The NUFF Special project is similar in scope to the other workshop groups - where participants will be tasked to develop a short fi lm from the idea to the finished fi lm in six days. The only difference is that this group will be working with a very special camera - the Rylo 360 camera, with new technological features that include cinematic stabilization, tracking and reframing 360 footage. NUFF Special presents an exciting creative challenge and opportunity for local filmmakers to work with these new features and concepts. The NUFF Special project will be using this camera and other tools to develop a story around NUFF itself, the people behind it and its many creative participants. 



Workshop leader, NUFF Special Project

Ismet began his career as a filmmaker first before pursuing his love for interactive entertainment. He has since worked as an Editor of game and pop culture magazine, designed games and viral marketing campaigns for Funcom and EA/Playfish. In 2013, he co-founded Plus Point, an interactive studio based in Tromsø. Since then, he divides his time by working as a new media consultant at Filmvekshuset Tvibit, nurturing young creative talents.