VR/360 Film Workshop

VR/360 is a workshop taking place in Tromsø, Norway during Nordic Youth Film Festival 2017 (June 16th – 25th).

The workshop will educate young filmmakers on the seminal foundation of VR film conventions, develop story ideas that fit with the medium and introduce them to special camera rigs or editing tools through a series of masterclasses.

The participants will be guided under the mentorship of the experienced VR filmmaker Christian Dominguez, working together over the course of 6 days in production. In the process, the workshop aims to have a completed VR project in the form of a 360 film - to be proudly featured as a pioneering project under NUFF 2017.

By the end of the week, the result will be presented, screened and published on the internet as part of NUFF 2017 with the goal of presenting a fresh and youthful Nordic perspective in new media entertainment.

The participants have to pay a workshop fee of 1000,- NOK and their travel expenses. The festival covers the accommodation, food and everything else. We can take max 8 participants in the age from 15 - 26.

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