SEEk Workshops

SEEk workshops focus on basic introductions to AR, to full on workshops on animation and music production in VR. All in all, SEEk Workshops aims to be a place where a deep dive into new technologies can take place, offering curious new experiences for film festival attendees in Tromsø.

By registration only and limited spaces for participants per workshop. Participants should be aged 13 years and above. 

AR Bootcamp


The emerging trend of Augmented Reality through mobile phone experiences, headsets and eyewear is the next highly touted technological shift. How does it change our perspectives, and what kind of storytelling ideas could we be experiencing next?

The AR Bootcamp is a 2-hr workshop on AR, with focus on how future consumers will get used to augmented interfaces through headsets and modern mobile phone interfaces. Unlike VR´s all-immersive experience - AR brings simulated information to the real-world around us, creating a new and surrealistic narrative journey, from journeys to Machu Pichu to investigating a crime scene in your own living space.

Led by workshop leader Ali Zareiee, founding member of the VR/AR movement in Norway, the AR bootcamp invites the technologically curious and narrative visionaries to have an hands-on experience that they will not soon forget.

  • Where: Tvibit Multi 1

  • When: Wednesday 17th January 1700 - 1930

  • Workshop Leader: Ali Zareiee

  • 10 - 30 participants

MuX - A Journey of Music in VR


MuX, is a VR music playground developed by Decochon, an independent, Denmark-based studio aiming to spark creativity and playfulness via procedural graphics, game development, installation art, and VR.

The workshop gives participants the opportunity to build soundscapes, make your own instruments, and create fantastic machines through a hand-on introduction to MuX by its developers. With delightful gizmos abound, participants will help in building a giant VR sound machine together by contributing to an integral part of it.

  • Where: Tvibit Multi 1

  • When: Thursday 18th January 1700 - 1930

  • Workshop Leaders: Peter Connely and Eduardo Fouilloux

  • 10 - 30 participants


Mindshow -
The Story of You


Mindshow is a hilarious VR toolbox for creative minds, allowing participants to quickly produce, setup, record and publish short animated skits by jumping into and controlling a colorful cast of 3D characters!

This workshop is a great introduction to the wider potential of VR as a creative tool and a perfect opportunity for participants to test out their most wackiest ideas by developing short 2 minute animations in a group setting.

  • Where: Tvibit Multi 1

  • When: Friday 19th January 1700 - 1930

  • Workshop Leaders: Ismet Bachtiar and Bjorn Giswold