Our Alumni contains in the first place young filmmakers who have been attending at the workshops or were selected to the competitions of NUFF over all years. But we also present young people who have been contributing to the organization of NUFF. 


Reinert Kiil (Norway)

Participating at NUFF workshops in 2004 & 2005

Reinert works as film director and production assistance. Known for his films The Whore (2009), Inside The Whore (2012), The House (2016) & Juleblod (2017).


Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson (Iceland)

NUFF participant in 2005 with his short film Hidebound. Feature film debut in 2016 with the award winning film Heartstone.


Tord Olsen.jpg

Tord Olsen (Norway)

Attending the first NUFF@TIFF film workshop in 2006
Participating at NUFF 2006 film workshops

Currently working as director for  the production company Deadline Media in Bodø, Northern-Norway

Annika Berg.jpg

Annika Berg (Denmark)



Christopher Ripley.jpg

Christopher Ripley (USA)

Participated at the first NUFF film workshop in 2003

Currently working as cinematographer in Los Angeles

Rebecka Llerena.jpg

Rebecka Llerena (Sweden)

Participated at NUFF film workshop 2003


Sigurdur Orri Thorhannesson.jpeg

Sigurdur Orri Thorhannesson (Iceland)

Participated at NUFF film workshop 2003
NUFF film competition in 2003 with his first film LE MIME

Currently working as animator in Iceland


Riham Gazali (Gaza, Palestine)


Christian Siebenherz.jpg

Christian Siebenherz (Norway)

Participated at NUFF film workshop 2003
NUFF film competition in 2003 with his film WHEN CONRAD STARTED DRINGING

Currently working as film editor in Oslo, Norway

Juliana Orea.jpg

Juliana Orea (Mexico)

Dane Dodds.jpg

Dane Dodds (South Africa)

Workshop participant at NUFF 2013
NUFF design for 2014, 2015 & 2016
Works as filmmaker and artist.

Naomi Shah.jpeg

Naomi Shah (India)

Workshop participant in 2016
Her film “Short-Lived” won the award for best international film.
Has worked with 360-film productions and is currently studying digital future at OCAD in Toronto, Canada.

Andreas Ohman.jpg

Andreas Öhman (Sweden)



Marte Aasen.jpg

Marte B Aasen (Norway)


Victor Danell.jpeg

Victor Danell (Sweden)



Fanni Metelius.jpg

Fanni Metelius (Sweden)

Winner of Best Nordic Film at NUFF 2012 with Banga inte.

Fanni is an actress and director, known for Turist (2014), Banga inte (2011) and Hjärtat (2018). 


Elisa Pirir.jpg

Elisa Fernanda Pirir (Norway/Guatemala)

Workshop participant NUFF 2010 & 2011
Nordic film competition 2010 with her film Nord.
Norwegian Film school Lillehammer (producer).
Works today as producer at Mer Film.



Eilif Bremer Landsend (Norway)

Longtime participant of NUFF.
Currently working at NRK (Norwegian Broadcast) as director.
Owner of Redhead Productions



Mathis Ståle Mathisen (Norway)

Workshop participant at NUFF 2003

Works today as producer.

Ken Are Bongo.jpg

Ken Are Bongo (Norway)

Participated with his first short film UNPLUGGED at the nordic film competition at the first edition of NUFF in 2003. He won the award for the best film in age-group under 18.

Ken Are is currently running the film production company Davás Film together with Elle Márjá Eira in Kautokeino, Northern Norway.


Anniken Hoel.jpg

Anniken Hoel (Norway/Germany)

NUFF Opening film 2003 - AMERICAN DREAM
NUFF Jury 2005
NUFF workshop mentor 2010

Currently distributing her first documentary feature CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN



Mohamed Jabaly (Gaza, Palestine)

Has been at NUFF with short films in 2012, 2013, 2014
Attended the workshops in 2015
NUFF jury 2015
NUFF special 2016 with his first documentary feature AMBULANCE

Currently studying film at Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole in Kabelvåg, Northern-Norway.


Milad Alami.jpg

Milad Alami (Sweden)

Attended NUFF film workshops 2004
Participated with his first film HÄST UTAN TYGLAR at the NUFF film competition 2004

Currently on international film festivals with his first fiction feature The Charmer 


Asif Kapadia (UK)

Workshop mentor at NUFF 2008
Film director of films like The Worrier, Far North, Senna and Oscar-awarded Amy.

Currently in post-production with Maradona.

Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken.jpg

Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken (Norway)