SEEK Workshop


Wars Don´t End/ De Uønskede (Documentary)  + My Child Lebensborn (Game) – Film screening and seminar with co-producer Elin Festøy (Teknopilot)

Wars Don´t End,  and its associated game, My Child Lebensborn is a culturally impactful retelling of the hidden history of the Lebensborn – children fathered by Nazi soldiers when Norway was under occupation in World War 2. The project has received both critical praise and generated social awareness, successfully bringing to light difficult and complex themes in the often overlooked aftermath of war or conflict.

Elin Festøy, co-producer of this transmedia project will take students on a journey through the development of the project. This includes a walkthrough of the mobile game My Child Lebensborn – developed by Sarepta Studio in Norway, which has since received critical praise from international sources such as The Guardian and Polygon.

All participants will be able to redeem the code to the game on their smartphone devices and then familiarise themselves through the challenges that their "child” faces in the first chapter of the game. After which they will then witness the real-life accounts of the Lebensborn survivors in the 64-minute documentary – experiencing the transmedia aspect of the project in its most impactful form.

This special workshop is part of SEEk@TIFF 2019 programme focusing on new media developments in AR/VR and interactivity, jointly produced by the department of Creative Technology at Tvibit, Nordic Youth Film Festival and the North Norwegian Film Center.

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