The first thoughts about the project were developed in a conversation between with the young Greenlandic participant of a Nordic project in Palestine in September 2018 and the manager of NUFF. The following visit of the project leader Hermann Greuel to Greenland for the opening of the Film Workshop Nuuk led to a meeting with a group of young filmmakers, where the idea could be taken up again and concretised.

With the "Focus Greenland" we are using NUFF as a platform to offer young filmmakers from Greenland the opportunity for improved networking and to put their films and stories in a Nordic context. From June 21st – 30th young filmmakers from Greenland will make films together with other young filmmakers from the Nordic countries, exchange ideas and make contacts. At the same time, they will present and discuss their own films. As participants in film workshops and seminars, both Greenlandic filmmakers and young filmmakers from other Nordic countries will be able to improve their skills and learn from each other.

The project is divided into three parts: Workshop – Film Screening / Seminar

The workshops will be mentored by the professional filmmakers Inuk Jørgensen from Greenland supervising one group of young filmmakers. Each group has the task of producing a short film from the idea to the finished result in six days. At the end, the finished films are shown to a public audience.

In a special side-program of the festival the project will show films made by young filmmakers from Greenland. Here the audience will have the opportunity to discuss the films shown with the filmmakers, the manager of the Film Workshop Nuuk - Aka Maria Hansen and with Inuk Jørgensen. The Greenlandic participants will specify their situation in Greenland in general, their work at the Film Workshop in particular and discuss its transferability to other Nordic regions.

The program will take place on Thursday 17th at 19:00 at TVIBIT.

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The films



A shortfilm by Inuk Jørgensen, filmed in Southern Greenland during the summer of 2018.

A personal perspective on coming home after nearly a decade abroad and finding that something is off in the familiar paradise. A warning that profound change is coming. Change that will influence future generations. This short film centres on climate change in southern Greenland, told from a personal yet historical stand point.



a film by Christian G., Tone O., Alberte L., Ida Å., Jesper P.

Living between Greenland & Denmark.



A film by Angutitsiaq “John” Hansen

A strange night in Nuuk.