Le Grand Show
The Big show       

Fiction | 2017 | France | 5:46  

288-frame2_Le Grand Show.jpg

Prod: Stéphane Pierrat
Regi: Julien Jennequin
DOP: Marine Lebon
Script: Robin  Leduc
Music: Barbara Bailly, Jennifer Gros
Cast: Josefine Parada, Constance Chaperon, William Prunck, José Fumanal
Contact: julienj96@gmail.com

Mirabelle, a 8 years old girl, was quietly watching some cartoons before her parents switch the channel to watch a politician speech. The family starts having dinner in front of the TV but the parents seem to be more and more soaked up by the television. Little by little, they start gorging themselves and becoming aggressive. Mirabelle will now try everything to save her parents and for that she will have to shut down the TV which seems to transform her parents.

(NORDIC 19-21)

Når ingen lenger drømmer
Dream no more

Fiction | 2018 | Norway / 9:55         


Prod: Synne Seltveit
Dir: Ingrid Marie Røine
DOP: Jon-André Hakvåg
Script: Ingrid Marie Røine
Music: "Når ingen lenger drømmer" - Christina Bæver
Cast: Helene Skogland & Christina Bæver
Contact: synne@viperfilm.com

Stine og Eva har akkurat blitt samboere. Samtidig får Eva en drømmerolle i samme storfilm som eksen sin, som betyr flere måneder borte fra Stine og det livet de skulle starte sammen som samboere. Hvordan skal et par klare å bygge et liv sammen dersom den ene har drømmer som ikke involverer den andre?

(NORDIC <18)


Fiction | 2017 | Norway | 3:12  


Prod: Ola Røyseland
Dir: Svala Torstveit
DOP: Regine Tvedt Heien
Script: Svala Torstveit, Regine Tvedt Heien, Arne Flo Ysteng, Ida Helene Olsen, Isak Eik
Cast: Marianne Aske, Arne Flo Ysteng, Ida Helene Olsen
Contact: ola@samsen.com

A broken young woman struggles with the ghosts of her past.


(NORDIC 19-21)

Manden med bleen
The man with the diaper   

Fiction / 2017 / Faroe Islands / 9:25   


Prod: Frederik Rundstrøm Andresen
Dir: Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð
DOP: Nikolaj Oskar Lindblad
Script: Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð
Music: Erik Gripp og Rob Paparozzi
Cast: Jean-Claude Flamant, Sissal Drews Hjaltalin, Lív Hilduberg
Contact: mariatorgard@gmail.com

The Man With The Diaper is a short film that treats the subject of old age. The film is about an elderly gentleman, who has retrieved an illness that comes with getting older. We follow the man and see how he manages the illness, as well as how he manages getting older.

(NORDIC 22-26)


Fiction | 2017 | Norway | 25:00
(NUFF-award at Amandus Festival)


Prod: Cathina Fossum
Dir: Marie Stork
DOP: Anne Kristine Brosstad
Script: Marie Stork
Music: Martinius Solum
Cast: Andrea Rudland Haave, Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson
Contact: Marie.skogvang@gmail.com

A young actress confuses pleasure for happiness and searches for her ever missing climax. A documentary filmmaker wants to capture human desires on film. He knows about her, but she doesn't know about him.