Fiction | 2016 | Russia | 15:28  

Prod: Karina Tateosyan
Dir: Irina Storozhenko
DOP: Ksenia Sereda
Script: Irina Storozhenko
Music: Ivan Maslov
Cast: Pavel Akimkin, Daria Yacenko
Contact: storozzhenko@gmail.com

In the office of young psychologist women of different ages complain about the standard problems in relationships with men. The doctor has the unique ability to get rid of "cockroaches" in their head at the click of his fingers. It helps the girls, but they come back again and again with other issues. The dream of all the life of the doctor to find the one who will be the happiest woman in the world. In that moment appears the most unusual patient in the world to which everything is ok.

(NORDIC 19-21)

Polar Star  

Documentary | 2017 | Norway | 15:00  


Prod: Filmveksthuset Tvibit
Dir: Richard Viken Klausmark
DOP: Richard Viken Klausmark
Script: Richard Viken Klausmark
Music: Royalty free music from Bensound
Cast: Tordos Eilertsen Viken
Contact: richardviken@hotmail.com

This documentary is directed by a grandson who wants to show the world that his grandmother is not like any other regular grandmother.       

(NORDIC 19-21)


Fiktion | 2017 | Sweden | 9:13
(Winner of the NUFF-award at Novemberfestivalen 2017)


Prod: Film på Gotland, Yahye Abdikadir, Séamus Deivert
Dir: Yahye Abdikadir
DOP: Yahye Abdikadir
Script: Yahye Abdikadir
Music: Séamus Deivert & Yahye Abdikadir
Cast: Hamze Osman, Bilal M Omar, Yasiin A Shirdoon, Sharmaake Abdullai, Séamus Deivert
Contact: hamzeosmanjama@gmail.com

Looking for a new life in a new country is not about getting a lot of things and a better materialistic life. It´s about finding a new connection, a new context. A feeling of being part of the life surrounding you. "Belong" is a film about how hard this process is when your loved ones are not with you.

(NORDIC 19-21)

Sheet fort

Fiction | 2017 | Norway | 11:52     

Sheet Fort3.png

Prod: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
Dir: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
DOP: Catharina Wandrup
Script: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
Music: Edvard Grieg  
Cast: Harald Rosenstrøm, Emilie Nissen-Meyer, Elvira Haaland
Contact: marlene.lyngstad@hotmail.no

Ane is meeting her newborn brother for the first time. Ane’s dad is going to meet Ane’s mother for the first time in many months. Sheet fort is a description of a father and a daughter and a morning filled with expectations.