SEEK@NUFF 2019 is a special workshop group during NUFF that presents young filmmakers with the challenge of innovating media formats – from elaborate 360 short film productions to multi-tiered interactive films. This year, the recent mainstream success of the interactive film format in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix, is the focal point for SEEK. The workshop will thus be focusing on delivering – from idea to a finished result – an interactive film production in 6 days that experiments with multiple narrative pathways. As such, we´re looking for all sorts of creative types, from filmmakers, to graphic designers, to programmers who can take on the challenge of developing a compelling film experience unlike no other!

The group will be mentored by Marta Ordeig from Garage Stories and will develop and publish their work on the Eko Studio platform - which can be then distributed online.  A total of 6 spaces is available for the SEEK@NUFF. Participants must be between the ages of 16 – 26, and reside in Northern Norway to qualify.

About SEEK

SEEK is a project developed by Tvibit and the North Norwegian Film Center that focuses primarily on new media development (VR/AR) and other forms of interactive entertainment. SEEK is a vital side program that has taken place during TIFF (Tromsø International Film Festival) and NUFF, bringing well-established cultural actors, filmmakers and developers alike to the region and creating an arena for festival audiences to acquaint themselves with compelling new media experiences.  

About Marta Ordeig

Filmmaker and entrepreneur residing between Silicon Valley and Barcelona. Graduated in Business from the University of Barcelona she worked in Berlin and LA as a producer and Creative Director of film and TV before setting up her first film festival (Landscape Film Festival).

In 2016,  she moved to Silicon Valley, where combining her passion for film and innovation she founded a content lab for new mediums, Garage Stories, which has already taken place in cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco and Mexico; and has given workshops in institutions such as the MIT Media Lab in Boston, the Sonar + D and the USC University in Los Angeles. Some of the resulting projects have been presented at TEDx.