The following criteria apply to all submissions to the festival:

There will be a 2 stage submission process for 360 VR content. The first stage will be for movie reference and information about the piece. If selected for screening you will need to provide full resolution media on a hard drive or the executable file and assets if a real-time piece. We'll present/screen the films during the festival on Samsung Gear VR headset with a Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone.

This will be a curated event and acceptance of your submission does not guarantee that your work will be shown at the festival.

The following criteria apply to all submissions to the festival:

1. All entries must have been completed or released after 1st June 2015.

2. You must own the rights for the distribution and use of the work (visuals and audio) and ensure that no copyrights or third-party rights are infringed. If you are not the copyright holder, you must be authorised to approve exhibition of the work on behalf of the copyright owner.

3. You hereby give NUFF non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to screen your work at the festival and to advertise that fact on our website and in publicity materials. Each content provider will remain the copyright holder of the provided media. Each production will be properly credited during screening at NUFF.

4. You are welcome to submit more than one entry for consideration. You may also submit both a long-form and short version of the same film, if you would like it to be entered into the Short Film competition. Please complete a separate Entry Form for each work submitted.

5. If your film is shortlisted for the NUFF 2017 screening reel, we would also request permission to show your film at further NUFF screening nights planned to take place at a later date. We will never pass on your work to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of these NUFF events.

6. NUFF request permission to keep an archive copy of your your work. As per clause 5 above, we will never pass on your work on to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of NUFF events.

7. NUFF is not responsible for any late or missing materials pertaining to the festival.

8. The submitted works must meet the minimum technical specifications for data formats outlined below

9. By submitting work(s) to NUFF 2017 and signing the Entry Form, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

10. The submission deadline for all final works is 1st March 2017.

Preliminary Submission Spec for Curation

For 360 film material, you can submit a preliminary submission via a YouTube or similar link. This can be unlisted or password protected as necessary.

Prefered download format is a 1024 x 1024 resolution MP4 using the h264 codec with a bitrate of 10mbs. Audio should be included in the file.

Other digital media files will be accepted such as MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV. Please avoid codecs that are non-standard. File size should ideally be no larger than 1GB.

Please use our dropbox upload links:

Or use any online file transfer service but please ensure the links is persistent and will not expire until after the submission deadline.

If your piece is real-time then please supply a video of the experience in the first instance for curation if available or a download link for an executable version of the piece. Films will be accepted in all genres and must not be longer than 10 minutes but produced in the last two years.
If your film is selected for the Official Competition, you will be notified in writing.