Jim Stark
Filmproducer, New York, USA 

Jim Stark - film producer and script writer is living in USA and Iceland. His known by his work with the early Jim Jarmush films and with Fredrik Thor Fredriksen i "Cold Fever". Accually he is promoting his new film "Faktotum" directed by Bent Hammer. Jim is still working with Film House Tvibit as a poduction consult at the project "Filmfangst".


Arto Koskinen
Filmmaker, Helsinki, Finland

Directed his først feature film in 1992. He made many short films. Since then he has made numerous short films focusing on social issues; he has also made one film for children, "AVARUU - DEN MUSTA KIVI", about a mysterious black stone from outer space.


Linda Sternö 
Filmmaker, Göteborg, Sweden

"In my films I want stories and actors that allow the characters to be humans, with as many sides and complexities that most of us have. People on film should be allowed to live, surprise their surroundings and have as much of an intellectual and emotional width as people in real life."


Benedicte Maria Orvung
Filmmaker, Oslo, Norway

She works mainly with documentaries. Benedicte has a strong presence in all her films and captures important expressions and details. She has made 8 films. Her most famous is her latest two ”Store Lille Trude Mette” and ”Disa flytter til Japan” which is now showing at cinemas across Norway. Her films have been awarded both in Norway and abroad.

NUFF 2003 Mikkel.jpg

Mikkel Serup
Filmmaker, Copenhagen, Denmark

Graduated from the European Film College in Ebeltoft in 1994 and has since then made a handful no-budget short films in Århus. Hollywood productions in Danish and without the money, with titles like ”Terror at the Kung-Fu Disco” and ”Lord Evil vs. The Universe”. He has also made a portrait of the 85 year old danish director Ib Melchoir. Throughout his career he has worked as a multimedia designer, graphic artist and a rap artist and released the cd ”Testosteron” in 2000, under the name Kid Rodriguez on Sony Music Denmark. He entered the Danish Filmschools in 1999 focusing on directing. Mikkel has just finished a commercial and infofilm about Copenhagen International Film Festival.