NUFF Special

Interested in taking on the totality of the NUFF experience? And by that, we mean literally!

A special NUFF workshop group of 3 filmmakers living locally in Tromsø will be tasked with shooting a project entirely using the latest 360 camera technology and techniques. Come join us in fulfilling the future of film!


The NUFF Special project is similar in scope to the other workshop groups - where participants will be tasked to develop a short film from the idea to the finished film in six days. The only difference is that this group will be working with a very special camera - the Rylo 360 camera, with new technological features that include cinematic stabilization, tracking and reframing 360 footage. NUFF Special presents an exciting creative challenge and opportunity for local filmmakers to work with these new features and think outside of the box.  

The NUFF Special project will be using this camera to and develop a story around NUFF itself, the people behind it and its many creative participants. Participants in the NUFF Special group must be living locally in Tromsø to qualify. If you meet the criteria, and interested to be part of this group, fill in the registration form here.


The workshops take place at the Youth Film Centre Tvibit. The centre is located at the middle of downtown Tromsø, and provides camera-, audio-, light equipment and five film editing places during the festival. Tvibit will be the festival centre during NUFF with a café and a meeting point for all workshop- and festival participants, for the audience and film experts.

Age limit

The participation at the NUFF workshops is limited for participants between 15 - 26 years old.