Now you can submit your films to three different film competitions at NUFF 2017! The entry-forms will be open until March 1st!

The Nordic film Competition

Films made by young filmmakers (26 and younger) who live or work in the Nordic countries (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland). The films must be not longer then 20 minutes and produced after January 2015. The competition has four awards: best film in each age group (<18, 19-21, 22-26) and the best Nordic film (all ages).

The International film competition

For films produced outside the Nordic countries, which are not longer then 20 minutes, produced in the last two years and the filmmakers are 26 years old and younger. The competition has one award: the best international film at NUFF 2017.

VR/360 film competition

For VR/360 degrees produced films from all over the world, which er not longer then 10 minutes and produces after June 1st 2015. The filmmakers are 26 old and Younger.

Find the entry forms here...