An old fisherman meets a "mermaid". NUFF 2011 workshop film of group 5 Filmmakers: Siri Andersen (Norway) Simon Jansson (Finland) Yo-Naa Olofsson (Sweden) Michael Andre Myhre (Norway) Jardar Solli (Norway) Lisa Spoerling (Germany) Millicent Blignaut (South Africa) Hanaa Karakra (Palestine) Cast: Bernhard Ramstad, Marit Wennberg, Camilla Strøm Henriksen, Siri Andersen Workshop leader: Camilla Strøm Hendriksen (Norway)
A bored boy from the city is visiting his grandmother on the countryside and is getting surprised. NUFF 2011 workshop film. NUFF 2011 group 4 Filmmakers: Sami Saku (Finland) Sophie Schönfeldt Karlsen (Norway) Lovise Haugen Schult (Norway) Mikael Lindskov Jacobsen (Greenland) Fredrick Ochieng (Kenya) Elisa Pirir Ruiz (Guatemala/Norway) Workshop leader: Valérie Gaudissart Potash (France) Cast: Ole Sørlie, Anna Thygesen, Brit Husstad Krakeli
NUFF 2011 workshop film group 1 The Filmmakers: Inuuteq Akillas Storch (Greenland) Lünchen Brown (South Africa) Siri Buck Jensen (Norway) Florian Kläger (Germany) Zain Ebad (Norway) Minna Keränen (Finland) Edvard Hansen (Norway) Linda Berggren (Sweden) Cast: Kristian Mølgaard, Zain Ebad, Lukman Ahmad Ijaz, Anne Arnesen Workshop leader: Vera Schöpfer (Germany)
NUFF 2011 group 2 Dir: Alfred Lovner (Sweden) Co-Dir: Anastasia Ruiters (South Africa) Producer: Peder M. R. Egge (Norway) Written by Trine Steiro (Norway) & Philip Bentzen (Norway) DoP: Trine Steiro (Norway) Sound: Valtteri Huotari (Finland) Editor: Philip Bentzen (Norway) Music: Movits; Baxtis Cast: Johannes Eilertsen, Charlotte, Katrine, Anastasia Ruiters, Lukman Ahmad Ijaz
NUFF 2011 workshop film group 5 Director: Åshild Løberg (Norway) Producer: Jean Baptise Jean Louis (Haiti) Production manager: Christine Rinawi (Palestine) Production assistant: Marlene Sørensen Horvli (Norway) Production assistant: Håkon Toft (Norway) Assistant director: Ricardo Moodie (South Africa) DoP: Sebastian Tomas Siggerud (Norway) Script: Everybody Music: Sebastian Tomas Siggerud (Norway) Editing: "Everybody" Viritual effects: Jean Baptiste Jean Louis (Haiti) Workshop leader: Peter Rommel (Germany) Cast: Espen Renø Svendsen, Leif Rasmussen, Siri Andersen
NUFF 2011 workshop film made in Gaza
NUFF 2010 workshop film of group 5 with Magne Pettersen as workshop leader. A short comedy about a girl who has lost her identity. The filmmakers are: Vitaly Tyupakov (Russia), Melissa Davids (South Africa), Eva Maria Lund Nielsen (Denmark), Martin Bremnes (Norway), Martine Årnes Sørensen (Norway), Ole Kristian Nilsen (Norway) Cast: Maria Hansen, Kristoffer Jørgensen, Espen Renø Svendsen, Espen Østman, Jon Kristian Gaare Blix, Maryon Eilertsen
NUFF@TIFF 2011 worshop film.
Norway | 2011 | 4 min Dir: Andreas Rørslett DoP: Sondre Sandbakken A young man is excitingly waitng for his long lost love. They have planned to meet at a bench by a lake. But the plan is easily interuppted by a passing stranger. Youth film project "Prosessen" in co-operation with Mediefabrikken Akershus, Trap and NUFF. Opening film at NUFF 2011.
Norway | 2011 | drama | Made by: Marlene Horvli & Trine Steiro Cast:Tor Arne Hansen, Harriet Hanssen A story about a lonely man's way to displace the void after a loss. Youth film project "Prosessen" with Mediefabrikken Akershus, NUFF and Trap. Opening-Film at NUFF 2011.
In "Hverdag" we meet a young woman named Pia. We follow her through a day in life and make a few questions on the way. Youth film project "Prosessen" with Mediefabrikken Akershus, NUFF and Trap. Opening-Film at NUFF 2011.
Norway | 2011 | Comedy | 9 min. Prod: Peder M. Egge Dir: Jardar Solli DoP: Even Grimsgaard Cast: Julie Johansen, Christian Birkeland, Steffen Walstad It is a nice, quiet morning. Lars is in deep sleep. Johanna, his girlfriend, comes in with cookies and milk. They lay together on the mattress and enjoy the peace, something moves in and interrupts the silence. They begin to discuss the superstition, and challenge each other. An exciting story about a young couple moving in together for the first time. Youth film project "Prosessen" with Mediefabrikken Akershus, NUFF and Trap. Opening-Film at NUFF 2011.