Hi again!

With only one day left (!!!) until the festival and the workshops start, we are sooo exited to get started and to meet everyone. On that occasion, here is an interview of Lia Hietala. She is the creator of the movie "My gay sister" that will be shown at Tvibit the 25th of june at 19:00 o'clock. See you there! 


Describe the movie with one word.

Hard but still easy: Love

How was the process?

The process has been good! It was a lot of jobb in the pre-production with managing to connect people from Sweden and Norway and getting them up to Tromsö for location scout and rehearsals. Also a bit under pressure when we got the notification about Berlinale for the post-production, but so many people have been working so hard to complete this film and I could not be more happy with the result. 

What was your favorite thing about the process?

My favorite thing was that I got to work with Karin Stenwall, the DOP. She is an amazing cinematographer and our working chemistry is so good. We're now working on getting funding for our next short film and I'm so excited to start the pre-production with her again. She is such a driven and hard working genius. 

What does this movie mean to you personally?

This film has both helped me acknowledging myself as a director. Today I know that people that I admire in the industry also wants to work with me, and not only the other way around. I would not have known that if I didn't have the guts to ask them to work with me on this film. That was a huge stepping stone for me. The second thing is the theme of the film, to bring light on the fact that kids think about emotions and feelings way earlier than most grown ups imagine. If I could have seen this film when I was ten, I think some part of my way of creating my identity could have been smoother. 

What should the audience be looking forward to about your movie?   

Omg, the acting! It's incredible! All the actresses in the film is outstanding. Of course the main actress, who was ten years old while shooting the film, she is so present, but it could not have been possible without the support from the others in the cast. 

What is Your favorite quote from the movie?

It must be when Cleo says that she could be in love with Kevin, then she changes her mind and tells the truth because he doesn't exist: "So it has to be Sadira." 

It tells the idea of our heterosexual society that everyone tries to fit in to and then she breaks free because she feel safe and comfortable enough to speak her real emotions. Also she says it in the most simple way. 

Say something about the message of the movie.

The film is about acknowledging that all children are not heterosexual and it's important to think about how we talk to and about children when we assume their sexuality. 


Author: Aminda Sæverud