NUFF Global


NUFF Global


In connection with the International Polar Year and the World Environmental Day 2007, the Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF focused on the theme “Climate Change”.
NUFF global is a film competition that invited young filmmakers from all over the world to make films about climate changes. There were two categories to compete in:

  • A film idea competition, where you could win funds to produce the film

  • A film competition among (previously) completed films

Stimulating young film makers to tell their stories on the subject will not only raise their awareness of climate changes; their voices will also be broadcasted to a larger audience. As the future generation, their message will be even more powerful.

NUFF and NUFF Global 2007 came to a close on June 10th after ten jam-packed days of film-making, film-watching, international fervour, and friendship. With participants, workshop leaders, and jury-members coming from all corners of the globe and with a side-program focused specifically on global climate change, the festival took on a powerful international dimension for the first time in its five-year history.

25 films made by young enthusiastic story tellers show a worldwide and large spectre of the issue of man-made climate change.





List of ambassadors for NUFF Global

This list of honorable people from all over the world support NUFF Global as ambassadors. Nobel Peace Prize winner, ministers, artists, architects, filmmakers, environmental organizations, actors, people who care about the future of the earth. They all underline the how serious it is that young filmmakers tell there stories about the most dramatic challenge mankind has to face today.


Prof Wangari Maathai

Green Belt Movement Founder and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Nairobi, Kenya

“The situation, however, is serious because the youth of today will experience the consequences of their elders' mismanagement of the environment. The creative approach of NUFF Global will inspire young people to tell their own stories on Climate Change and to promote environmental sustainability.”


Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Former chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference and 2005 Sophie-Prize winner - Iqaluit, Nunavut

“Global warming connects us all. Use what is happening in the Arctic as a vehicle to connect us all, so that we may understand that the planet and its people are one. The Inuit hunter who falls through the depleting and unpredictable sea ice is connected to the cars we drive, the industries we rely upon, and the disposable world we have become. Therefore I would like to help in some way by being an Ambassador for Nuff Global and help stimulate young film makers to tell their stories on climate change.”


Helen Bjørnøy

Former Minister of Environment of Norway - Oslo, Norway

"I think it is great that climate change is the theme of a film idea contest for young filmmakers. Climate change is the most critical environmental
problem the world faces, and it is therefore very important that people engage in fighting this. This is an excellent way of reaching young people. I look forward to seeing the films, and hope they get the message across."

Prof Ole D. Mjoes.jpeg

Prof Ole D. Mjøs

Chair of the Norwegian Peace Nobel Committee - Tromsø/Norway

One of the most important challenges we have to face today – Climate Change and its consequences – causes often conflict! That’s why it is important to stimulate the creativity of youth to contribute with their voices like in projects NUFF Global is initiating.

Albert Maysles.jpg

Albert Maysles

Filmmaker NY, USA
"Unfortunately, our current government does not seem to understand the necessity to address the subject of global warming. However, with the recent success of Al Gore's documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH a first step towards greater public awareness here in the US has been made. Therefore I sincerely support your activities and congratulate you on your initative.”

Encouraging young filmmakers to produce works that will focus on CLIMATE CHANGE is a wonderful way to continue changing people's attitude and behavior."


Nick Bonner

Painter, cartoonist, landscape artist and film maker Beijing, China

"The strongest way to deliver an environmental message and to create an impact is certainly through film; providing that once the film is over the momentum gained is not lost. Somehow you have to put the audience into action once they leave the cinema. And to make a film that will influence individuals to change attitudes or put pressure on governments is going to be quite a challenge."


Peter Doyle

Documentary film maker - USA

"I strongly believe it is the moral responsibility of everyone to leave the world a better place for future generations. Climate Control and other environmental issues such as the loss of biodiversity and conserving energy are matters critical to the well being and survival of this planet. Your initiative to support and encourage young film makers to address the issues of climate change is an important step in informing people and inspiring them to do something about it."


Bob Benoni

Culture worker & DJ – Tromsø, Norway

”I mean that all youths of the world should be conscious of the environmental problems of the planet earth. The youths represent the future. They are  the future parents and leaders of the world, and that`s why all young people, no matter where they find themselves on the earth, should engage themselves in finding long-lasting solutions to the environmental and climatical challenges facing the planet earth. Be creative! I already see Mother Earth crying river, and I work with young people everyday here in Tromsø. That’s why, I Bob Benoni, with respect and without doubt endorses this project as an ambassador.”


Knut Erik Jensen

Film director – Tromsø, Norway

"When people BURY their heads in the sand, it can get dangerous - for the ostrich!" 

Peter Rommel.jpeg

Peter Rommel

Film producer – Berlin/Stuttgart, Germany

“By using the voice of the Youth to call attention to the challenge of preservation and protection of our natural habitat, I consider the initiative of NUFF Global as innovative and concrete at the same time.  The challenge becomes a global subject of discussion in order to develop together strategies for social and political action and networking.”

Horst Edler

TV Journalist & editor - Berlin/Germany

“Melting polar ice, shrinking alpine glaciers, rising sea level: especially in the last 30 years the effects of global warming have increased dramatically. In Germany, Brandenburg is considered among the driest zones. In the near future we have to face continuing changes in the climate, and the consequences these will have for the environment for plants and animals. This won’t be without impact to human beings, who are in fact responsible for the CO2-concentration in the atmosphere in a global scale.
I personally reckon the climate change and its consequences (which we don't really know the full scope of yet) as one of the biggest challenges in our time.  That is why I support NUFF Global, and I wish the participants the best of luck!”


Ingeborg Solvang

Film producer – Tromsø, Norway

“We've come past the murky state of doubt and been presented with one of humanity's great challenges: to change the development from a consumer society to an awareness society - where one understands the consequences of one's actions and acts accordingly. It's about seeing oneself, one's town, one's city and one's country in a bigger perspective where our actions have consequences for the rest of the world - and vice versa.”


Herman Kristoffersen

Former Mayor of the City of Tromsø – Tromsø, Norway

“I am very happy to be an ambassador for NUFF Global. I have always thought that NUFF is one of the most important festivals in Tromsø, because it gives young people the chance to express themselves and their view of the world. It is great to see NUFF going global this year. It is a great initiative to invite young people from all over the world to make films about the common threat of Climate Change.

This festival is a shining example of how important it is to dare to go outside your own limits. Is there a better way to attack a global problem than joining together globally? When young people join together in this way their common voice will be heard and well noticed.

Good luck with the project!”


Svein Andersen

Film producer - Målselv/Norway

”Most films are about conflicts of values. We all find ourselves confronted with choices and values in contradiction.
To make film is - in itself - a choice of an important value: the freedom of speech. NUFF Global addresses the right and duty to express our opposition against destruction of important values!
Modern mankind and society is in conflict with nature. One of the biggest drama ever! The global effect from man-made pollution and destruction is a real horror-movie. Many young people find themselves trapped, - reduced to consumers, brainwashed, paralyzed and entertained to mental death by this horror. NUFF Global gives young people a rare chance to resist and to free themselves from indifference and alienation. It’s hope at work!”


Aslaug Holm

Film director – Oslo, Norway

“We inherit the world from our parents, and we borrow it from our children.”


Paolo Davanzo

Founder/Executive Director of Echo Park Film Center - Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Members of a democratic society have an irrefutable right to full participation in the exchange of information and ongoing public debate and policy-making regarding contemporary social, racial, economic and educational issues. Despite the explosion of the so-called information superhighway, there remains a desperate need for balanced and open media access in our neighborhood, our city and our nation. I believe people become more pro-active and articulate members of society when they are given the means and the forum to express their ideas, their experiences, their needs and their dreams. In turn, our society benefits from a truer representation in the mainstream media of its many voices and visions; the democratic process is activated as people are galvanized to participate in the ongoing struggle for true equality. All of us here at the Echo Park Film Center applaud your efforts at the Nordic Youth Film Festival and join you in solidarity!"

Brian Donovan

Actor - Los Angeles, CA, USA
"Living in Hollywood and working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years I have seen it all -- the good, the bad, the ugly. What I have learned and know for certain is that there are never enough good films about things that really matter. I think what NUFF Global YOUTH CINEMA Climate is encouraging and stands for is a fantastic step in the right direction--needed now more than ever. Artist are meant to enlighten, but also, and I think more importantly, keep us honest about what we (society and individual) contribute in this world and what we take away. NUFF seeks out the artist that cares and helps to foster a collective global honesty. By supporting these filmmakers of the future now, NUFF provides us all with a little hope -- environmentally and otherwise!"

Søren Hyldgaard

Film Composer - NUFF Juror - Copenhagen, Denmark

"The current freak super-storms, powerful tornados in unexpected locations, deluges of biblical proportions, the Day After Tomorrow-scenario melt‑down of the polar caps— it all makes for a gigantic wake-up call for mankind. It is immaterial whether or not we are wholly or just partly causing the global climate changes; with the speed at which things are occurring now, we need to raise global awareness even higher than the levees we are currently constructing around the planet. While even scientists who used to be optimistic are now increasingly crying “Wolf!", governments worldwide seem to be downplaying the bleak perspectives. I believe that the timeline of the present comfort zone is much shorter than most of us dare imagine. That it why we must act now— and the visceral impact of film and media is one of the most powerful tools at our hand. Remember this: Mother Earth doesn't get mad— she gets even!"

Breivika Highschool

Ingebrit Myrvoll – Principle – Tromsø, Norway

"A starlit sky and an earth where flowers grow...’, so goes a song. We only have one earth and if we don't take care of it we'll erase future generations. The natural climate changes are out of our control, and they should be. But we ought to feel committed to stop the human made problems. That concerns pollution, war, deprivation and poverty.”


Trond Giske

Former Minister of Culture and Church Affairs - Oslo, Norway

"I believe that an initiative that gives new film talents a chance to show what they are capable of and at that the same time focuses on climate change makes two big contributions. Young people can show their talents by communicating an important message. Film is today's most important cultural expression and should not only be entertainment and diversion. If movies can also draw attention to political agendas and contribute to knowledge and debate, the film medium is being used to its full potential"

MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association)

George Ndiritu & James Njuguna - Managers of the Shootback Programme and Haba na Haba Programme - Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya

"Letting the lions write their stories not the hunters!"

Grønn Hverdag - North

Environment organization – Northern Norway

“Grønn Hverdag region North wishes to be ambassador to NUFF. Global heating is one of the greatest challenges facing human kind.
We think using film to put climate on the agenda is a good initiative. It's also good to see NUFF getting youth to partake. We need young people concerned for the environment and wanting to contribute to a better world.
Young people today are inheriting our world. That's why everybody must play a part in reducing emissions. It's all about changing our ways and becoming environmentally aware citizens. Together we can do it!”

Feliz Polat

Member of BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN and Member of the State Parliament Niedersachsen, Germany

“Climate change is an indisputable truth. There is not much more time left to make governments adopt immediate, responsible and ambitious measures and commitments to stop and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global warming. The Green Parties all over the world fight on this issue since many many years. We now know the causes of climate change, as well as their effects. The results are clear: loss of diversity, greater vulnerability (droughts, floodings...), desertification, migration and more poverty globally. In short, serious environmental, social, economic, industrial and cultural problems, which impact the health and life of millions. For this reason me and my party fight for strict commitments for reducing emissions and embrace initiatives such as the initiative of NUFF Global.”

Alfred Hartung

Actor, Berlin, Germany

The NUFF Global program morrows in a unique way the local view of young committed filmmakers worldwide on the biggest challenge mankind has to face today: Climate Change!

Øystein Dahle

Chairman Worldwatch Institute - Slependen, Norway

Jan-Gunnar Winther

Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute - Tromsø/Norway

Fernando Birri

Documentary filmmaker – Argentina

Knut Eirik Dahl

Architect - Tromsø/Norway

Kurt Salo

Documentary film maker - Tromsø/Norway

Martha Otte

Director Tromsø International Film Festival – Tromsø, Norway

Nina Dessau

Author – Oslo, Norway

Mariam Rapp

Former Cabinet Member for Culture & Health at Troms County Government - Tromsø/Norway

Kent Ögren

President of County Government at County of Nordbotten – Luleå, Sweden

Linda Sternö

Filmmaker – Göteborg, Sweden

Antonio Skarmeta

Author, filmmaker & writer - Santiago de Chile, Chile

Erik Gandini

Director/producer - Sweden

Bo Landin

Producer - Heber City, Utah, USA

Palestinakomiteen in Norway

Olso, Norway

Sabine Rieck

Circus artist – Seattle/Berlin, USA/Germany

 Linda Hattendorf

Film director & editor NY, USA 


The films

The films


NUFF Global film-idea competition

The Winners

You can watch the films here…

Hot Planet, Thirsty Joburg

crab themba simon.png

Doc, Canada/South Africa 2007,
Dir: Jon Durand
Prod: Jon Durand & Anne-Marie Lavigne
Script: Jon Durand & Anne-Marie Lavigne
Camera: Jon Durand, Anne-Marie Lavigne, Francois Therrien, Eve-Lyne Couturier
Music: Lucky Litelu & Illuminated Creatives, Bophelong Youth Choir

In Johannesburg, South Africa - the largest city in the world without lakes or rivers, in a country with scarce freshwater resources - township communities struggle with access to water and their country's divisive past. With the weather changing and the rivers drying up, how are the people of Orange Farm and Sonder Water coping?

Sui Utik


Doc, Indonesia 15 min
Director/prod: Ramadian Bachtiar
Camerawork: Nanang Sujana, Een Irawan Putra
Editor:  Nanang Sujana
Script: Ramadian Bachtiar, Nanang Sujana, Mulia Nurhasan

Indonesia as the 3rd highest country that release carbon emission in the world and most of it came from deforestation, experience an anomaly weather – caused a catastrophic impact in everywhere.  But in Sui Utik – right in the hearth of Borneo, different situation happen.  Pak Janggut – Dayak Iban Tribe Leader – narrates about his people way of live.  He tells us about their way in agriculture and how their forest support their life.  Their promise to their ancestor to take care the forest had lead the tribe to survive the severe dry season which hit Indonesia.  They held a harvesting ceremony as their gratitude to Betara – their god.

Jonathan Brown and the Lost Penguin


Fiction, Australia 2007, 13'36
Director: Sarah Stephen
Producer: Nick Roffey
DoP: Stefan Duscio
Visual Effects and Technical Consultant: Thomas Pullar
Animation: Liviu Ionescu
Starring: Reg Gorman as Jonathan Brown, Michael Jaske as Jack, Ray Martin, John Faine, Joan Aitken as Lily

When Jonathan Brown, eccentric outback inventor, discovers a penguin in his backyard - a victim of melting polar icecaps - he and grandson Jack must travel to Antarctica in his thought powered flying machine. Encountering the realities of global warming on their flight across Australia, Jonathan realises that sometimes, positive thinking isn't enough.



Doc, Canada 2007, 15'00
Produced and Directed by: Ari Shomair and Julian Van Mil
Executive Producer: Zahra Ebrahim
Music and Sound Design: Yota Kobayashi
Narrator: Elizabeth Rappeport
Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Robert E. Garfinkle
Narration Recorded by: David Fleury Music
Camera: Barry Cheong
On Set Sound: Phil Durbrovsky
Stock footage provided by

If we continue to build higher into the sky, we must look at our cities as we do forests, and make sure that the tallest trees are contributing the most back to our environment, serving as symbols of our generationís advancement rather than our regression. Adaptive Greening profiles the young team at a r c h i T E X T providing a global window into the consequences of irresponsible architecture and the advantages of smart design.

The Fridge


Animation, Czech Republic 2007, 6'42
Script: Lucie Stamfestova, Pavel Sobek
dir: Lucie Stamfestova
camera: Thomas Kriv
animation: Lucie Stamfestova, Daniela Vasicova, Jan Ott
music: Jakub Vlachynsk, Jan Krofta, Pavel Sobek, Tamas Kubica
prod: Martin Hulovec, Jakub Tlapak, Punk Film

A man forgets to close the door of a fridge. Therefore the micro climax inside changes. Vegetables start sprouting, chickens start hatching out of the eggs. The light bulb is heating. The groceries are getting spoiled and dry. The cans are blowing out; mould is sprawling round the fridge. Grilled chickens are turning into skeletons. The freezer is getting dry. The fridge stops working.

Don't burn our future


Doc, China 7 min
Director & producer: Bai Yunwen
Camera: Sony DSR-PD190P
Script: Liu Zhexi

It records a witness trip taken by a group of Chinese youths, who went to the most major coal mining city of China, During the trip, the youths approached the, did interviews with locals and coal miners and bear witness on environment polluted and farmland declined caused by coal mining. They also set a solar panel to charge lantern lighting at Ping Yaoís Youth hostel, showing locals the possibility of using solar energy. Through filming their lively voices and faces of these youths to spread the message that Burning of Fossil Fuels was bringing the threat of global warming, motivating more youths to act against Climate Change demanding Clean Energy.

From The Camp


Documentary, Palestine 2007, 15'00
Cameraman & Director: Ahmed Mashharawi
Script: Raid Dawoud
Editing: Ashraf Mashharawi
Narrator: Paul Martin
Translation: Ismail Rabah

The documentary film tells of the Palestinian refugees in Gaza Strip, who were forced to immigrate by political reasons in 1948. The refugees now face a new immigration, but this time the power of nature is their enemy.

Abu Ahmed had a part of his home destroyed by the sea. Fuad and his poor family can hardly scrape by. They represent the miserable life of the refugees in their battered camp and the doubled suffering that the poor may have when they face the force of nature. It is a story of a sea and refugees.

Mountain Pine Beetle: A Climate Change Catastrophe

MPB Poster v1.jpg

Documentary, Canada 14 min
Directed and Produced: Lindsay Robles
Filmed and shot: Lindsay Robles, Ben McGuire, Sean Lavoy, Jordan Eady, Chunyee Vixsaysouk

Canada is being devoured.  Its enemy: the Mountain Pine Beetle, an insect no larger than a grain of rice. Aided by a changing climate, the beetle population has exploded over the past decade, leaving a wake of dead pine – some 9 million hectares (roughly the size of Iceland) - in its path.  The rapid and wide-ranging tree mortality will have significant environmental, economic, and social ramifications for generations to come.  It is the first large-scale ecology-altering event of the climate change century.

Reclaim Power - voices from the camp for climate action 2006


Documentary, Germany/UK 15:35 min
Dir: Luciano Ibarra & Julian Benz
DoP: Luciano Ibarra
Production: cine rebelde production
Music: livelihood
Script: Luciano Ibarra

Yorkshire (UK) summer 2006. 600 people set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station. With over 100 workshops, the 10 day camp was a space of collective learning, sustainable living and taking direct action on the root causes of climate change. The gathering culminated in a day of protest in an attempt to shut down Drax.



Docu-Drama, Nigeria/Cameroon 2007, 9'09
Dir/script: Nwatum Damasius A.
DoP: Afred Chia
Prod: Jakar Pictures
Music: Peter Ntam, Yibain Emile
Cast: John Nwatum, Yebit Valentine, Etongo Cyril

My story focuses on the migration of a typical farmer community from the desert infested north fo their country southwards as a result of excessive drought and poor soil for farming which is a long term effect of deforestation perpertrated by this same community wherever they settle.

The Last Boy Riding


Fiction, Phillipines 2007, 16:59 min
Dir/script/music: Jobin Ballestreros
Prod: Wild Coyote Pictures
DoP: Chris Manjares
Cast: Archie R. Adamos, Mario Magallona, Joshua Tecson

Everyday, Rene goes to work riding his pedicab. It is a constant source of ridicule, especially from his peers who always have the latest cars in the market. But when a fuel shortage happens in their town, everyone is stranded, save for Rene.†


smoke from leather making.JPG

Documentary, Nigeria 10 min
Writer/ Producer/ Director: Busayo Iruemiobe
Editor/Animator: Mike-Steve Adeleye
Photographers: Choji Kim, Seun Anuwe, Busayo Iruemiobe

According to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the African continent is vulnerable to climate change and its adverse effects. This light documentary, using animation, still and motion pictures and in honour of slain Nigerian Environmentalist and Nobel Prize nominee Ken Saro-Wiwa tries to clarify what climate change is all about from the perspective of school kids.



Fiction, Nigeria 2007, 5:18

Dir/script/prod: Iliyasu Kasimu
Edit/music: The Faiq
Camera: Ali M. Ali
Cast: Mohammed Ahmed Mauga, Shamsu Mohammed

Audu 10 and Hansai 8 search the sun scorched landscape of their village for water. When they take some from a barricaded pool on the sandy bed of a dried up river, some boys chase them till Audu trips over a stump. Only to realise it is a nightmare.


Makoko shot.jpg

Doc, Nigeria 2007, 11'15
Dir: Tunde Aboderin
Prod: Tunde Aboderin
Script: Tunde Aboderin
Music: Obed Ekele, Joseph Aiairaodion
Camera: Eyo Asuquo
Voice over: Adetutu Badmus
Presenter: Mercy Ahaeze

Change in rainfall pattern, flooding, rise in sea level and increase temperature threatens Lagos 15 million residents who heavily depend on automobiles with thick dark smoke for transportation. Air pollution from diesel-fired electricity generators due to irregular power supply, industrial pollution and coal mining lead to increased carbon emissions.

The Pampas Unknown Desert 


Doc, Brazil 25 min
Screenplay and direction: Carolina Berger
Producer: Álvaro de Carvalho Neto
Director of Photography: Pablo Escajedo

In the very south of Brazil, in the Southeast border of Rio Grande do Sul state, where the main economical activity is agriculture and cattle raising, a community of small farm workers is struggling not to loose what remains of their small piece of land. The land inherited from their grand-father is the memory of a history of resistance, where the nature is the remembrance that man shouldn’t forget of taking care of the land. A threatened world, where generations have been sowing and reaping their own survival.