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Maria Ekerhovd
Film producer, Tromsø/Bergen, Norway

Norwegian producer Maria Ekerhovd, who scooped Norway’s so far only Golden Palm for Bobbie Peers’ short Sniffer (2006), has recently opened her own production outfit, Mer Film, with offices in regional Bergen and Tromsø.

Maria has a media production major from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Ekerhovd’s feature credits include Pål Jackmann’s The Storm in My Heart (2009) and Gunnar Vikenes’ Vegas (2010).

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Emmanuelle Baude
Film-editor, Paris, France

I was born in 1965 and have Franco-American nationality. I studied Art history at the Sorbonne in Paris while taking acting classes in different workshops, in Paris and in NYC at the NYU university. With a super 8 camera I began making shorts films with my friends from the theater schools where I was training.
I quickly became aware that the film editing part was fundamental in filmmaking and I started working as an apprentice on feature films. After a couple years, in 1995, I started editing feature and documentary films.
I don’t believe these two ways of filmmaking are any different. What matters is the filmmaker’s point of view and the style in which he or she choses to express it.
Since 2000, I have also been teaching editing at the Ateliers Varan, a documentary film school, based on Jean Rouch’s conception, the "cinéma direct".
With this background of experience, In 2004, in Vietnam when this country was slowly opening-up to the world, it lead me to set up an Atelier Varan workshop first in Hanoi then in Ho Chi minh City.

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Prudence F. Uriri
Filmmaker, Zimbabwe/Norway

Francisca Prudence Uriri is an award-winning Zimbabwean director and producer with numerous productions to her name, including Fatima, Soul In Torment, The Whisper, Recollecting the African Identity a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (co-produced with SPOR Media Denmark) and Madizela and Samora commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia. Before then, she worked for the Zimbabwe television as an editor and later joined Capricorn Video Unit an independent film/video company as a working board member.

In 2004 she established her own production company in Zimbabwe - Eye for Africa. Prudence now lives in Tromsø, Norway. She is a lecturer in the visual anthropology department at the University of Tromsø.

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Gunnar Vikene
Director, Bergen, Norway

Director Gunnar Vikene, born in 1966, studied Communications ,Film and Video Production. Since 1994, he has been a director with Alligator Film. He has made documentaries and short films as well as more than 100 advertising films, for which he has received many awards. His documentary “Boomerang“, which he directed, scripted and co-produced, was nominated for the Norwegian SKUP Prize. He co-wrote the script to his feature film debut “Falling Sky“ (NFL 2003) with author and director Torun Lian. As director and writer he is known international with his films “Trigger“ (2006) and "Vegas" (2009).

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Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden/Italy

I am a film-maker, educator and cultural entrepreneur. I started, a platform to develop and support youth cinema projects.

I have been a part of the NUFF and NUFFGlobal family since I moved to Sweden from Los Angeles in 2004.

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Bojan Vuletic
Musician & producer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Trainer at Sound-Design film music workshop at NUFF 2012

Bojan Vuletic is a composer, musical director, producer, writer of lyrics and performing guitarist playing concerts in and/or collaborating with artists from Europe, Serbia, USA, South America, Korea, Egypt, Russia and Australia.

His interest in superseding frontiers may be recognized in his biography. After a short hitchhike through the galaxy (his diploma in astro-physics and a thesis dealing with galaxy evolution), he finished jazz-guitar at the conservatory in Arnhem and composition at the Messiaen-Akademie.
His compository works reach from chamber, orchestra and contemporary to world and pop music for a larger variety of groups and projects, theatre productions, contemporary dance, short movies, documentaries and commercials. 
As a guitarist he happily ignores the boundaries between different genres and free improvisation.