Sunday June 24th 14:00 TVIBIT 3rd floor

Street casting: the next big thing

Filmmakers are increasingly putting people off the street into lead roles because they deliver what professional actors sometimes can't: authenticity

For the last 15 years Katrin Vorderwülbecke has worked as a casting director. From her early experiences in short films she worked with non-professional actors and cast them as part of her script research. Casting „real people“ became her trademark, demonstrated in one of her latest and most outstanding casting director works „Western“ by Valeska Grisebach, which premiered in Cannes Film Festival last year and won several international awards.

In this NUFF-seminar Katrin will talk about her experiences and techniques she is using finding the best cast.

Seminar & film screening Saturday June 30th 21:00 at Verdensteatret

Resistance and Resilience - Young Palestinian Film at NUFF 2018

NUFF has been working with partners in Palestine, both in the West Bank and Gaza since 2006. Due to the changing political situation, this cooperation, despite increasing challenges, has achieved a continuity that today enables us to look back on good and stable relations. Many young Palestinian filmmakers have participated in NUFF workshops and their films have been included in the NUFF programme. For two years now, Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society has been arranging a meeting of young Nordic filmmakers with young Palestinian filmmakers in Ramallah and the West Bank.

This year the Palestinian filmmaker Mahasen Nasser Eldin from Jerusalem will join NUFF as workshop mentor. She works as film teacher at the Dar Al Kalima University in Bethlehem and brings two of her student films. Mohamed Jabaly is a young filmmaker from Gaza who lives and works in Norway since 2014. Mahmoud Khawaja and Anas Abuarish are two young filmmakers from Ramallah connected to the Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society. This group we’ll present three short films made by young Palestinian filmmakers and discuss the situation of young filmmaking under the Israeli occupation today.

The films



Documentary | Palestine | 2017 | 12:04
Dir: Noor Abu Ghaniah
Prod: Dar Al Kalima University




Documentary | Palestine | 2017 | 15:38
Dir: Mohammed Shalodi
Prod: Dar Al Kalima University



Waiting in the Gray Zone

Documentary | Palestine | 2017 | 6:28
Dir: Nidaa Abdelkreem
Prod: Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society