NUFF 2015 trailer designed and animated by Dane Dodds (South Africa).
NUFF 2015 Workshop film Workshop leader: Debra Granik (USA) The filmmakers: Anna Mellin (Finland) Cyrus Simiyu (Kenya) Benjamin Olsen (Norway) Delva Yvenson (Haiti) Bruno Edelman (Denmark) Fanny Skaug (Norway) Mohamed Jabaly (Palestine)

A short film about a refugee named Chathuranga. He comes to Norway in order to look for a better life. In this new country he’s lonely, cold and in search of a friend. Will he get a friend in this cold city? Workshop film NUFF 2015 Workshop leader: Ayse Polat (Germany) The filmmakers: Claude Bonet (Haiti) Yvonne Wanjiri (Kenya) Astrid Hoder (Denmark) Nadia Kofoed (Norway) Samori Tovatt (Sweden) Mattia Ferragina (Italy) Audun Mathisen Anvik (Norway) Cast: Samuel Arulanandam Alexander Rindestu Jocob Johannesen Lind Benjamin Seljer Julian Finne Ida Johannesen Lind Pernille Wold Kaspersen Frida Skjelbakken Hermann Greuel

Kristian and his brother are waiting for a ride. Suddenly a mystical girl appears and lures Kristian to come with her. Kristian is lead into the unknown, where there are creatures hiding in the dark. NUFF 2015 workshop film Workshop leader: Espen Nomedal (Norway) The filmmakers: Nageline Jesmene Esterhuizen (South Africa) Pia Kuivila (Norway) Hanna Suni Johansen (Norway) Connor York (Germany) Jenny Mari Johnsen (Norway) Nathalie Olsson (Sweden) Stian Skjelstad (Norway) Cast: Sigurd Kornelius Lakseide Kristian Andreas Sjerstein Alina Michelle Wilhelmsen Connor York Oscar
Two guys are celebrating Christmas, when they suddenly meet a very mysterious person… NUFF 2015 workshop film Workshop leader: Aka Maria Hansen (Greenland/Denmark) The filmmakers: Brunia Saint Cyr (Haiti) Andreas Karlsen (Norway) Ronnaporn Suksriroj (Norway) Tanne Sommer (Denmark) Ali Nuur (Norway) Dimitri Japies (South Africa) Konstantin Pavlov (Kazakhstan) Run Eide (Norway) Cast: Sondre Sandbakken Torkil Johannesen Gaute Johnsen Konstantin Pavloff Brunie Saint CYR

Nordic Youth Film Festival, youth culture house Mr Pink in Murmansk and Media Lab Arkhangelsk hosted a workshop in Tromsø during TIFF 2015. Under the title "Critical Journalism & Documentary» 6 participants from Northern Norway and Northwest Russia met to create a critical documentary on the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF). The goal of this project was to investigate what means critical journalism and documentary, why it is so important, and what can we learn from each other by collaborating across borders? Synopsis: Tromsø Internasjonal Filmfestival TIFF had in 2015 its 25th anniversary. Since many years TIFF is the most important film event with the larges number of sold tickets in Norway. But still the Norwegian Ministry of Culture is not supporting the festival financial. The film tries to investigate this situation and is focusing on some critical questions. Workshop leader: Trine Hamran (Vadsø, Norway) The Filmmakers: Elizaveta Podolskaja (Murmansk, Russia) Hanna Suni Johansen (Kabelvåg, Norway) Iver Jensen (Stormarknes, Norway) Michail Vilchinkov (Petrozavodsk, Russia) Natalya Vinogradova (Petrozavodsk, Russia) Vitalia Bredikhina (Arkhangelsk, Russia)