Jörg Buttgereit
Filmmaker, Berlin, Germany 

Jørg Buttgereit was born in 1963 in Berlin. He works as a radio play director for WDR and DEUTSCHLANDRADIO ("Sexy Sushi", "Ed Gein Superstar", "Frankenstein in Hiroshima"). His independent produced Arthouse Horror Films ("Nekromantik", "Nekromantik 2", "Schramm", "Der Todesking") became cult films in America and Japan. His awarded Godzilla-documentary "Die Monsterinsel" was shown 2002 on TV. In addition Buttgereit made Music-videos for different bands. He writes film critics on regular basis for TIP-Magazin, epd-FILM, Splatting Image, Fluter.de and others. Once a month he DJs Retro-Elektro-Disco at Berlins club scène. As a guest lecturer he makes recitals at Art and Film schools.


Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden

Daniel Alegi is a local-global filmmaker. He was raised in Italy, and recently moved to Sweden after 9 years in the USA. He is fluent in the language of cinema. 
Daniel makes mostly short films, but has collaborated on a number of different types of larger scale projects, including features, documentaries, TV, theater, internet media. He has also written scripts and a film book on "ejecting from Hollywood". 
In 2001 Daniel created CINEMAHEAD, to share his filmmaking know-how and to support the producing and completion of independent film work. To spread the knowhow Cinemahead began to offer intensive filmmaking workshops for young filmmakers, first in the USA, then in Scandinavia and Europe. 
Who is the prototypical Cinemahead-NUFF workhsop participant? Someone who is passionate about images, or storytelling, or both. A filmmaker, imagemaker or writer who is facing the BIG dilemma: should I stop and get a day job like mommy says? Or should I go on, and pursue a vision yet unclear, but forceful within me? 
Yes, images and opportunities appear to be everywhere, and the choice is not easy. What is good, what is worth learning from, or even imitating? Is it what sells? Is that what is good? How can I find out what I am worth, as a growing digital artist? 
It is possible to engage in issues of identity, self-confidence, security, even politics, in one-week of intensive, individual and collective filmmaking? YES. 
Cinemahead workshops empower young voices to find their way, their voice, their vision. To make a workshop film is to learn to speak a new language: your own unique, unlimited powerful, revolutionary voice. And to link to others in that way. To find your way. Daniel’s full list of awards, accomplishments, bio-info etc can be found both in the bio below and on the www.cinemahead.com website. 


Sara Broos
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden

She studied Literature, Film theory, Journalism and Script writing. 
She writes and works with short-film and video-art. Two years ago she moved to an old white house in Värmland, the Swedish countryside. 
She is teaching full-time at a script writing course and also works in her own studio on projects with film, sound, text and photography. 
Her small production company Alma Film produce short-film, experimental film, music videos, documentaries and sound art. She is working together with other artists and friends from all around the world. 
She regularly organizes workshops, culture festivals and exhibitions at Alma Löv Museum. The last 6 years she ´s been working at international art workshops for young people organised by Council of Europe and also filmworkshops in the Nordic countries. 
What is most important in a workshop like this ? To follow your intuition and forget about the rules, to trust yourself and dive into the unknown. To dare, to not be afraid to fail. To work intense in a creative process . To share a little piece of your soul with others and in your work. To create something personal that matters to you. To laugh and cry. To find your way, to get lost. To feel. To try to recognize even what you haven´t seen before. To look outside. To look inside. Trying to see. 
School where she works - www.brobygrafiska.sunne.se
Museum where she works www.fly.to/almalov 
"Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspecive, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure od perception. How many colours are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of "Green"? How many rainbows can light create for the untutored eye? How aware of heat waves can that eye be? Imagine a world alive with incomprehensible objects and shimmering with an endless variety of movement and innumarable graduations of color. Imagine a world before the beginning was the word. " ( ur "Metaphors on Vision" av Stan Brakhage)


Ivar Køhn

Ivar Køhn (b.1965) has extensive experience in film and television production. He graduated in production at the Drama Institute in Stockholm and has worked in both Norway and Sweden. He has been production manager for several television shows, been project consultant in the Nordic Film & TV Fund, has been scripted boss in Drama Department at Sveriges Television, and was a partner and development producer for the film company Maipo Film and television production (Elling, Jonny Vang, Just Bea with more). He has been a screenwriter producer and Kreator for NRK series "Brigade" and screenwriter for the TV series "Robbery" in TV2 (this year's winner of Gullruten for best TV drama). Now he is a freelancer, and is currently working on a new television series for NRK and academic consultant at the Norwegian Film Development.


Lise Birk Pedersen
Documentary film director

Lise Birk Pedersen, born in 1974 in Copenhagen. Lise is trained as a documentary film director at the Danish Film School in 2003 and has worked in film and television since 1996. Lise makes mainly documentary films and TV productions in the genre of "human interest". Most recently completed the first season of a TV series about a typical Danish family "Jensen family" to TV2 Denmark. The series will follow the Jensen family the next 10 years. At the moment, Lise Birk Pedersen as a director on the film "Dear God" is produced by Nordisk Film Production A / S. "Dear God" is a documentary that takes place in Israel and about people who write letters to God. Lise Birk Pedersen works both as director and cinematographer on most of its productions.