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Jean Bitar
Filmmaker and produser, Helsinki, Finland

He is a naturalized Finn. He grew up and had his primary and secondary education in Lebanon.. He left Lebanon in 1970 in order to study Cinema in Moscow. In 1977 was graduate with Master of Arts degree from the All Union State Institute Of Cinematography in Moscow specializing in Feature and TV direction. In 1978 emigrated to Finland Where he established his base of operation. He has written and directed TV plays, documentaries, for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

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Torleif Hoppe
Script writer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thorleif is a graduated scriptwriter from The Danish Film School, and has co-written and instructed famous series like "The Hotel" and "Nikolaj and Julie". (Earlier he has also promoted and toured with the Danish band D-A-D). At the moment Hoppe is working on a feature film script for Nordic Film.

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Ingebjørg Torgersen
Filmmaker and artist, Oslo, Norway

Torgersen has worked with film and television since 1985 and graduated from The Danish Film School in 1991. Since then she has made several short films and radio plays for children. For three years she was short film advisor at the Norwegian Film Institute and she has later worked as artistic advisor for the national TV channel NRK in Norway.

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Gorki Glaser-Müller
Filmmaker, Göteborg, Sweden

Glaser-Müller lives in Göteborg and is originally from Chile. He is an actor and has studied film directing at the Göteborg University School of Photography and Film since 2001. As actor he has participated in a large number of films and theatre plays. His short film "The Egg" from 2003 won several awards at the student filmfest in Santiago, Chile.

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Börkur Gunnarsson
Filmmaker, Iceland

Gunnarsson comes from Iceland and has written theatre plays, poetry- and short story collections. He has studied philosophy in Iceland and Berlin. In 2002 he finished his education as film director at FAMU in Praha, where he also lives today. His last film "Bitter Coffee" got much attention at the cinemas in several European countries.