” in 2000, under the name Kid Rodriguez on Sony Music Denmark. He entered the Danish Filmschools in 1999 focusing on directing. Mikkel has just finished a commercial and infofilm about Copenhagen International Film Festival.