Girl: Andrea Conradsen Produced & directed by: Marte B. Aasen & Mireille Jacques Music: MØRK Photo: Tor Edvin Eliassen Special Effects: Babang Deshommes Design: Siri Maria Marki Sound: Håkon Toft Sound Mix: Jonas Sivertsen
NUFF 2012 workshop film of group 1 Workshop leader: Maria Eckerhovd (Norway) Bianca Emilia Akioya Fjellstad (Norway), William Kristensen Smed (Denmark), Falex Auguste (Haiti), Alexander Perkov (Russia), Zoe Schwarz (Germany), Andreas Nordli (Norway), Joel Matias Mikael Karppanen (Finland)
NUFF 2012 workshop film group 2
NUFF 2012 workshop film of group 3
NUFF 2012 workshop film of group 4
NUFF 2012 workshop film of group 5
The theory of this documentary is simple: "If you have a heart that beats, and a body that moves, then you can dance." I made this from start to finish in Tromso, Norway. It is part of a two part documentary, the 2nd part will be shot in South Africa. It was screened at the awards ceremony at the Nordic Youth Film Festival.