“SEEk” is an insightful look into the world of new media platforms and its on-going search for narratives that are exploring its true potential. It consists of public screenings, seminars, masterclasses and workshop experiences in VR and AR - tailored for filmmakers, creatives and the culturally curious attending TIFF 2018.

For filmmakers - the accelerated change of media technology presents an open world of vast potential and excitement but hampered by technical jargon and inaccessibility. Critical to their understanding of how to create stories in this new framework is the focus on the user experience - and how audiences in the future would “see” their film. How would the cinematic experience evolve to accommodate these new forms?

The side event will also consists of masterclasses and panel discussions - from focus on narrative development and storytelling to a basic introduction to AR, to full on workshops on animation and music production in VR. All in all, SEEk aims to be a place where a deep dive into new technologies can take place, offering curious new experiences for film festival attendees in Tromsø.

“SEEk” will take place at Tvibit and Kulturhuset Verkstedet with special screenings also slated with TIFF 2018 programming schedule.