NUFF is an annual short film festival for young filmmakers up to 26 years old from the Nordic countries & the world.

NUFF has been an important international platform for youth film and a meeting place for many young filmmakers since 2003. 

Based at the youth culture house Tvibit in Tromsø, Northern Norway, NUFF has already a long success-story. Started by the wish to support young local filmmakers and to get an idea how our neighbours are making films and telling stories,  NUFF discovered the world of Youth Cinema and all of the exciting potential that came with it.  

The quality of submitted films has steadily been increasing and so too has the incredible atmosphere of the workshops and the growing network of filmmakers, partners and projects. All of this is making NUFF a unique summer event above the polar circle and under the overwhelming midnight sun.

NUFF offers

  • Nordic film competition

  • International film competition

  • International film workshop

  • International film network

  • International film seminars, discussions and a lot of fun!

NUFF has been one of my life’s best weeks
— Stian Skjelstad, Norway

The film competitions

NUFF has two film competitions for short films made in the last two years (with a max length of 20 minutes) by filmmakers under the age limit of 26 years old. All genres are possible! 

For the Nordic film competition the films have to be produced in a Nordic country or the filmmaker comes from or lives in a Nordic Country. Nordic Countries are defined as Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Island, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland. This competition is divided in three age groups: <18, 19-21 & 22-26. 

Entry is closed! Opens December 1st 2019

For the International film competition the films have to be produced outside the Nordic countries or the filmmaker comes from or lives outside the Nordic countries. 

Entry is closed! Opens December 1st 2019

The submission deadline for both competitions is March 1st!

Juries & awards

About 30 films will be nominated to each competition. The nominated films will be screened during the festival at the cultural landmark, Verdensteatret in Tromsø and published as official festival film program in the festival catalogue and online. All films have to be subtitled in English. 

Each competition has its own jury containing three members.

The awards for the Nordic competition are for the best film in each age-group and for the best Nordic youth film from all age-groups. The best Nordic youth film will be awarded with a prize of 10000,- NOK given by Foreningen Norden.

The winner films will also be screened at Tromsø International Film Festival - TIFF in the NUFF@TIFF program.

The workshops

Each year NUFF is gathering about 40 young filmmakers from all over the world. Divided into groups, they will then each make a film "from the idea to a finished film" in one week. The participants work with professional filmmakers on their short film project through all stages of filmmaking. 

NUFF annually invites prolific and professional filmmakers from different countries to supervise the five workshop groups. With different backgrounds from professional filmmaking - film producers, script writers, film directors or documentary filmmakers guide and teach NUFF participants from their experience of daily professional work with film. 

NUFF has no classes! The groups are deciding the ideas, the content and the methods. Every participant will find his/her place in the group and the position which fits best in the production team. The goal is to get the film ready towards the deadline and watch the results together on the big scene in one of Northern Europe's oldest cinema Verdensteatret Kino.

Entry form opens December 1st!

Check out more information about the workshops.

The Organization

Founded in 2002 as a project at the youth culture centre Tvibit in Tromsø, NUFF always has been based on the initiative of young people living here. The first festival was arranged in 2003 and has since then, recurred annually with the same concept. In 2009 NUFF, was outsourced from TVIBIT and reorganized as an independent association. 

Since January 2018 NUFF is back at TVIBIT and formally implemented to the TVIBIT creative center. Project manager of NUFF is Hermann Greuel.