SEEk Screenings @ TIFF 2018


EEk Screenings are a one-night only experience where acclaimed and emerging VR titles are given the cinematic treatment, streamed live in front of an audience and projected onto the big screen through the perspective of the User. In this case, one of you from the audience!

This year, we bring together some of the genre defining moments from renowned VR content creators to the audience at TIFF 2018 and showcase fresh local and European productions which includes the following.

  • Where : Fokus 4

  • When: Saturday January 20th 13:15

  • Q&A with Adrián Ruíz del Cerro and Patricia M. Val, Director and Producer of Portal: An Extreme VR Experience


Evolution of Vrse

Evolution of Verse.jpg

2015 / USA  / 03:59
DIR: Chris Milk
SCRIPT:Chris Milk

Chris Milk, co-founder of VR content platform Within and director of famed music videos for Kanye West and Arcade Fire jolts the genre of 360 films into life. In this visual tribute to the cinematic medium a la “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”, the viewer is taken on a journey from beginning to a new beginning.

Surreal and sublime, the photo-realistic CGI-rendered short film is the perfect introduction to VR films.



2016 / FRA  / 10:00
DIR: Philippe A. Collin & Clément Léotard
SCRIPT: Philippe A. Collin & Clément Léotard
DIGITAL EFFECTS: Ex Nihilo and Novelab by AudioGaming

From Méliés and Chaplin to Kubrick and Tarantino- Kinoscope is a delightful VR experience that take the spectator into a journey of cinematic history across genres. Part shadow puppet play, encapsulated by an all immersive 360 mise en scène - Kinoscope celebrates these seminal screen moments, and is an ode to the joy for cinema past, present and future.

Dear Angelica

Dear Angelica_1.png

2016 / USA / 13:00
DIR: Saschka Unseld
SCRIPT: Saschka Unseld
DIGITAL EFFECTS: Oculus Story Studio
Platform: Oculus Experiences

Dear Angelica is a VR experience produced by the now-defunct Oculus Story Studio. It centers around Jessica, a teenage girl looking back on the stories that her mom, a famous movie actress, used to tell her about as a child. Starring Geena Davis (as the voice of Angelica) , this hybridised genre of immersive art and animation marked a new innovation in VR storytelling tools - and turning heads all over the world to what the technology is capable of doing beyond the camera lens.

The Beta

The Beta_1.png

2017 / Norway / 06:03
Director: Adrian Kirk Ejsing (DK)
Screenplay: Adrian Kirk Ejsing (DK)
Producer: Ismet Bachtiar (NO/Singapore)
Cast: David Wallstén (Sweden), Charlotte Kristiansen (Norway)
DoP: Innunguaq Johansen (Greenland)
Sound recordist: Morten M. Willumsen (Greenland)
Art director: Rolf Jacob Thommessen (Norway)
Post production & VFX: David Sandland Bråthen (Norway), Suran Basharati (Norway), Morten M. Willumsen (Greenland), Innunguaq Johansen (Greenland), Rolf Jacob Thommessen (Norway), Adrian Ruiz del Cerro (Spain), Cristian Dominguez (Spain)
Music & sound design: Kristian Bruun Lorentzen (Norway), Imre Matthias Isaksen (Norway), Svetlana Matveeva (Russia)
VR supervisers: Adrian Ruiz del Cerro (Spain), Cristian Dominguez (Spain)
Production assistant: Hellena Wildenborg (Denmark)
Directors Assistant: David Wallstén (Sweden)
Platform: VeeR, Vimeo

When Mark gets a new computer, his dating life takes an unexpected turn as he activates a hidden protocol. But can he overcome his nervousness in the face of a digital assistant who knows too much? Or is he doomed to be lonely forever?

Developed, shot and screened in under 10 days, The Beta was the result of the first-ever 360 film project by young Scandinavian talents at NUFF (Nordic Youth Film Festival) 2017, under the tutelage of professional VR filmmakers from Europe.

An Extreme VR Experience

2017 / Spain / 05:00
DIRECTOR & SCRIPTWRITER: Adrián Ruíz del Cerro
PRODUCER: Patricia M. Val
TALENT COACH: Joan Marc Zapata
CAMERA OPERATOR : Damian Augustyniak
SPARK: Xavier Margalef
SPARK: Oriol Cayetano
ART DIRECTOR: Olalla Carballar
ATREZZO: Zelso Bai
SOUND DESIGNER: Íñigo Calisalvo
MAKE UP: Inma Cifré
STITCHING: Damian Augustyniak, Onar Berrade
EDITOR: Adrián Ruíz del Cerro

In this atmospheric take on a seance with a powerful psychic - the viewer is unexpectedly taken on a fearful encounter with the dead when a portal opens and spirits emerge. Directed by Adrián Ruíz del Cerro - this creepy VR experience is given an extra touch of haptic interactivity through the use of real world props while carefully composed binaural sound design amplifies the impending dread.