Norway 2019 Drama 07:15
Prod: Margareta F A Orkan, Rasmus Eilertsen Bergli
Dir: Margareta F A Orkan (26)
DoP: Eirik Nikolai Heim
Script: Margareta F A Orkan
Music: Andreas Wangsbro
Cast: Thomas Stene-Johansen, Ida Løken Valkeapää og Mathilde Sofie Henriksen
Contact: margaretaorkan@outlook.com

In a pool after closing hours a life guard meets a customer who refuses to leave. After some persuasion the life guard agrees to give her a few minutes, but to swim isn't the only intention...


"G" - Short Sci-fi, 2014
"The Factory" - Short Sci-fi, 2017
"Tide" - Short, 2018
"Poolboy" - Short, 2019


Margareta is a Swedish-Danish-Norwegian primarily from Tromsø who specializes in science-fiction directing. After spending a year getting a film education she concluding that film school wasn't for her and moved back to Tromsø to utilize the film community there. Since then she made all her films in the North of Norway. She intends to continue creating films in her region and collaborate with other nations with her hometown as her base.