여름이 지나간 자리
The Trace of Summer         

Fiction | 2017 | South Korea | 20:00     


Prod: Jung-hee Shin
Dir:  Hyunki Min
DOP: Jong-hoon Kwon
Script: Hyunki Min
Cast: Chan Yoon Jang, Chae Yoon Um, Hui Ryeon Jeon, Yeong Ju Kim
Contact: htmin123@naver.com

One day summer came to a temple. Dong-hyun is embarrassed to sudden summer visit. And then, Donghyeon gradually permeates the color of Summer...

(NORDIC <18)

Sinä olet arvokas

Fiction | 2017 | Finland | 7:51    


Prod: Tommi Nevala
Dir: Isabella Zitting, Roope Kontio, Joona Rissanen
DOP: Aletta Jurvakainen, Roope Kontio, Joona Rissanen
Script:  Entire Group
Music: Kevin Macleod
Cast: Elli Tauniharju, Isabella Zitting, Roope Kontio
Contact:  Tommi.nevala@ouka.fi

Symbolized through a pink balloon, this young girl must take a choice if she is ready or not to try something new and life changing.


The Last Embrace   

Fiction | 2018 | Iran | 4:00        

Prod: Saman Hosseinpuor
Dir: Saman Hosseinpuor
DOP: Zanyar Lotfi
Script: Saman Hosseinpuor
Music: Mohammad Towrivarian
Cast: Zhona Sajadi, Fereiduon AliRamai, Rashid Hosseinpuor, Ali Panahi, Mohammad Panahi, Nima Hosseini, Parvin Falahi, Kazhal Safeghi
Contact: hpsaman@gmail.com

The Little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones, she goes to her grandpa who has just past away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing it.

(NORDIC 19-21)

Siste brikke
The Final Piece

Fiction | 2017 | Norway | 6:42   


Produsent: Stian Skjelstad
Regi: Eirik Wilhelmsen
DOP: Sjur Kleppan
Script: Eirik Wilhelmsen
Music: Anne-Viktoria Strømsvik Olsen & Simen Bjørnslett
Cast: Anders Wenger, Max Lindmaa, Adrian Hoff
Contact: eirik@ewil.media

Two dead men, an obsessed detective, and a fucking set of LEGO. The truth is closer than you think, and soon the final pieces will reveal everything.


I was 3             

Fiction | 2017 | UK | 11:01 

Prod: Ciara Ledward, Alfie Barker
Dir: Alfie Barker
DOP: Mahalia John
Script: Alfie Barker
Music: Ben Squires
Cast: Katie Jarvis, Dean Kilbey, Ethel Crowe, Olivette Cole-Wilson
Contact: itsalfiebarker@gmail.com

One morning Laura finds her face with the caption “Missing” in a newspaper article, it soon becomes apparent that her childhood has been a lie.