"After a long day, Alice is mindlessly watching the sitcom "Aurora BoreLisa". Suddenly she recognizes her own face on the TV-sceen, which instigates a series of events that seem to be out of her control." NUFF 2016 workshop group 1 Filmmakers: Andreas Karlsen (Norway), Hanna Suni (Norway), Connor York (Germany), Roberth Fuentes (Philippines), Magdalena Jenssen (Norway), Olwethuthando Sotshantsha (South Africa), Veslemøy Stavdahl (Norway). Mentors: Kristian Mosvold & Endre Lund Eriksen (Norway

Workshop film of group 2 at NUFF 2016 ‘15

Metres Above The Ground’ is a love story between Bendik and Alice who meet under unusual circumstances at a party. A whirlwind romance begins between them as they get to know each other.  Reality changes for them, when Bendik finds out of Alices secret.

Cast: Sigurd Kornelius Lakseide, Mathilde Sofie Henriksen Other, Magdalena Jenssen, Karoline Storjord, Johanne Sofie Dalvik, Isak William Andreassen, Aksel Sundby
Mentor: Juha Kiviharju
Crew: Jenny Mari Johnsen, Naomi Shah, Pia Isabell Kuivila, Ray Carstens, Simon Mungai
Special thanks: Håkon Birkeland Toft, Tone Toft By, Bowling, Fretex, TVIBIT, NUFF

NUFF 2016 workshop group 3 with Katerina Pavlou (Sweden), Julian Finne (Norway), Lars Petter Gjørvik (Norway) Producer: Annique Arries (South Africa), Anna Troyan (Norway) Director: Espen Storbakken (Norway) DoP: Marvin Nderitu (Kenya) Script: Anna Troyan (Norway) & Katerina Pavlou (Sweden) Music: Igor Kochnev (Russia) & Sara Lindmark (Norway) Grafic Design / VFX: Bruno Edelman (Denmark) Sound Design: Jessica Poum (USA) Mentor: Nanna Frank Møller (Denmark)
NUFF 2016 workshop group 4 with Martine Klæboe & Amanda Evensen (Norway) Director, cinematographer & editor: Juliana Orea (Mexico) Sound: Vincent Mbiti (Kenya) Music: Jørgen Hansen (Norway, Nikolai Kozakov (Russia), Viljar Dunderovic (Norway), Vladislav Kalinin (Russia) A portrait of two teenagers living in arctic North.
NUFF 2016 workshop group 4 with Mads Jangås & Sigurd Lakseide (Norway) Directors: Stian Skjelstad (Norway) & Rafael Joos (Switzerland) Cinematographer: Juliana Orea (Mexico) Producer: Vincent Wajama (Kenya) Sound: Martine Klæboe (Norway) Makeup: Amanda Evensen (Norway) Music: Jørgen Hansen (Norway, Nikolai Kozakov (Russia), Viljar Dunderovic (Norway), Vladislav Kalinin (Russia)

Barents Sound Design Band concert part 1