Accidentally he surprises her with another man in their bed!

Group 1 Workshop

leader: Mikkel Serup (Denmark)
Filmmakers: Sigurdur Orri Thorhannesson (Iceland), Inga Bårdsen Tøllefsen (Norway), Heidi Sadonkorpi (Finland), Sofia Mavroudis (Sweden), Marte R. Høyem (Norway), Chris Riply (USA), Matis Ståle Mathisen (Norway) 
Cast: Inga Bårdsen Tøllefsen, Sigurdur Orri Thorhannesson, Mikkel Serup


NUFF 2003 documentary

Documentary about the first Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) at the Youth Culture House in Tromsø, Norway. Young people organize and arrange their first big event. They want to set youth film as new genre on the map.

Dir: Magne Pettersen
DoP: Martin Jørgensen, Magne Pettersen
Prod: Hermann Greuel 


What goes back must go forward! A funny story about being different and love

Group 3

Workshop leader: Benedicte Maria Orvung (Norway)
Filmmakers: Ida Rosvold (Norge), Anders Fløysand (Norge), Christian Siebenherz (Norge), Morten Øvreås (Norge), Rebecca Llerena (Sverige), Tone Mong (Norge), Morten Boesdal (Danmark)

NUFF 2003 workshop film Group 2 Workshop Leader: Arto Koskinen (Finland) Filmmakers: Bengt Gabrielsen (Norway) Lise Aagaard (Denmark) Anne Bergseng (Norway) Fredrik Olsson (Sweden) Raymond Swendsen (Norway) Cast: Bengt Gabrielsen Lise Aagaard Synopsis: The end of a relationship.
NUFF 2003 workshop film Group 4 Workshop leader: Linda Sternö (Sweden) Filmmakers: Måns Berthas (Sweden) Kirsten Gundersen (Norway) Kasper Skovsbøl (Denmark) Kent Hyborg Josefsen (Norway) Astrid Løkholm Båtnes (Norway) Eirik Samnøy (Norway) Anna Skibevåg (Norway) Cast: Kasper Skovsbøl Synopsis: Who is trapped behind the door? A short horror movie.
N UFF 2003 workshop film. Group 5 Workshop leader: Jim Stark (USA) Filmmakers: Maja Holand (Norway) Frode Sirevåg Ida M. AA Johnsen Quentin Cerba Victoria K. Solheimsnes Karla Magali Paz Hernandez Cast: Victoria K. Solheimsnes Quentin Cerba Aurora B. Nielsen Daniel Robertsen Dimitris Kurtzakis Ida M. Å. Johnsen Sif Vik Jim Stark Synopsis: What is happening inside your head? What is happening inside your head? NUFF 2003 workshop film made by group 3 with workshop teacher Jim Stark, New York.