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Jan Cvitkovic
Director, Slovenia

Jan Cvitkovic , archaeologist, actor, writer and director -almost out of curiosity-, is one of the most promising filmmakers in Slovenia. His first feature film, Bread and Milk, presented at the Venice International Film Festival in 2001, received the Golden Lion of the Future. Now Cvitkovic is back with "Gravehopping" (o.t. Odgrobadogroba), a Slovenian-Croatian film. The film received the Altadis - New Directors Award in the 53rd San Sebastian International Film Festival.

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Susanna Helke
Documentary filmmaker, Finland

Born 1967 in Tampere
- Doctoral dissertation in the Film and TV Department of the University of Art and Design Helsinki will be published with the title “A Trace of Nanook: Cinematic Methods Intertwining Documentary and Fictional Styles” in March 2006
- San Francisco State University, Cinema Department, Fall Semester, 1999. 
- University of Art and Design Helsinki, Master of Arts in New Media 1997. 
- University of Art and Design Helsinki, Master of Arts in Photography 1996. 
- Tampere University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication 1992 - 1993. 
Working as filmmaker and film teacher in Helsinki

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Daniel Alegi
Filmmaker, Karlstad, Sweden/USA/Italy

Daniel Alegi is a local-global filmmaker. He was raised in Italy, and recently moved to Sweden after 9 years in the USA. He is fluent in the language of cinema.
Daniel makes mostly short films, but has collaborated on a number of different types of larger scale projects, including features, documentaries, TV, theater, internet media. He has also written scripts and a film book on "ejecting from Hollywood".
In 2001 Daniel created CINEMAHEAD, to share his filmmaking know-how and to support the producing and completion of independent film work. To spread the knowhow Cinemahead began to offer intensive filmmaking workshops for young filmmakers, first in the USA, then in Scandinavia and Europe.

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Aslaug Holm
Director and photographer, Oslo, Norway

Aslaug Holm is one of Norway's most frequented camera women and directors for documentaries. She directed more then 10 films and worked at the camera in about 40 productions since 1990, many of them were rewarded.
She worked as director of photography and editor at Norway's biggest documentary success of all time, "Cool & Crazy" (2001) and got the award of the Norwegian Film Association for this work.
Her newest work as a director is the film "The Rich Country" which is currently at the Norwegian cinemas. This film got the FIPRESCI-prize at the Tromsø International Film Festival 2006.
Aslaug is a popular lecturer on documentary filming.
Since 1992 she is a partner the production company Fenris Film.

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Nisse Koltze
Film producer, Denmark

Born 1970. Living in Copenhagen. MA in film from University of Copenhagen. Producer and coproducer of several Danish and international documentary film, among others the critic praised “Doctor Dance” and prizewinning “Hårde Drenge Danser Ikke”.
For many years a teacher of the craftsmanship of filmmaking on different levels, locations and occasions; University of Copenhagen – technical supervisor; Danmarks Radio – instructor of the teaching programme “Den billedskabte virkelighed”; Borups Højskole – teacher of journalism, film production and film analysis, theory and history.
Currently producer at Station Next, a unique film school for young people located in the middle of Filmbyen in Copenhagen. I am focusing on structure and story in my work and in my teaching.