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Prudence F. Uriri,
Filmmaker, Zimbabwe

Francisca Prudence Uriri is an award-winning Zimbabwean director and producer with numerous productions to her name, including Fatima, Soul In Torment, The Whisper, Recollecting the African Identity a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (co-produced with SPOR Media Denmark) and Madizela and Samora commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia. Before then, she worked for the Zimbabwe television as an editor and later joined Capricorn Video Unit an independent film/video company as a working board member.

In 2004 she established her own production company in Zimbabwe - Eye for Africa. Prudence now lives in Lillehammer, Norway. She is also a lecturer in the visual anthropology department at the University of Tromsø.

2005 Ida and Ike – fiction, Script writer / Executive Producer
2004: Written 3 x 30 minute fiction scripts, 14 x 3 to 6 minutes scripts
Director Steps for the Future language versioning of 4 Films, each into Nyanja, Chewa, Bemba
2003: Producer/Director “Madizela and Samora” Aids film Commissioned by Unesco Ethiopia
2002: Director “Life” AIDS film produced by Rooftop Promotions
2001: Day Zero- South Africa: Coordinator of a series on Aids “Steps For the Future” 
(36 programs produced in 7 countries)
1999: Co- Producer/Director "Recollecting the African Identity” a series of 5 x 30 minute episodes (Co-Produced with SPOR Media Denmark)
1995: Producer/Director: "The Whisper”. A Gender and Development documentary.
1993: Co-Producer/Director /Editor "Fatima" a documentary on Gender and Development. 
1. 1991: Best Editor "Portrait Of A Soldier” Zimbabwe National Journalistic Awards 2. 1993: Best Documentary "Fatima" British Council Award, Gender Category. 

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Paul Savage
Film director, South Africa

Paul completed an Arts Council of England directing bursary attached to the Midlands Arts Centre (mac) in Birmingham and the New Vic Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent in October 2000. The bursary was extended to include the production The Ramayana at Birmingham Rep and the National Theatre ending in April 2001. In 2003 he was one of two directors representing England at the European Cultural conference held in Russia. After 18 years in England he is now based in South Africa but is still invited back to England to direct. He is co-owner and director of the independent film company Jokes-On-Video.

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Per-Ivar Jensen
Filmmaker & musician, Norway

Per-Ivar Jensen, born in Nordreisa in Troms in 1968, is a musician, an actor and a short film director. He is the former leader of legendary rock band “Per Ivars Orkester”. As a short film director he was the first ever recipient of the Tromsø Palm Award with his film SKÅRUNGEN back in 2002, and he has presented all his later films in the FFN program. For this year we present a retrospective of his short films.

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Fanta Régina Nacro
Film director, Burkina Faso

One of only a handful of female African filmmakers, Nacro studied at the INAFEC film school in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougo, and earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne in Paris. In a career spanning more than 20 years, she’s depicted Africa’s traditions and harsh realities, but she often turns her lens with comic joy on issues of sexuality, gender relations, and modernity. In 1993 she founded her own production company, Les Films du Défi, whose mission is to create, produce, and distribute films, support new filmmakers, and raise awareness of African films. She has won two dozen awards for her work in festivals around the world, from Cannes to San Francisco.


1991 Un Certain Matin (15 minutes)
1993 L'Ecole au coeur de la vie (13 minutes)
1995 Puk Nini (32 minutes)
1997 Femmes capables (23 minutes)
1997 La Tortue du Monde (23 minutes)
1998 Le Truc de Konaté (33 minutes)
1999 Florence Barrigha (26 minutes)
2000 Relou (5 minutes)
2000 Laafi Bala (26 minutes)
2001 La bague aux doigt (5 minutes)
2001 Une volonté de fer (5 minutes)
2001 La voix de la raison (5 minutes)
2001 Bintou (31 minutes)
2002 En parler ça aide (17 minutes)
2003 Vivre positivement (42 minutes)
2004 La Nuit de la Verité (Night of Truth, 100 minutes)

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Teemour D. Mambety
Filmmaker, Senegal

Primarily a musician, author of several album recordings and movie soundtracks since 1996, Teemour D. Mambety co-founded with Djibril D. Mambety a film production and distribution company named Maag Daan. Ever since, driven by a strong belief in the use of digital technology to reach professional autonomy, he has developed activities in all fields of film making, multimedia production and consulting.