In between, here and there!

An art project by Ali & Mohamed Jabaly

In the light of all the challenges and circumstances surrounding people and the siege imposed place, human, and the lack of freedom of movement between the inside and the outside world of Gaza. The art project is reflecting an image of the situation of young people towards life, by linking the personal space of the artist in the reality that he lives and embodied his internal state of absolute psychological and physical siege that he experiences and link it to the place. The main idea of our art project is to break the boundaries throughout the convergence of colors and image through the joint artistic production between the two artists’ brothers and the mutual developing of the artworks remotely and the embodiment and description by bringing the picture closer to reality.


Ali Jabaly

Ali Jabaly is a 26-years old Palestinian Artist from Gaza, he has studied interior design, he is professional painter specialized in fine art, portraits and digital art painting, through his art and using the human body to respond to the greyness of our life, he has participated in many local, regional, and international exhibitions, He lives and works in Gaza. Ali has experienced the many difficult realities of Gaza – His art is a color-filled response to the strength of the Palestinian face. His recent exhibition "Dreamers" was in April 2019, in Gaza city, it was inside a building was destroyed in the 2014 war, where his art and big mural paintings created a life inside the place.


Mohamed Jabaly

Mohamed Jabaly (b. 1990) is a Palestinian filmmaker and artist from Gaza, he is living and working as a film director in Norway since 2014. He has been working as a filmmaker in several organizations and projects, training kids and young adults within filmmaking and photography. He has shot several short films, documentaries, and music videos. He has participated in many local, regional and international exhibitions, film festivals and conferences in Europe, USA, and the Arab world.
Mohamed's first feature documentary “Ambulance” has won several prizes including the "One World Media" as Best Feature documentary 2017. Mohamed also received the "BBC Arabic Young Journalist Award" and the "FIPA D'OR AWARD" and “JURY AWARD” as best feature documentary during FIPA in Biarritz, France. 
Currently, Mohamed is working on his next feature documentary “Stateless”.