NUFF always has a staff of about 10 members. In addition to this we need lots of volunteers to help us out! 
Sign up by sending an email to: Isak.andreassen@outlook.com or Jennykrihan@gmail.com.


Here is a little message from one of this years two volunteer-coordinators, Jenny. She is telling a bit about what to do and how it is.

"Hey there!

Jenny here, one of the volunteer coordinators this year. As you might already know, this is my first year attending NUFF. I can’t wait to start with the festival, and meet all you great volunteers!

As a volunteer you either be at the festival-office with the stab or help out in Café Kringla or at Verdensteatret. It’s all very social, and you get friends (or something more than friends;) from all over the world. In addition to this, you do not work all time, you mostly just hang out and have fun.

Some of you may be a little bit nervous to be around so many new and different people all day long, but I can promise you that you will have a great time (if not I can give you a chocolate)!

Honestly, I was nervous to start with NUFF. I didn’t want to do anything wrong or make a mistake, but guess what, it doesn’t matter! If you ever mess up, people around you will help, no matter what. That is what is so awesome with NUFF.

So yes, there will be people around you at all times, but they will be there to help NUFF, just like you will.

Now remember guys, take contact with Isak or me anytime if you want to know something about NUFF, or if you just want to talk!

Jenny K"

Party is this way! Just join NUFF!

Party is this way! Just join NUFF!


Here is another message, from this years transport-coordinator, Hansine. Last year, she herself was a voulenteer at the cafe at Tvibit, Kringla.

"Last year I attended NUFF as a voulenteer at Kringla, and it was amazing! The staff there is so welcoming, so I would definately reccomend it to anyone! In addition to the great people you will be working with, you (according to me) are doing the most important job during NUFF: Feeding the participants and the work shop leaders. They are all so grateful for the work that you are doing, and you will also get to know so many people across the workshops. This is the main reason to why I decided to attend NUFF this year as a part of the stab. I beg you to take a part as a voulenteer, you will not regret it!"

Photo: Vår Anthi Ekanger

Photo: Vår Anthi Ekanger




NUFF Staff 2017


NUFF Staff 2017

With only a month until NUFF 2017 kicks off, we decided it is time to show off our amazing staff this year! 



Hansine is the name, transport coordinator is the game. 19 years of age.
This will be my second year attending NUFF. Last year I was a volunteer in the café, and met so many amazing, creative people! I am looking forward to being the transport coordinator this year, and to drag around on the awesome participants.
Yeah, I am Aminda’s sister… Big sister, actually.






My name is Johanne, I'm 21 years old.
This is the fifth year I am a part of NUFF. I've been a part of NUFF as a workshop participant and as a staff member, and I have always had a great time at NUFF. This year I'm looking forward to being the producer at Verdensteatret, where the NUFF films will be screened.
I'm super excited for NUFF this year,I just love the fun and creative atmosphere at Tvibit during NUFF!





My name is Isak William Andreassen, and I am 18 years old. This will be my fourth year at NUFF. I am the voulenteer coordinator and I, together with Jenny, are responsible for getting the voulenteers, organizing their rosters and making sure that they thrive. NUFF is one of my highlights in the summer and I hope to see many new faces this year.




My name is Jenny Kristine Hansen, and I'm 17 years old. This is my first year as a staffmember at NUFF, and I am the volunteer coordinator together with Isak. I look foward to working with the staff, and you! Sign up as a volunteer now on mail to one of us, whihu juhu it's fun!






My name is Gaute And Im 20 years old. This is my first year as a staff member, but i have been part of NUFF as a actor before. Im looking forward to hear from you since my role is guestcoordinator and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.








Greetings loved ones! I am Aminda Sæverud, and I’m 17 years old.
I attended NUFF last year as a PR-coordinator, and I am continuing with that this year. In addition to that, I will also function as Sigurds’ slave as the festival-coordinator. I had such a blast last year, and I can't wait for NUFF 2017 to start!
Hansine might be my bigger sister, but I am more mature AND have more responsibility.






Hello! My name is Carla Grape, I have never worked at NUFF before, but I do have a terrific impression of the festival. I really look forward to working with so many talented people, and especially in the workshops since I am the workshop-coordinator. I am also working as a PR-coordinator with wonderful Aminda!






Authors: Aminda Sæverud & Carla Grape


Extending deadline for NUFF-workshops


Extending deadline for NUFF-workshops

"NUFF is THE most well organized film workshop I have ever been a part of. It's no miracle that everyone has been able to produce such great films in the time we have had; it's all due to great organizing, planning and recourses here at NUFF. I love every part of the experience." (Participant 2016)


The workshop leaders for NUFF 2017


The workshop leaders for NUFF 2017

The mentors for the NUFF film workshops are ready to go. Four professional filmmakers with different approaches and experience will be at NUFF 2017 to coach, mentor and have fun with the young filmmakers coming from all over the world to NUFF. Check out who is coming here... and submit for participation here...


Workshops at NUFF 2017


Workshops at NUFF 2017

This year NUFF is offering 3 different kind of workshops. You can participate at the film-workshops, VR/360 film workshop and Special effects/green-screen workshop. For more info just check here...



Call for entry


Call for entry

Now you can submit your films to three different film competitions at NUFF 2017! The entry-forms will be open until March 1st!

The Nordic film Competition

Films made by young filmmakers (26 and younger) who live or work in the Nordic countries (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland). The films must be not longer then 20 minutes and produced after January 2015. The competition has four awards: best film in each age group (<18, 19-21, 22-26) and the best Nordic film (all ages).

The International film competition

For films produced outside the Nordic countries, which are not longer then 20 minutes, produced in the last two years and the filmmakers are 26 years old and younger. The competition has one award: the best international film at NUFF 2017.

VR/360 film competition

For VR/360 degrees produced films from all over the world, which er not longer then 10 minutes and produces after June 1st 2015. The filmmakers are 26 old and Younger.

Find the entry forms here...


NUFF 2016 - The Winners


NUFF 2016 - The Winners

NUFF 2016 had 301 film entries. At the end there was a film program with 45 films in 2 competition programs, a special program with 1 professional film (Ambulance), 1 extra short film program on the topic of refugees in Europe, 1 opening film, 1 closing film, and the screening of 6 workshop films. Altogether, there was shown 52 films in 11 programs with 445 spectators during this year's festival. Screening location was the Verdensteatret Kino in Tromsø.

Nordic Youth Film Competition

The Nordic competition was announced in January during Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) and aimed at young filmmakers under 26 from all the Nordic countries, which made a film during the last 2 years. The film should not last longer than 20 minutes. The announcement was promoted through NUFF's e-mail lists, Facebook, Twitter, websites, Tvibit, Film Port, various online film festival sites and the media.

124 films were submitted. All were seen by the selection jury which consisted of Marte B. Aasen and Hermann Greuel.
26 films were nominated for the screenings. 2 of them were already nominated as the NUFF-award winners at Novemberfestivalen in Trollhättan, Sweden. The 24 other films came from Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Denmark and Sweden.

The films were divided into three age groups: <18 (4 films), 19-21 (5 films) and 22-26 (17 films).

The jury for the Nordic Youth Film Competition was Arne Sommer (Germany) leader of the film workshop Kiel and head of the Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein, Sarah Schipschack Norway / Germany), artist and experimental filmskaper and Dane Dodds (South Africa), an artist, designer and filmmaker. The jury got the films before the festival, and took the decision at a jury meeting under NUFF.

The main award - The Best Nordic youth - was worth with 10 000,- donated by Foreningen Norden. Other prizes were given for the best film in its age group.

Best nordic film in age group under 18


White Lies

by Tiril Celine Leggett, Norway 

Jury substantiation: “This short one-take film shines a light on a commonly practiced social paradigm, lying. The coping mechanism we so easily resort to. We applaud this film as it was able to achieve such a climax so quickly and not feel rushed. That is the truth.”


Best nordic film in age group 19 - 21


Driving To Thule

by Tommy Flavin & Hanna Sunni, Faroe Islands, Irland, Norway

Jury substantiation: “Driving is not always about where you are going. This slow paced film captures a unique, yet somehow relatable thought pattern and allows space for the mind to wonder and adapt the film to mean something to each one watching it.”


Best nordic film in age group 22 - 26


The One Who Remember More 

by Lauri Autere & Minna Valjanen, Finland

Jury substantiation: “’The one who remember more’ shows both the extreme beauty and brutality of the human existence. We see a wild and beautiful landscape with an brutal change for the land and the people. The narrator is an excellent storyteller who shares his history of the changing land for an industrial progress. The film is highly memorable and addresses important issues of life in our century.”


Best nordic film 2016 (main prize)


Bestevenner / Best Friends

by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin, Norway

Jury substantiation: “One girl, one boy, one question: friends or lovers? ”Bestevenner” goes a long way with this simple set-up. Love to detail, superb acting, clever writing, breath taking photography and a bucket full ideas build this into something great and complex out of that simple proposal. Watch it – on the big screen!”


 Best Nordic film <special mention>


 Det kommer båter / There Will Be Boats

by Emilie K Beck, Norway

Jury substantiation: “Beautiful young people in a Mediterranean paradise. Cleaning up the hellish remains of war and world politics. ”Det kommer båter” leaves the comfort zone and goes to where Europe is hurting, where people are dying. It is hard to forget some of these scenes, and that is that how it should be. We need this!" 


International Youth Film Competition

The international competition was announced in January at TIFF and aimed at young filmmakers from all countries except the Nordic countries, which were under 26 years old and made their film during the last 2 years. The film should have a maximum length of 20 minutes. The announcement was promoted through NUFF's e-mail lists, Facebook, Twitter and the NUFF website, Tvibit and Filmport.no, Youth Cinema Network and various International Film Festival portals festivalfocus.org, click.com etc.

177 films were submitted from 45 different countries from all continents. Marte B Aasen and Hermann Greuel so all films and nominated 19 films.

The final nominated films came from 16 countries: Germany, Egypt, Belarus, Syria, Mexico, India, Palestine, Latvia, Switzerland, Iran, Iraq, USA, Portugal, UK, Indonesia and Israel.

The films were shown together with the Nordic films in seven sections on Verdensteatret Cinema.

This year's international jury were: Ismet Bachtiar (Norway) filmmaker and game developer, Dan Thomas (Wales) film distributer and Isra Odeh (Palestine) filmmaker.

The jury got the films before the festival, and took the decision at a jury meeting under NUFF. They selected one award for the best international youth film 2016 and one special mention.

Best international film NUFF 2016


Alpajeevi / Short - Lived

by Naomi Shah, India

Jury substantiation: “Short-Lived has all the hallmarks of a great documentary film - uncovering a hidden story that would have otherwise been lost and combining its narrative with beautiful imagery and well-paced observations. Moreover, there is sense of deep empathy between the filmmaker and the subjects of the film, resulting in a story that is insightful and fascinating for audiences to watch. The filmmaker also embodies the spirit of what it is to be a young filmmaker - indomitable in overcoming the odds in pursuit of a good story and building an expectation for more good things to come from her craft.”


Best international film at NUFF 2016 <special mention>


In the Parking Lot

by Juliana Orea, Mexico


The audience award

After many years abstinence NUFF had this year left a public price.  

The winner of the audience award was

In the Parking Lot

 by Juliana Orea, Mexico


NUFF awards Novemberfestivalen 2016


NUFF awards Novemberfestivalen 2016

As every year was nominated two new Swedish films from the annual Novemberfestivalen in Trollhättan, Sweden.

The winners are 

I DUSCHEN TÄNKER JAG PÅ DET SOM MEST by Robin Nicolina Gustafsson

An important story which presents reality in a very touching way.


The film expresses in an intelligent and visual way how important it is to follow your dreams and that the way requests persistence and stand at will. 

This year NUFF festival coordinator Sigurd Kornelius Lakseide presented the awards at Novemberfestivalen.

The films are nominated to the Nordic competition at NUFF 2017!