In collaboration with Nordnorsk Filmsenter and Tvibit, the seminar portion for SEEk looks into the rise of these new media formats through presentations and panels discussions. The seminar aims to bring a wider Scandinavian perspective and discuss how filmmakers and creatives alike can bring their skills to VR/AR projects and familiarise themselves to the unique typology of the medium.  

SEEk seminars will take place at Kulturhuset Verkstedet, with guest speakers including acclaimed filmmaker and new media veteran Christian Fonnesbech, Executive Producer and Cross Media Manager for DR in Denmark, Kåre V Poulsen, leader for the nationwide VR/AR initiative in Norway, Ali Zareiee and project leader for the Norwegian Film School: CEFIMA (Center for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts), Fredrik Graver.  

  • Christian Fonnesbech (DK) - ‘Bringing Traditional Story Skills to Immersive Media

How can filmmakers bring their skills to VR and AR? How do we begin to figure out how to tell stories in these new formats? What are the differences in processes and skill types? Having combined Hollywood stars with game designers and found-footage with social gameplay, Christian Fonnesbech will share how he sees the way forward for immersive storytelling.

  • Kåre V. Poulson (DK)- ‘A Typology of Digital Narratives’.

This seminar introduces a typology and highlight different ways in which great documentary/fictional stories are being told – by the means of new digital possibilities. Kåre will present some of the best told stories ranging from the use of SoMe, digital storytelling,  social/cross media storytelling, data mining projects, 360 VR. AR and beyond. If you need a language for the different types of narratives, this is where you get it.

  • Fredrik Graver (NO) - Constructing an Education for Filmmakers and immersive/interactive Media Storytellers

The Norwegian Film School has been training filmmakers for the national industry since 1997, focussing on the artistic and professional development in traditional film and television disciplines. Recent years, however, have shown that innovative filmmakers and audiovisual storytellers are exploring new technologies and new platforms and film schools need to follow suit.

CEFIMA is the Norwegian Film School’s «research and development» lab for exploring the storytelling potentials of new media with a focus on constructing new educational programmes and updating the existing ones. In this seminar, Fredrik will share how he sees the future of education for artists and storytellers working with audiovisual media.

SEEk Seminar Panel Debate - The Future of Film

  • Christian Fonnesbech, Kåre V. Poulson, Ali Zareiee, Fredrik Graver,  Kristian Mosvold (Moderator)

4 panelist and their audience discuss the issue of emerging media and its impact on traditional filmmaking. Moderated by Norwegian film producer Kristian Mosvold, the panel debate is an intellectual discourse into the merits of the medium, their experiences with developing content and keeping sight on the opportunities ahead.


Filmbransje og kreativ næring/ Film and creative industry

Gratis for alle med akkreditering eller armbånd/Free admission with accreditation or TIFF bracelet.

Working language:

Tvibit & Nordnorsk Filmsenter

Onsdag, 17. januar 11:00-13:30
Kulturhuset Verkstedet

Christian Fonnesbech


Having directed the prize winning Cloud Chamber, combining stars from James Bond and Game of Thrones with experimental game design and indie game developers, Christian Fonnesbech now works as a strategic consultant, advising media companies, game developers and investors. 

He currently advises and develops projects for Egmont, Nordisk Film Games and a number of independent game developers. He is also working with the Nordic Games Conference and the CEFIMA (Center for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts in Lillehammer. Before becoming an independent consultant, Christian financed, produced and directed 35+ narrative game projects for advertising, learning and entertainment. 

Kåre V Poulsen

Kare V. Poulsen.jpg

Kåre V. Poulsen works in DR, Denmark, as Executive producer and Cross Media Manager since 1999

He and his teams won Prix Europe for crossmedia project ‘Fantastic Stories’ 2007, Prix Italia for ‘Build it up’ in 2014, Prix Radio 2015 (DK) for ‘Next Stop Home’ and Prix Radio 2016 (DK) ‘Classics retold’. Kåre recieved first price at Split Intl. film festival for short film ‘If Time Went Backwards’

Kåre does lectures/masterclasses on 'Cross media/Social Storytelling' based on own projects and on 'A Typology of Digital Narratives'. He advises public service stations such as UR SVT & svYLE on transforming into the digital age and gives Masterclasses in 'Designing Cross-platform content to engage audiences' at EBU.


Ali Zareiee


Zareiee is the CEO of VR Oslo and Adapa360º, and just joined the Norwegian Media Cluster. He is responsible for the VR Expo part of the Cutting Edge festival, and invited the cluster to exhibit together with a number of companies from the VR Oslo arena, including IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photographers Association), Visualiz, Symfoni Next Generation and NRK.

Kristian Mosvold


Kristian is educated cand.theol and is partner and producer in Øya Film and owner of Øya Interaktiv. Recently he produced Christine Cynn´s documentary Shooting Ourselves and the interactive component We are the Gun. 

Also:  «Punkt - the art of live remix» dir. Adrien le Gall - featuring ao Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno (in post production).  Previous films: MixedFeelings (by Guy Davidi - premiere March 2016 - co-production). A Dream at Sea directed by the Norwegian artists Pirolt/Perry (premiere Cph:Dox 2014).  Mosvold also co-produced Anders Østergaard´s film 1989 (opening film Cph:Dox 2014, with Magic Hour Films, Denmark) 

Fredrik Graver


Fredrik Graver leads the new initiative of the Norwegian Film School: CEFIMA (Center for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts). This Centre is devoted to exploring the uses of new technologies and new media in audiovisual storytelling, with the aim of updating film education in Norway and beyond. At the core of the project is using the experiences of artists and storytellers to develop new techniques for teaching and learning.

Graver joined the Norwegian Film School as Head of Studies in 2009, and has previously worked in the Canadian film industry, and har participated in helping bring 250+ student films to completion at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto and at Vancouver Film School. His interest in bridging filmmaking with new media / transmedia goes back to 1998, when Canadian storytellers were starting to explore the potential of the internet and interactive technologies for storytellers.