Hello! Hope you have had a great weekend! We are celebrating monday, and only 4(!!!) days left 'til the festival with a interview with Roberth Fuentes, who made the film Lola. It will be screened at Verdensteateret saturday at 7PM during the festvial!
Hope to see you there! 


Do you have something you want to say to the audience that are going to see this movie?
I want someone to know that anything is possible and that we can inspire each other. If you have faith in yourself and trust in something greater than yourself, then you can achieve anything.

Describe the movie with one word.


How was the process?
The process was a huge challenge for me also because I was trying to capture my grandmother who raised me. My grandmother is blind and I have lived with her from a young age.
Through the process I came to realise and feel how her world is confined in the walls of her house. The space that is familiar to her is inside her home and this is her world. She rarely goes outside of this. It made me understand her better. How it must be for her.

What was your favorite thing about the process?
The best thing about the process is that I got to know my grandmother even better. I got to know her as a person and who she really is.

What does this movie mean to you personally?
This movie is very important to me. My grandmother raised me since I was a child until now. She has always been there for me. She sacrificed everything for me and I could never pay her back for this. That is why I made this movie, not just for myself but for her children and grandchildren so that they understand and never forget the sacrifice their mother and grandmother has made for them.

What should the audience be looking forward to about your movie?  
To understand someone else’s life for a moment.

Say something about the message of the movie.
It is a reminder that no matter how bad the situation is, there is always hope.


Author: Aminda Sæverud