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Kristian Mosvold
Film-producer, Norway

Kristian is educated cand.theol and is partner and producer in Øya Film and owner of Øya Interaktiv. Currently he is producing Christine Cynn´s documentary Shooting Ourselves and the interactive component We are the Gun.  Also:  «Punkt - the art of live remix» dir. Adrien le Gall - featuring ao Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno (in post production).  Previous films: MixedFeelings (by Guy Davidi - premiere March 2016 - co-production). A Dream at Sea directed by the Norwegian artists Pirolt/Perry (premiere Cph:Dox 2014).  Mosvold also co-produced Anders Østergaard´s film 1989 (opening film Cph:Dox 2014, with Magic Hour Films, Denmark) 

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Nanna Frank Møller
Director and editor, Denmark 

Nanna Frank Møller has edited over 40 films including creative documentaries, feature films and short fiction. She graduated as an editor from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999 and made her debut as a director in 2007 with ”Someone Like You” which won the Talent Dove at The International Leipzig Film Festival and the Grand Prix at Odense International Short and Documentary Film Festival same year. 
She directed four documentaries all of which were sold to international broadcasters and toured international festivals. As an editor she has a long term collaboration with danish director Max Kestner and worked with Anne Regitze Wivel, Kaspar Munk, Kathrine Ravn Kruse and Ulrik Wivel among others. In 2001 she co-founded the Society of Danish film Editors and was a member of the board from 2001-2005. 
She guest teaches at The National film School of Denmark and has mentored several workshops.

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Mervete Bobaj
Media teacher, Germany

born 1971 in Berlin, studied intercultural communication. Since 1999 she is a project developer and a project manager working for NGO´s in migration and refugee area. She leads cultural film projects with young refugees and founded a girl film workshop for young refugee girls working with well-known and professional woman filmmakers."

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Juha Kiviharju
Filmmaker, Finland

I started my career by making home videos with friends when I was just a teenager. For over 20 years I've been working with different media-, film- and video-productions, including i.e. music videos, newsclips, documentaries and short fiction films. Last six years my main task has been working as media inspector in The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia. I´m very keen to work with one-shot technique. I´m using this method also in documentary film that was recently published.

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Oleg Kojevin
Musician, Arkhangelsk

Oleg was born in Naryan-Mar, in 1976. Oleg has graduated music school as a pianist, but instead of continuing his profession as a musician he decided to enter university. While being at school he played many ethnic Russian instruments and performed as a back-vocalist. Oleg was member of several bands: “Flight 519”, “Vetrolet”, etc. and was singing bard songs. 

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Jardar Westvik
Musician, Tromsø

Jardar is a guitarist from Tromsø with a background in jazz and improvised music. His creative practices ranging from various roles as guitarist and laptop musician for studio production and composing. Jardar has been composing for film and won the Waterloo Film Score Competition 2013 in London. he works also with installation based & expression based on SoundArt. Jardar is associated with the London-based composer collective BreadKnives Productions working on television and the film industry of Britain and is co-founder and co-owner of the Tromsø-based label Finito Bacalao Records, publishes eclectic music from pop to free jazz.

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Patty Toledo
Game developer / workshop leader WEAVE

Patty Toledo has worked for over 23 years in Media and Music Business, with the privilege of working with artists like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Bon Jovi. As a researcher and master in Game / Media production, development and business, she focused her experience and contacts to improve the education in game business and media production.

As Project Manager and Lab Master of Oulu Game Lab and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu (OAMK), she is responsible for nurturing and building the base and core of future game developers and media producers.

With the unique and improved studio model created by Oulu Game Lab and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, she intends to not only the enrichment of the European game and media market, but also the export of knowledge, which already started in Japan and it is under negotiation for UK, Netherlands, China, and USA, just to name a few.

As CEO of FanART Games, her goal is to create new opportunities for game developers, as well as innovate in game production and marketing, basing campaigns and development in fandom and positive psychology concepts.

Patricia also continues her path in performance arts and events production, which she has started in 1997 and has never really seized. She is the main producer of OAMK's Game Spring Oulu as well as several other local events, as service provider for OAMK.