SEEk 2018 was presented as a side-event produced by Filmveksthuset Tvibit and NUFF for Tromsø International Film Festival 2018. It focused on new media developments and presented the use of VR/AR technology in media production through seminar discussions, workshops and screenings.

The project was primarily funded through the support of Nord Norsk FilmsenterTromsø Kommune, Tvibit, NUFF and TIFF contributed with project management, facilitation and equipment use and setup. An official information and workshop registration page, was created at the URL along with an official social media page on Facebook. 

The event took place from 16th – 20th of January and arrangements were spread in a variety of venues which included Tvibit, Kulturhuset foyer and Kulturhuset Verkstedet. The results of the various arrangements are as follows –

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