NUFF is an independent Nordic & International film competition of films made
by young filmmakers 26 years and younger.
NUFF is also an international film workshop for young people between 15 and 26 years old

Film selection: 

The NUFF management has appointed two selection juries, each for the Nordic and the International competition. They will choose the best film independently.

The selected program for Nordic Competition will be divided in three age groups: under 18; 18 - 20; 21 - 26

The selected program for International Competition will be all ages up to 26.

The selected program will be shown at NUFF 2019 June 21nd - 30st.

Only films that have been cleared of rights (including musical rights) will be accepted.

The filmmaker (director) must not be older then 26 years old.

Nordic competition: Only films from the following countries are defined as nordic: Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Sweden. The director must be living in one of these countries, or the production must have been there.

International competition: Only films not from Nordic Countries. The director must be living in one of these countries, or the production must have been there.

The following criteria apply to all submissions to the festival:

1. All entries must have been completed or released after 1st June 2017.
2. You must own the rights for the distribution and use of the work (visuals and audio) and ensure that no copyrights or third-party rights are infringed. If you are not the copyright holder, you must be authorised to approve exhibition of the work on behalf of the copyright owner. 
3. You hereby give NUFF non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to screen your work at the festival and to advertise that fact on our website and in publicity materials. Each content provider will remain the copyright holder of the provided media. Each production will be properly credited during screening at NUFF.
4. You are welcome to submit more than one film for consideration. You may also submit both a long-form and short version of the same film, if you would like it to be entered into the Short Film competition. Please complete a separate Entry Form for each work submitted.
5. If your film is shortlisted for the NUFF 2019 screening reel, we would also request permission to show your film at further NUFF screening nights planned to take place at a later date. We will never pass on your work to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of these NUFF events.
6. NUFF request permission to keep an archive copy of your your work. As per clause 5 above, we will never pass on your work on to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of NUFF events. 
7. NUFF is not responsible for any late or missing materials pertaining to the festival.
8. The submitted works must meet the minimum technical specifications for data formats outlined below
9. By submitting work(s) to NUFF 2019 and signing the Entry Form, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.
10. The submission deadline for all final works is 1st March 2019.

Preliminary Submission Spec for Curation

If you cannot submit via Vrideo then please supply a Vimeo, YouTube or similar link. This can be unlisted or password protected as necessary.

We also require a low-res downloadable movie so that we can quickly review the piece on the dome as part of the curation process.
Prefered download format is a 1024 x 1024 resolution MP4 using the h264 codec with a bitrate of 10mbs. Audio should be included in the file.
Other digital media files will be accepted such as MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV. Please avoid codecs that are non-standard. File size should ideally be no larger than 1GB. Use an online file transfer service such as dropbox but please ensure the links is persistent and will not expire until after the submission deadline.

If your piece is real-time then please supply a video of the experience in the first instance for curation if available or a download link for an executable version of the piece.

Films will be accepted in all genres and must not be longer than 20 minutes but produced in the last two years.

If your film is selected for the Official Competition, you will be notified in writing by e-mail.


Some young filmmakers might be invited to take part in the NUFF 2019 film workshops and present their films at NUFF 2019.


Nordic: Best film in each age group; Best Nordic youth film (10 000,- NOK)
International: Best film
Audience award

Awards and Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of NUFF 2019.

Deadline for submission:

All entry forms for the Nordic film competition must be registered online at (English language required).

Deadline is March 1st 2019.

All entries for the film competition must have a online-copy, mp4, mov, avi, with English subtitles. Whenever possible, please send stills of the film and of the filmmaker(s) for the festival catalogue and the press.

Shipping information:

Screeners should be uploaded in the first place to our dropbox:

Once your film has been registered on-line, you will automatically receive a confirmation letter giving you the postal address where you can send the material (DVD, DVD Rom, USB-stick, pictures etc.).

This material should reach its destination by March 1st 2019, at the latest.

Shipping expenses for the film are to be born by the submitter.

All films should be labelled: “For temporary use only. For festival and cultural purposes only. No commercial value”.

Films sent by courier must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice stating a total value of up to $15 US.


Your film copies won’t be insured by NUFF.

Film return:

USB-sticks and DVDs used for pre-selection will not be returned.

Video Archive of NUFF: All films submitted for the festival will remain with NUFF for individual/scientific purposes.

NUFF film workshops:

The workshops at NUFF are based on the method "Making a film from the idea to the finished film in one week".

The participants will be divided in groups with maximum 8 participants. Each group will have a professional filmmaker working in the film-industry as mentor (check former mentors here...).

The participant has to cover his/her traveling expenses. The festival covers the accommodation and food for the entire period of the festival. The participants will be accommodated at Thon Hotel where they will share room. 

The workshop will start on Friday 21nd at 17:00 and last until Friday 28th. The finished results will be screened on Friday 28th at 18:00 at the Verdensteatret Cinema in Tromsø to public audience. All participants have free admission to the following film screening part of the festival. 

The rights of the workshop films are owned by the group members and NUFF. The films will be published online.

Rights of action: The submitter of both competitions has no rights of action after submitting the form.


NUFF keeps its website updated but can’t guarantee that the information is at all time exact or correct.
NUFF tries to keep its website clean of virus and other noxious elements.
Eventual problems by using the website are only the visitors concern

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) FOR NUFF

This privacy statement is about how NUFF collects and uses personal information. NUFF is committed to protecting personal information and we put great emphasis on protecting your privacy. NUFF collects personal information for registration for workshops, seminars, film competitions and sending information about our offers. 

What is personal information?
Personal information is any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person; An identifiable physical person is a person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as name, social security number, location information, electronic identifier or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental , economic, cultural or social identity of the physical person.

NUFF's purpose:
NUFF is an annual short film festival for young film makers up to 26 years old from the Nordic countries & the world.
NUFF has been a major international platform for youth film and a meeting place for many young film makers since 2003.
Based at the youth culture house Tvibit in Tromsø, Northern Norway, NUFF has already a long success story. Started by the wish to support young local filmmakers and to get an idea how our neighbors are making movies and telling stories, NUFF discovered the world of Youth Cinema and all of the exciting potential that came with it.

What information we register and what we use the information for?

Your information is stored in our systems through self-registration. That means, you must register your information with us through our forms to be registered so that we can contact you.

  • When registering and submitting your film to the NUFF film competitions we register the name, email, date of birth, telephone number and relevant information to your film.

  • When registering for a workshop, we register the name, email, date of birth and telephone number. This in order to get in touch with you through changes, information about upcoming courses, course material, and adaptation of courses to the age group.

  • When issuing an invoice, we also need to collect social security number. Participation in events, concerts, etc. 

  • We sometimes want to photograph and / or film participants

What information do we treat after obtaining consent?
Name, phone number, email address, social security number and birth year. Photo and video are obtained after specific consent.

The updated privacy statement will always be available at the following link:

NUFF does not share the information you have registered with our data servers with anyone outside the organization without specifically permitting it to publish photos/videos on our websites and in social media or other display by agreement.

Information and deletion of information:
If you want to see what is registered about you and/or delete the information, contact us at